Perthshire Gin Distilleries

Perthshire Gin

Perthshire compromises the central part of Scotland and marks the boundary between Scotland’s Lowland and Highland regions. In addition to a wide variety of excellent attractions you can explore within the area, there are a lot of excellent Perthshire gin distilleries you can indulge in.

Perthshire is home to several excellent botanicals that make the gin in the region incredibly delicious – here are the distilleries to look out for on your next visit to Scotland.

Badvo’s Distillery

Badvo's Distillery

Badvo’s Distillery is self-titled as Pitlochry’s Gin, and we agree. Each gin created from Badvo’s Distillery is made with botanicals that are hand foraged and then distilled in traditional copper stills – which you can see when you visit!

Each bottle of Badvo Gin uses Badvo spring water, adding a zingy finish to its smooth and crisp taste. This exquisite taste is thanks to sun-ripened juniper, the main botanical to create this divine spirit. Badvo’s is one of the smallest distilleries we will mention on this list, so take advantage of your opportunity to help this budding gin distillery grow.

The Gin Bothy

Gin Bothy

Just northeast of Perth sits the Gin Bothy, one of the best free-to-visit experiences near central attractions like Glamis Castle.

The Gin Bothy’s pride and joy gin is the Gunshot Gin, named because of its distinct gold medal colour and the warm inner glow after drinking it. The gin’s flavour comes from the unique combination of cinnamon, cloves, and a touch of honey to give the drink a delicious and full aftertaste.

Experience the gin process at the Gin Bothy, and then wind the afternoon down with a delicious snack and sip of their exquisite gin.

Speyside Distillery


The Speyside Distillery has honed the art of distilling gin in one of the most beautiful attractions in Scotland, the Cairngorms National Park. The verdant Cairngorms is home to several delicious botanicals, each lovingly used in this small, hand-built, artisanal distillery.

The Distillery was a barley mill in the 1700s but fell into disuse in 1965. It was reopened in 1990 and has been producing delicious gins. Their secret is carefully chosen botanicals, like limes, lemon balm, sweet cicely, blood oranges, and potentially even a hint of rosemary. You’ll taste the sharp citrus cut through the drink.

The Speyside Distillery is a small distillery with a lot of charm – if you’re in the Cairngorms looking for gins with a quality finish, then this one is an excellent choice.

Gin Laboratory

Gin Laboratory

The Gin Laboratory is a unique name for a gin distillery, and they provide a similarly unique experience for visitors visiting Kinross. While many distilleries want to keep a portion of their distilling process a secret, the Gin Laboratory takes a very open and scientific approach to making their gin.

One of the premier experiences you can partake in at the Gin Laboratory is the Gin Blending Experience. Create up to three flavourful gins with up to 40 different flavours, including citrus, floral, herbal, or fruity splash. You can even take 250ml of your own handcrafted brew home with you!

The Gin Laboratory’s open approach to their bottled spirits and the freedom to brew your gin makes it one gin distillery in Perthshire you can’t miss.

Persie Distillery

Persie Distillery

Found at the foot of the Glenshee, the Persie Distillery a master at making hand-crafted gin. You might’ve already seen their iconic cloudy bottles in stores around Scotland, but nothing beats tasting them in the distillery with an informative guide.

The minds behind the world’s first touring gin club, Gin Club Scotland, created this gin brand. That wealth of experience has been used to create each bottle distilled within Persie, making the flavour of this distillery’s gin unlike any other.

If you’re a gin connoisseur, we recommend trying their Zesty Citrus gin, Herby & Aromatic, and the Sweet & Nutty Old Tom – consistently their most popular gins during tastings. The Persie Distillery tour is highly rated by travellers and features a sampling of their best gin and vodka.

Only indulge a little, though, as afterwards, you’ll be taken on a distillery tour that covers everything the distillery does to make their delicious gin. Tours require booking ahead of time and are about £20 per head. The Persie Distillery is 10 minutes from Blairgowrie, which means there’s no reason not to stop by!

Strathearn Distillery

Strathearn Distillery

The rural region of Perthshire is rich with gorgeous views and places to appreciate, and Strathearn Distillery ranks as one of the best if you love gin. This distillery is only a few miles from Scone Palace, making it an excellent location to wind down with a crisp gin.

Strathearn is a small distillery, and their gins are a small batch supply that you can’t find in many places besides this humble Perthshire distillery. Stop by and sample their Heather Rose or Scottish gin when you’re in the area – we bet you won’t be disappointed.

The Perth Distillery Co

Perth Distillery Co.

One of the most prominent gin distillers in Perthshire is The Perth Distillery Co, which you can find in the heart of Perth. Whether you’re a fan of floral Perth pink gin or crisp and botanical Scottish gin, the Perth Distillery Co is set on giving you a gin-tasting experience unlike any you’ve had before.

This distillery’s small-batch gin is lovingly made with 15 distinctive botanicals that create a combination that is both smooth and flavourful. Feel aromatic star anise, fennel, ginger, and a citrus burst of lemon and lime dance along your palate with each sip.

If you find yourself in the Fair City overlooking the River Tay when exploring Perthshire distilleries, The Perth Distillery Co provides a benchmark that’s difficult to beat for handcrafted Perth Gin. Original or Pink, the choice is yours.

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