Isle of Mull Whisky Distilleries

Isle of Mull Whisky

The Isle of Mull is an impressively sized Isle that makes up most of the southern Hebrides Archipelago and is home to numerous unique attractions like Duart Castle, Aros Park, and the famous Tobermory Distillery. Whisky lovers who are touring the west coast of Scotland should pay a visit to this haven. Isle of Mull of Whisky is exemplary, offering sweet and bold tasting whisky that has the essence of Mull instilled into each bottle.

If you’re curious about the top distilleries on the Isle of Mull and the immediate surrounding area in the Inner Hebrides, stick around as we cover which ones to add to your to-do list!

Tobermory Distillery

Tobermory Distillery

The Tobermory Distillery is the only distillery on the Isle of Mull, which may come as a surprise for such a rich whisky region. Tobermory Distillery is an old distillery dating back to the 1790s when John Sinclair applied for land in Ledaig. A year later, after much trouble, Ledaig Distillery was born.

Since then, the Tobermory Distillery has taken its place and is owned by the Burn Stewart Distillers, who have made Tobermory the go-to name for this historic site, and guests to Tobermory should make time to visit. Luckily, Tobermory is exceptionally open to receiving visitors and has several experiences for you to book.

You can meet the team while you tour the distillery, seeing the fascinating stills and drums the heavily peated whisky goes through before arriving in its final bottled form. Included in these tours and available separately is the chance to try a wee dram of Ledaig single malt whisky.

Their exclusive whisky range includes Ledaig and Tobermory spirits with flavours of sherry, banana, and that classic oily Ledaig notes — sheer perfection in a Tobermory whisky bottle.

Isle of Tiree Distillery

Isle of Tiree Distillery

Since Tobermory is the only distillery offering single malt whisky on the Isle of Mull, whisky lovers may look to the surrounding region for other whiskies and gin. And west of the Isle of Mull sits the Isle of Tiree, and on it is Tiree Distillery.

At the Tiree Distillery, you can try single malt whisky and single grain whisky too! And with a population of 650, this hidden gem of a distillery offers exceptional Hebridean malts for you to savour. Whiskies made here are unpeated as a tribute to the ancient distilling process from centuries ago. Indulge in tastes of bourbon, sherry, and more, thanks to their casks.

Come and visit a Hebridean distillery that was first established in the 1800s and recently reopened in the past ten years.

Nc’nean Distillery


We’ve spoken a lot about very old distilleries around the Isle of Mull, but Nc’nean Distillery is a new distillery filled with youthful energy. Here, you can try delicious and experimental drams of whisky, with gins and whiskies served with floral aromas.

You can stop by the Nc’nean Distillery for a distillery shop, where you can purchase the iconically designed whiskies or book one of the distillery tours this Scotch whisky and gin distillery offers. And if you absolutely love the wealth of information you’ve learnt and the smoky and smooth taste of this whisky, you can always pick up the six sets of whisky to taste with friends and family.

Nc’nean Distillery is a true hidden gem across from the Isle of Mull on the Scottish Mainland. Their whisky production is well worth the trip from the island to the southwest of Scotland.

Ardnamurchan Distillery

Ardnamurchan Distillery

If you take a boat trip from Tobermory to Kilochoan, you can take a quick trip across the Mainland to Ardnamurchan Distillery. Situated in Argyll and Bute, you can visit the greenest distillery in Scotland, and it’s a great place to come and taste some of the best whisky.

One notable and unique element of this distillery is its Digital Providence, which offers guests the chance to purchase their whisky safely and securely through blockchain technologies. You can learn more about this and the distillery’s process by booking a tasting and tour. Watch in real-time as casks peated with smoky flavour sit in spirit stills, just waiting to be bottled.

Tastings allow you to experience the best whiskies and spirits along with connoisseurs, who help unlock the hidden flavours of the distillery.

Other Whisky Distilleries in Scotland

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