85+ Scottish Girl Names

Scottish Girl Names

Giving your new baby girl a Scottish girl name is an excellent way to help your child stand out or provide them with a name with a beautiful meaning. Scotland is well-known for its immense cultural heritage with fairy tales, mythology, history, and other cultures like Celtic, French, Scandinavian, and Roman intersecting. Don’t pass up the opportunity to give your little girl a name with a beautiful meaning behind it.

Here are the top traditional Scottish girl names you should consider giving your baby girl, their origins, and their meanings. Grab a list and start writing down your favourites!



While Aberdeen is most familiar to some as the bustling city in Scotland, it is also an excellent Scottish girl’s name that means ‘at the mouth of Don’. Don is the river that flows through Aberdeenshire and from the Gaelic word ‘Deathan’. Aberdeen is a unique name, tying its bearer to the beautiful country of Scotland.



Originally a Hebrew name that means ‘father’s exalted one’, Abigail is a fun and intriguing name to give to your new baby girl, widespread in Scotland and many English-speaking countries. Famous bearers of the name Abigail include First Lady Abigail Adams and actress Abigail Breslin.



While the name initially has Germanic roots, Adele is an enjoyable and popular Scottish girl’s name throughout Britain. Famous bearers of the name Adele include Adele, the UK singer and actress Adele Exarchopoulos. Adele is a soft name that means ‘kind’ and goes well with a kindly nature.



Aila is among the best Scottish girl names if you want your child to be tied equally with Scotland and Finland. Aila means ‘from the strong place’ in Gaelic or ‘bringer of light’ in Finnish, both similarly powerful names for girls.



Ainsley is used as a boy and girl name in Scotland and means ‘clearing or one hermitage’ – referring to the expansive open landscapes between Scottish farms. It’s a beautiful natural name connected to celebrities like Ainsley Harriot and TV actress Ainsley Bailey.



Popularised in the 17th century, Aisling is a magical name for girls that means ‘dream’ or ‘vision’. It is also the name for a particular style of Irish poetry that includes famous works like Gile na gile by Ó Rathaille. Giving your baby girl the name Aisling ties them to the mystical Irish mythology near Scotland.



Amelia is a lyrical Scottish name originating from Germany and was a popular name given to German royals. It means ‘hardworking’ or ‘industrious’, an excellent name for a baby girl who will have a lot of potential when they grow up.



Ava means ‘bird-like’ or ‘like a bird’ and is a reasonably popular Scottish name for girls, with derivations like Avis reaching into more Scottish origins. Out of the names for girls we’ve listed so far, Ava is a prevalent name and reigns as one of the top 5 in the United States – not bad for a medieval name.



Beathag means ‘to serve God’ or ‘life’. Beathag has an anglicised version or two, including Beth, Bethany, Rebecca, and Sophie. It’s a relatively unique and traditional Scottish girl’s name, perfect for a baby girl who wants to honour their rich Scottish heritage.



Blair is a trendy Scottish girl name that means ‘meadow’ or ‘plain’ and works as a Scottish surname and first name. Blair can also be a unisex name, but the feminine version is most familiar with celebrities like Selma Blair, an American actress.



Bonnibel, sometimes called Bonnibelle, is a beautiful name that means ‘pretty’ or ‘fair’. Close iterations of Bonnibel include Annabelle or Belle. It’s a unique name for a newly born girl to whom you can give great nicknames.



Bearing regal ties, Bree is an Irish name that means ‘power’ or ‘noble’ and is a great name that is both elegant and simple. It comes from more traditional Irish words like Brighe and Brigid, but Bree is a catchy and fun nickname.



One of the most famous names in Ireland, Bridget is a fantastic Scottish baby name that means ‘strength’, which can be spelt in various ways – Brigid, Bridgette, Briget. Famous people named Bridget include Bridget Kelly, the pop singer and movie actress Bridget Moynahan.



Brodie is one of the top Scottish female names if you want your baby girl to connect strongly with nature, as the name means ‘mire’ or ‘little ridge’. The name is also unisex, with the male version, Brody, also being a famous name to give to your new girl. This unique name is one of the best ways to get your child to stand out against the crowd.



Bronwyn is a unique name, meaning ‘blessed breast’ or ‘white raven’, named after the rare type of raven. Bronwyn is originally of Welsh origin but has found popularity in Scotland and many other English-speaking countries like Australia and New Zealand.



Camden is one of the most beautiful Scottish girl names you can give your child and means ‘maiden’ – a pure and pretty girl’s name that is also unisex. Famous bearers of the name Camden include American actor Camden Toy, but the name is also popular as a surname.



Popular as a Scottish surname and first name and an excellent choice for both a boy and girl, Campbell is a highly versatile and popular Scottish girl’s name. Campbell means ‘crooked mouh’ and is a popular alternative to Cameron.



Caoimhe is a Gaelic version of Kevin and means ‘noble’. It’s a rare name in Scotland and Ireland, making a great name to give your baby girl if you want to stand out. Caoimhe is regularly associated with kindness and nobility, the perfect qualities to give your child.



Catriona is the Scottish and Irish form of the name Catherine. Catriona is a unique Scottish twist on one of the most famous names in the world. Although initially, the name Catriona comes from the Greek name Hekaterine with the accompanying Greek meaning ‘pure’. Put a great spin on Catherine by naming your child the Scottish version instead.



Clara is an excellent choice if you can tell your girl will be bright and intelligent. Clara is based on the Latin name Clarus, which means ‘ shining’ and’ transparent’ – making Clara a great Scottish variant. Celebrities that have the name Clara include the entrepreneur Clara Barton.


Scottish Gaelic

Coleen is a name with a dual meaning, with the Scottish Gaelic roots meaning ‘son of the gillie of Callum’ and Irish ‘caile’, which implies countrywoman. It’s a beautiful representation into the beautiful women that make up Gaelic culture and is a superb Scottish baby names to give your kid.



Likely stemming from the Greek name Kore, Cora is the Scottish form of the Greek name for the Persephone. Cora means ‘virtuous’ and ‘just’, with famous people named Cora, including Cora Anderson, a Native American Michigan House of Representatives.



Culloden means ‘from the nook of the marsh’ but is also a famous place in Scotland, with a deep history of battles that make for a great attraction when exploring Scottish history. It’s one of the Scottish names on the list that works well for both the male and feminine form you can give your child.


Old English

Daisy is a beautiful girl’s name from the Old English word dægeseage, which means ‘day’s eye’. It’s a gorgeous name that lends the essence of summer to whoever holds the name – and makes for an excellent choice if you’re choosing Scottish baby girl names.



If your baby girl has a shock of dark hair, then the name Darcie may be an excellent choice for them. It means ‘dark haired’ or ‘of Darci’ if you’re looking at it from a Norman perspective. Celebrities with this name include TV star Darcie Donovan and Australian Footballer Darcy Moore.



Davina is the feminine form of the popular name David and means ‘beloved’. Davina is a fun Scottish girl’s name that has a beautiful pronunciation along with it.



Another female version of a male name, Donalda, is unsurprisingly the female equivalent of Donald – famed in Scotland for Clan MacDonald and a popular surname in the Scottish Highlands. Donalda means ‘world mighty’, which makes it an excellent choice for a new Gaelic girl.



Edina is a popular name in Scotland and across Europe in places like Hungary and Germany. It means ‘wealth’ and ‘pleasure’, making it a solid choice if you want to give your child a prosperous name.



Eilean is a proper Scottish Gaelic name that ties beautifully to the White Isles of Scotland, with the name meaning ‘of the White Isle’. This stunning Scottish girl’s name is an excellent way to grace your child with a name filled with meaning and steeped in rich Scottish history.



Another form of the name Isla, Eisla, comes from the Spanish word for island and means ‘elf victory’. This fantastical name is perfect for a magical baby girl who you want to grow up enjoying the beautiful side of life.



Effie is the Scottish variation of the Greek name Euphemia, which gained popularity during the 19th century. It means ‘auspicious speech’ and is a beautiful given name to your child if you want to honour their Scottish or Greek heritage. Famous bearers of the name Effie include Effie Smith, who was an African-American poet.



Elspeth is a tremendous angelic Scottish name that means ‘chosen by God’ and is the Scottish version of the English name Elizabeth. While rarely seen outside Scotland and England, Elspeth is a unique take on a classically royal name and will be an excellent choice for your new baby girl.



Emily is a reasonably popular Scottish girl’s name with roots in Latin that have several meanings, including ‘eager’ and ‘rival’. It’s an excellent name for a girl with a lot of energy and has a lot of famous bearers like UK actress Emily Blunt that leave it instantly recognisable.



An upper-class and elegant name, Emma has a long history that starts in Germany. Originally used to denote names that began with Ermen, Emma means ‘whole’ or ‘universal’ – a beautiful name for a girl who means the world to you. Famous people with the name Emma include Harry Potter’s Emma Watson.



Eriwina is a classy name filled with regal connotations. It’s a rare name that means ‘friend of water’ or ‘water’ in Scottish, with strong ties to the sheer coastline of Scotland’s Highlands. Erwina is an excellent name if you want your child to stand out amongst the crowd.



Esme is one of the many popular Scottish girl names tied to Scottish history. Popularised by the Duke of Lennox in the 16th century, Esme means ‘esteemed’ and ‘loved’ and is rooted in French origins. The name rolls nicely off the tongue and is ideal for a new baby girl who will grow up to be loved and cared for.



Eunice is a mighty name that means ‘victory’, setting your child up for a life of success. The name Eunice is originally Greek, with Eunice playing a minor role in traditional Greek mythology as the daughter of Nereus.



Although far from Fiona, Fenella is some parents’ preferred variation of the classic fairytale name. Fenella means ‘white shoulder’ and is the Anglicised version of the more Scottish Fionnuala. The name rolls off the tongue beautifully and makes for an excellent choice if you want a traditional Scottish girl’s name.



While not originally of Scottish origin, Fia is a beautiful name with roots in Latin instead. It means ‘fire’ and sometimes can be the abbreviated form of Sofia or Fiammetta.



Finnea is a gorgeous name that may sound unusual but very beautiful, and it means ‘the stream of the woods’. Finnea is deeply connected to nature and is an excellent choice for a new addition growing up around an abundance of wildlife.



Fiona is originally a Gaelic word and name that has been Latinized and means ‘fair’. It likely comes from the name Fionnghal and has grown extremely popular in Scotland, which explains why it’s on this list. Give your new baby girl a classic Scottish girl’s name with Fiona.



A classical name from Latin that means ‘flower’, Flora is one of the most beautiful Scottish girl names you can give your child. The name is also about a Roman Goddess with the domains of fertility and Springtime, a romantic meaning behind the name your child can cherish.



Fyvie is one of the most beautiful Scottish girl names on this list and has an almost sylvan or faerie quality. It means ‘deer hill’, linking it even more closely to Scottish folklore’s magical and mystical fey elements.



Gavina is a lovely name for a new girl who loves the world’s natural elements. In Ireland and Celtic circles, Gavina is the female form of Gavin but is also commonly used as a Scottish girl name.



Glencoe is quite mysterious and named after the winding River Coe in Scotland. That being said, Glencoe likely predates the Gaelic language, so the word’s true meaning has yet to be discovered. This name is perfect if you want a geographical tie and to make your meaning behind it.



Greer is a unisex name that works for both a male or female child and is commonly associated with being the Scottish form of the English name Gregory. It’s a modern name, seeing a spike in the past few decades. Greer, sometimes spelt Grier and Grear, means ‘watchful’ or ‘alert’.



Closely linked to the beautiful town on the Scottish borders, Gretna is a great name, a short form of Magarethe in Germany. The link to this Scottish town makes it an elegant name and particularly romantic given its history. The name means ‘pearl’, enhancing its pure quality.



Harriet links directly to the German name Henriette and is the female form of Harry, but the Scottish Gaelic spelling makes for a dynamic name for Scottish girls. The name means ‘home ruler’, giving your baby girl a beautiful name with a lot of meaning.



While Heather is a pink and purple flowered shrub throughout Scotland and means ‘shrubland habitat’, Heather is a wondrously popular Scottish girl’s name to give to your new baby girl. Its popularity transcends Scotland, though, and Heather is often found as a name in the United States and Northern Ireland in addition to Scotland.



Scotland’s northern regions have always been associated with Scandinavian connections, and the Danish name Hilda means ‘battle warrior’ or ‘battle woman’. Hilda is a mighty name for a newly born Scottish girl that hints towards a robust Danish warrior.



Holly is a traditional Scottish name with English origins, which means ‘dwelling by the Hollow’ or ‘Holly tree’ or ‘holly garden.’ Holly trees symbolise a few significant elements, like the holly during Christmas and some Irish and Celtic mythology.


Old English

Hope means what you think it does, and while the meaning is more direct than most names for girls, it’s not a bad thing! Hope is a popular name in England and Scotland, and it makes for an excellent name that has meaning for anyone.



Innis is a unisex name with Gaelic origins that means ‘island’ – and is also an island just off Scotland’s coast. It acts as a first name and a surname, and means ‘pasture’ or ‘meadow’ when used as a person’s last name. Whatever meaning you choose, Innis is perfect for a baby girl’s name.



The Scottish Hebrides are filled with the rich culture and history that intersect with Old Norse settlers, and Iona is a product of that mixed heritage. Meaning ‘island’ in the Old Norse language, Iona is your child’s unique and lovely name. Famous bearers of Iona include British violinist Iona Brown and Jamaican athlete Iona Wynter.



The Scottish spelling of the name Isla, initially the Spanish word for ‘island’, is a trendy Scottish girl’s name with bearers like Scottish novelist Isla Dewar. While the name Isla is rare worldwide, it is among the most beautiful Scottish names we’ve mentioned.



If you or your family have a history that connects you to the Slavic regions of Europe, consider giving your new baby girl the name Ivanna to commemorate this history. The name means ‘God is gracious’ and is the feminine form of Ivan.



Jaimy is a fun Scottish twist on the originally Hebrew name James or Jacob, which means ‘holder of the heal’. Jaimy is a beautiful name to give your brand-new baby girl.



Jeannie is a beautiful woman’s name and the Scottish variation of the lovely French first name ‘Jehane’. Give your new little lady the adorable name she deserves, along with famous bearers like pop singer Jeannie Ortega and movie actress Jeannie Chan.



Joanna is another beautiful name that offers a fun Scottish twist on a traditional girl’s name. Joanna is based on the original Hebrew John or Johan, which means ‘God is gracious’. Joanna is a reasonably popular name, too, and there’s no doubt you may know a Joanna or two.



Kaela means ‘slim’ or ‘fair’ in the traditional Scottish/Gaelic form but also has several meanings in Hebrew and Greek – making Kaela one of the most versatile names on this list. In Hebrew, Kaelic is the female form of Mikaela (more commonly known as Michael).



Very much the more modern version of the Irish Caitlyn, Kaitlyn is one of the most famous Scottish girl names that has also gained immense popularity worldwide. Kaitlyn means ‘pure’ and can be spelt in several ways, including Catelyn if you want more Scottish roots or Katelynn.



Sometimes spelt as Karinne, Karyn, Karen, and many more, Karin is a fun name throughout Scotland that has ties back to the traditional Greek Katherine. No matter its form, Karin is a trendy name that means ‘purity’.



Originally from the Scandinavian name Christina, Kirtsy has become a fun and bubbly name in Scotland and the rest of the world. Whether you’re planning to use it as a nickname for the name Kirsten or prefer Kirsty instead, it is a fantastic name for your baby girl.



With famous players like Leana De Bruin, the rugby superstar, the name Leana is a lyrical one with an equally lovely meaning behind it. The name translates to ‘beautiful woman’ or ‘light’ and connects to other famous names like Helen.



Leith is quite a bustling port region in the city of Edinburgh, which makes its meanings of ‘harbour’ and ‘river’ extremely appropriate. If you consider the original Arabic, this meaning can also be ‘lion’, so pick whichever meaning you love more.



Closely linked to a location within Aberdeenshire, Leslie means ‘holly garden’ and is derived from the Gaelic word ‘Leas Ceyln’. Leslie is an excellent name for both a girl and a boy, and its unisex versatility is undoubtedly one of its best qualities. Famous Leslies include the famed Hamilton actor Leslie Odom Jr. and comedian Leslie Jones.



Often used as both a first and second name, Mackenzie gained particular popularity with Clan Mackenzie of Scotland. The name comes from the Gaelic surname ‘MacCoinnich’, which means ‘attractive’ and ‘beautiful’. It’s a name associated with a lot of Scotland’s history in a single name.



Diving deep in Irish mythology, Maeve is the name of the queen of faeries and directly means ‘the intoxicating one’. Maeve is a stunning name for a child who wants to embrace the magical mythology of Ireland and Scotland fully.



Maisie is the first name of many celebrities, including Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams and pop singer Maisie Peters. The name means ‘pearl’ and is an adorable and bubbly name for your newborn baby.



The lovely name Moira can be traced back to its Irish roots, where it meant ‘drop of the sea’, but can also mean ‘beloved’ and ‘loved one’.



This beautiful feminine name has Greek and English roots and was said to mean ‘Myrrh’ – one of the three gifts given to the newborn Jesus on the night of His birth. Myrrh is a sweet-smelling perfume substance that comes from trees.



Nairne is a unique name that can be used for both a boy and a girl and means ‘river with alder trees’. Deeply connected to the natural world, Nairne is a fun choice.



Natalie is a widespread name throughout Western Europe, especially Russia. The name means ‘birth of the Lord’, which originates from the Latin ‘natale domini’. If your newborn girl was lucky enough to be born on Christmas, this is a beautiful name to give them.



A diminutive of the name Agnes in the original Greek, Nessie has flourished as a popular Scottish girl’s name that means ‘chaste’ and ‘pure’ from the original meaning ‘lamb’. We can’t mention the most famous Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.



Harkening back to the Old Irish mythology, Niamh means ‘bright’ and ‘radiant’ and also refers to ‘golden princess’.



Norrie is undoubtedly one of this list’s most adorable Scottish girl names. It originally meant ‘one from Norway’ with ties to Clan MacLeod and Norwegian warriors who came and settled in the Scottish Highlands.


Old English

A boy and girl named Paxton is a fantastic choice, with famous bearers like American footballer Paxton Lynch and movie actor Paxton Whitehead. Paxton means ‘peace town’ and is ideal for a calm and quiet newborn.



Another Old English name, Poppie, refers to the red poppy flower and makes for a lovely, reasonably popular name. In the old Latin, poppies were used as medicine and called the milk of happiness.



In the original Gaelic, Rona means ‘rough island’ and is a firm name that grows on you. In the original Hebrew, however, Rona can be translated to ‘my joy’.



Sabrina is a solid name with plenty of meaning in many languages, including Scottish Gaelic. The name means ‘legendary warrior’ in the Old British, but the Gaelic meaning refers to a Welsh river.



Sheena is a variation on the Gaelic name Sinead but can also commonly be used as a version of Jane with a Scottish twist. It has roots in the old Hebrew name John, and so means ‘God is gracious’.


Old Norse

The beautiful Isle of Skye is one of the best attractions of Scotland, and the name Skye has Scottish and Norse roots that mean ‘cloud’ or ‘winged one’.



Bearing the meaning ‘mighty in battle’, this adorable name almost contrasts its powerful meaning. It makes more sense when you learn Tillie is the shortened form of Mathilda. Give your new girl a powerful and regal name with Tillie or Mathilda.


Old English

The little songbird Wren is a gorgeous name for your new baby and aptly means ‘small bird’. The name is delicate and pretty while still unique enough to stand out.



Look at the night sky, and if you see the evening star, then know that Yvaine means ‘the evening star’. It’s quite a beautiful name, with connections to a famous character of the same name in a Neil Gaiman novel.

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