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Lowland Whisky

The Highlands of Scotland are certainly the more famous parts of the country for enjoying a wee dram of whisky, but don’t write off the stunning Lowlands if you’re a lover of whisky! Numerous Lowlands distilleries offer the very best single malt whisky you’ve ever tasted, complete with whisky tasting and distillery tours.

Lowland whiskies are usually more delicate, and triple distillation is the preferred method of creating single malts. The region’s more gentle, floral whiskies have earned it the nickname “The Lowland Ladies” and offer a more inviting introductory whisky for you to taste.

So, from Edinburgh to the Scottish Borders, here are the Lowland malt distilleries you should add to your to-do list on your next visit to the Lowlands of Scotland.

Annandale Distillery


Annandale Distillery is one of the oldest working distilleries out of the Scottish Lowland distilleries. It was established in 1836 and reborn in 2014. With years and years of experience, Annandale offers guests a complete package of experiences to enjoy, including hourly tours through the distillery, venue hire for corporate, wedding, or personal events, and even whisky by the cask if you’re so inclined!

The Scotch whisky experience Annandale offers is superb, rivalling some Highland distilleries. Make sure to try their Founder’s Selection if you want a complete, well-rounded taste of the malt whisky production at Annandale.

Borders Distillery


Have you ever wanted to become the owner of your cask of whisky? The Borders Distillery can accommodate your order and stamp your name into history with one of its custom whisky casks. You can enjoy a range of spirits to choose from, which you can bottle after several years of distilling.

But if you want to try the Borders whisky sampling, you can enjoy a distillery tour and a tasting of excellent Lowland whiskies, gins, and even vodkas!

Glenkinchie Distillery


Glenkinchie is just a 15-mile journey away from the country’s capital and lies in the beautiful garden of Lowlands Scotland. From tours to tasting, Glenkinchie offers a range of experiences to cater to whisky lovers coming to the Lowlands.

Glenkinchie is the Lowlands home of the Johnnie Walker, and it’s the perfect introduction to how whisky is traditionally made from grain to sweet dram. Glenkinchie will offer a new appreciation for how single-malt whisky is made, especially with each sip of your dram.

Auchentoshan Distillery


A distillery in the Scottish Lowlands doesn’t necessarily mean broad open fields and calm, natural landscapes. Auchentoshan Distillery is one of few Lowland whisky distilleries in the heart of Glasgow, where you can try Lowland whisky that’s been born and raised in the bustling city.

Auchentoshan is found in Clyde Valley, seated on the banks of the River Clyde with stunning views out to the busy streets of Glasgow. You can enjoy the intricate process of single malt production, from how beer is triple distilled and formed into excellent Lowland whisky.

Should your journey take you through Glasgow, we make sure to visit Auchentoshan Distillery.

Lindores Abbey Distillery

Lindores Abbey

Perched along the River Tay, Lindores Abbey is a distillery you shouldn’t miss. Lindores Abbey is a pilgrimage for a whisky lover, thanks to being one of the earliest links to Scotch whisky. The distillery sits between Edinburgh and Aberdeen, making it a famous distillery to stop by while exploring the Central Belt of Scotland.

You should book well in advance to enjoy your time at the Lindores Abbey Distillery, as the distillery is a significant single malt player out of the Lowland Scots and gets booked very quickly.

Douglas Laing

Douglas Laing

The Douglas Laing Distillery is committed to offering whisky that is as natural as it gets, with each bottle offering the same taste as you’d expect when sipping their whisky straight out of the cask. This is thanks to over 70 years of experience, making Douglas Laing whisky an incredibly potent and delicious example of Lowland whisky.

This distillery is also based in Glasgow, so take advantage of the opportunity to go distillery to distillery from to Auchentoshan if you can’t get enough of your favourite Lowland distillery malts. They also offer gin, vodka, and more if you want more variety!

Holyrood Distillery


Whisky lovers coming to Edinburgh will fall in love with the Holyrood Distillery, which has taken innovative steps to increase and build upon the rich and fascinating history of Edinburgh distilling. Holyrood sits close to the Royal Mile of Edinburgh, making it the perfect location for whisky and gin lovers.

Not only can you enjoy a wide variety of excellent whiskies to taste after taking a tour of the distillery, but you can even buy your own whisky cask! Holyrood is the ultimate choice if you’re planning to enjoy the town of Edinburgh and want to enjoy premium malts in the Lowland region.

Edradour Distillery


Straddling the Lowlands and Highlands of Scotland, Edradour claims to be the smallest distillery in Scotland! Sometimes called the last stronghold of traditional handmade single malt, Edradour is the ultimate example of a homely Lowland whisky distillery.

Although Edradoour is a tiny distillery, the distillery produces a wide range of delicious whiskies, including their Classic Range, Wine Finished Range, and Heavy Peaty range of Whisky. Although small, this distillery is the ultimate choice for a distillery in Perthshire.

Other Whisky Distilleries in Scotland

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