75+ Scottish Boy Names

Scottish Boy Names

Scottish boy names are a classic choice for your new baby boy, with deep roots in Scotland’s mystical culture and magical fairy tales. Scottish names usually refer to one of the many amazing stories the country is known for, from the mythical heroes of old to the revolutionary moments of Scottish independence.

If you want a traditional name that refers to Scottish culture, give your new child one of these Scottish boy names.


Meaning: Scottish

Origins: Defender

Alastair is the Scottish Gaelic form of the name Alexander, and means ‘defender’ or ‘defending man’. It can also be spelt as ‘Alasdair’. Alastair is one of the most popular Scottish boy names, and famous bearers include Alastair Cook and Alastair Duncan.


Meaning: Gaelic

Origins: Rock

Alban comes from the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland, Alba, which means ‘rock’.


Meaning: Greek

Origins: Staunch Defender

The anglicised form of the name Alasdair is originally of Greek origin. It means ‘staunch defender’ and has been the name of several Scottish Kings, including Alexander I, II, and III. Alexander the Great is a famous bearer of Macedonian descent, but it is also a popular Scottish surname.


Meaning: Greek

Origins: Brave Man

Andrew means ‘a brave man’ and is originally of Greek origin but has found popularity in Scotland ever since the prominent St. Andrew became a patron saint in Scotland. St. Andrews is also a significant attraction in Scotland, famous for its golfing hot spots.


Meaning: Scottish

Origins: Unique Choice

Angus is an old Scottish name, appearing in the 6th century and means ‘unique choice’. Angus is also tied to Scottish culture in the form of Angus beef, a high-quality type of meat found only in Aberdeen.


Meaning: Hebrew

Origins: Mountain of Strength

The Scottish Gaelic word for Aaron is originally of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘mountain of strength’ or exalted’. The famous Isle of Arran is often called ‘Scotland in Miniature’, as it has many of the diverse geographical features of the country all in one Isle.


Meaning: Scottish

Origins: New Ireland

First introduced in the 19th century, Athol is a unique Scottish boy’s name that means ‘New Ireland’, and famous bearers include Athol Fugard, a South African actor and playwright, and Athol Murray, a famed priest and educator.


Meaning: Anglo-Saxon

Origins: Bank

Derived from the English word for ‘bakke’, Bac is a Scottish boy’s name that means ‘bank’. While commonly used as a Scottish surname, it is a unique name for your new baby boy.


Meaning: Scottish

Origins: Poet

Baird means ‘poet’ or ‘minstrel’ and has the same roots as the word Bard – which may spark some recognition for anyone who plays fantasy games. John Logie Baird created the first mechanical television with Baird as their surname.


Meaning: Scottish

Origins: Meadow

A pleasant Scottish Boy name that means ‘field’, ‘meadow’, or ‘plains’. While Blair is originally a male name, it is also used as a name for girls in countries like America.


Meaning: Celtic

Origins: Fair-Haired

Boyd is a name of Irish origin, meaning ‘fair haired’, but the Scottish version changes the meaning to ‘yellow’ or ‘blonde’. Boyd can either be used as a first name or a surname and was one of the top Scottish boy names during the 1900s in the US.


Meaning: Celtic

Origins: Speckled

Coming from Irish roots, Bryce means ‘speckled’ or ‘pied’ and is equally popular as a first name or a surname. Bryce is also used as the Anglicised form of Bryson, which means ‘son of Brice’. If your new baby boy has freckles, Bryce is an excellent name with an adorable meaning.


Meaning: Scottish

Origins: Dove

Calum is also spelt as Callum and is the Scottish derivation of Malcolm. It means ‘dove’, with religious connotations of purity, peace, and even the Holy Spirit in Christianity (with Saint Columba as a famous example). Calum is among the most popular Scottish baby boy names for your new boy.


Meaning: Scottish

Origins: Crooked Nose

Dating back to the 15th century, Cameron ranks as a popular Scottish surname and first name that means ‘crooked nose’. Cameron sometimes spelt Kameron, can also be used as a girl’s name but is, first and foremost, a boy’s name.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Crooked Mouth

If the name Cameron doesn’t suit your taste, Campbell is another popular name in Scottish communities. It means ‘crooked mouth’. Often used as a surname more than a first name, Campbell is the third most common surname in Northern Ireland and is also used in other English-speaking countries like South Africa, Canada, and Australia.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Born of Fire

If you want a unique Scottish boy’s name with an excellent meaning, Cinead offers just that since it means ‘born of fire’ or ‘fiery’. If you think your child will grow up to be ambitious and driven, Cinead is an excellent name to give them.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Keeper of Keys

Clyde means ‘the keeper of the keys’ and is the name of a famous river that runs through Scotland known as the River Clyde. Notable people named Clyde include Clyde McCoy, a famed jazz trumpeter, and Clyde Jackson Browne, a musician.


Origins: Gaelic

Meaning: Rock

Craig is one of the earlier traditional Scottish boy names on this list and first appeared in the 15 century. It means ‘rock’, coming from the Gaelic word ‘creag’. Craig also features as one of the most famous Scottish surnames. If you want to give your child a sturdy and robust name of Scottish origin, Craig is a great name to give them.


Origins: Welsh

Meaning: Son of David

Initially originating from Wales, Davis means ‘Son of David’, derived from the Hebrew name David. Famous people named Davis are Sammy Davis Jr., an American songwriter and producer, and Warwick Davis, a famed actor.

Davis also holds Biblical importance, with King Davis of Israel being a prominent choice for Christian families.


Origins: Gaelic

Meaning: World Mighty

Donald popped up in Scotland during the 9th century and is a common first name and surname and includes famous clans from Scottish history like Clan MacDonald. The word originates from the Irish Gaelic ‘Domhnall’, which means ‘world mighty’.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Stream

While commonly used as a surname in Scotland, Douglas emerged as a first name in the 16th century and has been a popular Scottish baby name ever since. The Douglas clan is one of the most popular uses of this name in Lanarkshire. The name means ‘stream’, making it an excellent reputation for the new young warrior in your life.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Dark Warrior

Duncan is one of the most famous Scottish boy names, meaning ‘dark/brown warrior’, and is one of the earliest names to emerge in Scotland. Duncan gained popularity with Shakespeare’s Macbeth, with the titular character of King Duncan. Duncan is a name with deep Scottish roots and one of the most unique Scottish boy names you can give your child.


Origins: Gaelic

Meaning: Horse

Eachann is a challenging name if you’re not a natural Gaelic speaker. Eachann means ‘horse’ and evokes a gallant and regal name for your baby boy.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Nobleman

Errol is a multi-facilitated classic name, meaning ‘Earl’ and ‘nobleman’. In Anglo-Saxon, it means ‘army commander’ and ‘wandering’ in Latin. The Scottish variant is tied to nobility, reflected in its most famous bearers, including Erroll Barrow, the first Prime Minister of Barbados. It is also a popular surname throughout the world.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Verdant Hill

Erskine means ‘high marsh’ or ‘verdant hill’, a famous Scottish surname throughout Scotland. Erskine is associated with nature and is most common in places where wildlife is abundant, like the River Clyde and Glasgow.


Origins: Celtic

Meaning: Youthful

Also sometimes spelt as Euan, Ewan is a popular Scottish boy’s name thanks to famous bearers like Ewan MacGregor. The name means ‘born of the yew tree’ or ‘youthful’ and is one of the top Scottish names for children who want to retain their youth and energy.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Son of Furrows

This name rolls off the tongue very well and means ‘son of furrows’. Farlan is also a surname in Scotland, most prominently in McFarlan.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Brave Chieftan

Fergus is an old name from the Scottish Highlands and has long been associated with regal kings and queens of Pictish and Celtic society. The name means ‘brave chieftain or ‘man of strength’, which ranks as one of the top if you’re looking for cool meanings.


Origins: Gaelic

Meaning: Fair Stranger

Fingal is derived from the Irish-Gaelic word Fine Gall, a term for the Viking settlers just north of Dublin, Ireland. It means ‘fair stranger’, which is appropriate for its origin. If you want your child to celebrate their Nordic ancestry, this name is a great way to do so.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Courageous One

Closely related to Fingal, Finlay means ‘fair warrior’ or ‘courageous one’ and is one of the most famous Scottish boy names if you want to bestow royalty onto your baby boy.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Man from Finland

Our final Fin-Finn was the term used for Nordic settlers to Scotland and Ireland and sometimes translates literally to ‘man from Finland’. Notable bearers of Finn are Huckleberry Finn, Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things, and the actress Finn Atkins. Finn and its iterations are a top choice for a unique Scottish boys’ name.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: From Fifeshire

One of this list’s most unique Scottish baby names is Fyfe, meaning ‘from Fifeshire’. If you have family history from this historic county in Scotland, why not give your baby this name to make them stand out and honour your history?


Origins: Welsh

Meaning: White Falcon

Gavan comes from the Middle Ages, meaning ‘small falcon’ or ‘white falcon’. It’s one of the traditional names of the British Isles that date back long before many of the names on this list.


Origins: Gaelic

Meaning: Great Servant

Coming from Gaelic origin, Gilmore is a great name that means ‘servant of the Virgin Mary’ or ‘great servant’. Many meanings in Irish and English origin point to the pious and religious significance, evoking a godly strength for your child.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Great Hill

Gordon is one of the most famous Scottish names on this list, thanks to celebrities like Gordon Ramsey and Gordon Brown. It means ‘great hill’ and is a solid, traditional name for a boy.


Origins: Anglo-Saxon

Meaning: Grand Home

This Old English name means ‘gravelly homestead’ or ‘grand home’ and was a popular Scottish surname in the 12 century. Famous forebearers of the name Graham include Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone.


Origins: Greek

Meaning: Vigilant

Most commonly known and recognised from the Scottish clan name of MacGregor and controversial fighter Connor MacGregor, this name means ‘vigilant’ or ‘ever watchful’.


Origins: Anglo-Saxon

Meaning: Servant of the Brown One

This anglicised form of Mac Gille Dhuinn means ‘son of the servant of the brown one’, but the English meaning instead harkens to occupations, namely cannons and rifles. Famous bearers of the name and surname Gunn include James Gunn, an American filmmaker and Tim Gunn, an American author.


Origins: Hebrew

Meaning: May God Protect

Hamish comes from the Hebrew name James, which means ‘one to supplant’ or ‘may God protect’ and is a solid name with strong and powerful religious connotations. Giving your child this Scottish twist on this classic name will make them stand out.


Origins: French

Meaning: Hedge

Hay is a prevalent Scottish name in Scotland today and is frequently used as a first name and surname. It means ‘hedge’ from the old French word ‘haye’ and arrived in England when French settlers came after William of Normandy.


Origins: Anglo-Saxon

Meaning: From Hugh’s Town

Houston is world-spanning, but originally comes from an English origin that means ‘from Hugh’s Town’. Residents from around Glasgow are usually given the last name Houston, but it is also commonly used as a girl’s name in Texas, where a famous town is named Houston.


Origins: Gaelic

Meaning: God is Gracious

Iain means ‘God is gracious, which is appropriate considering that Iain is the Gaelic word for John. Iain can also be spelt as Ian, Ean, or Eion, and it has famous bearers, including Ian McKellen, famed for his portrayal of Gandalf in Lord of the Rings.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Green Water

As a surname and a name, Irvine means ‘green water’ and refers to the winding River Irvine that runs through South West Scotland. It is also considered a popular Scottish surname.


Origins: Anglo-Saxon

Meaning: God is Gracious

Derived from the English name John or Jacques, it means ‘God is gracious’ like the more Gaelic Iain. Jackie is a unisex name and a short form of Jacqueline when given to a girl. Famous bearers of Jackie are notable actor Jackie Chan and actress Jackie Chung. Jackie is an excellent choice for a unisex name with powerful and traditional religious connotations.


Origins: Roman

Meaning: One who Supplants

James is a Scottish boy name that has been used by Scottish royalty, including Scottish King James – all seven of them! Meaning ‘one who supplants’, it rose in popularity in the 13th century and has been a prominent name ever since with bearers like actor James Franco and television host James Corden. Hamish is a solid choice if you want a more traditional Scottish boy name.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: God is Gracious

Jock is another form of the pervasive John that has found popularity among Scottish boys’ names and means ‘God is gracious’. If you want a name with religious references and stand-out quality, Jock is a great choice.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: From the Battleground

Keith is a fierce Scottish name that means ‘from the battleground’ and has been a popular Scottish name and surname since the 19th century. Keith is also a town in northeast Scotland well known for being the start of Scotland’s malt whisky trail.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Leader

Meaning ‘leader’ or ‘wearer of helmet’, Kennedy is a unique and traditional Scottish boy name to give to your child. While originally from Scotland and Ireland, Kennedy has found immense popularity worldwide with notable figures, including former United States President John. F. Kennedy and Kennedy Graham, a New Zealand politician.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Handsome

Kenzie is a beautiful name with an equally beautiful meaning, ‘handsome’ and ‘good looking’. Originally in the form of MacKenzie, Kenzie is the shortened version of this Scottish clan name.


Origins: Old English

Meaning: Round Hilltop

Originally given to people who lived upon a hilltop, Knox means ’round hilltop’ and ’round-topped hill’ from the Old English word ‘cnocc’. It’s a famous Scottish surname, with people like John Knox playing an essential role in the Reformation in Scotland. Knox is a trendy first name, too, with the child of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt called Knox Jolie Pitt.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: War-like

Lachlan has strong connections not only to Scottish and Irish roots but Nordic ones, too. It means ‘from the land of lakes’ or ‘war-like’, depending on which origin you take into consideration. Its popularity rose in the 13th century in the Scottish Highlands and in many English-speaking countries, including Australia, where it was among the top ten between 2000 and 2010.


Origins: Norse

Meaning: Law Man

Lamont is among the strongest Scottish male names and means ‘law man’ in the Old Norse dialect.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: One who lives by the Garden Pool

Often seen as a surname but also a common first name, Leslie means ‘one who lives by the garden pool’ and can relate to the faeries and selkies of Scottish and Irish mythology. It was first seen in the 11th century and has been growing in popularity ever since.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Elm Grove

Coming from Scottish and Irish roots, Lennox means ‘elm grove’ but also has the biblical meaning of ‘smooth farm’.


Origins: Old German

Meaning: Famed Warrior

Scotland is a famous Scottish surname of Old German origin that means ‘famed warrior’ or ‘renowned.’ It is perfect for a baby who wants to have charismatic and leadership qualities. Famous people with the name include Lewis Carroll, an English writer.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Place of Linden Trees

Lindsay means ‘a place of Linden trees’ or ‘a lake’ and has been a Scottish boy and a popular girl name, with bearers like Lindsay Lohan – famed singer.


Origins: Gaelic

Meaning: Son of

Mac is a robust and powerful name of Scottish Gaelic origin that means ‘son of’. It’s frequently used as the prefix for many Scottish clans, including MacDonald.


Origins: Gaelic

Meaning: Follower of the Dove

Originally from the Gaelic word ‘maol calium’, which means’ follower of the dove’. The follower of the dove is usually depicted as Saint Columba, but it can also mean ‘the man of Columba’. It’s the Scottish Gaelic version of Calum, and Malcolm is an excellent alternative if Calum is different from your taste.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Sea Warrior

Muir means ‘sea warrior’ and is a famous Scottish surname for many nationwide. Muir is one of the classic names most commonly found in Clan Muir, who lived in Ayrshire.


Origins: Celtic

Meaning: The Son of the Sea

Murdoch has strong relations to the oceans surrounding Ireland and Scotland, meaning ‘the son of the sea’ or ‘protector of the sea’. If you want to relate your child to the beautiful oceans surrounding Scotland, Murdoch is a solid choice – or one of its iterations like Murdoc or Murdy.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: From the Headland

Originally of Scottish-Scandinavian origin, it means ‘from the headland’. Famous for not only geographical locations like Loch Ness (of Loch Ness Monster fame) but also people like Ness Edwards, Ness is a unique name with a few famous bearers.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Coming from the Clouds

Niall is a profound Scottish and Irish name that means ‘coming from the clouds’. Niall features considerably in Scottish legends in the Niall and Nine Hostages tale – where a Niall of legend brought a young slave to Ireland who became St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

You’ll be very familiar with the name Niall if you’re a fan of the boyband One Direction.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: From the High Peak

Ogilvy means ‘from the high peak’ and was initially given to Scottish folk living within Ogilvie’s barony in Angus.


Origins: Gaelic

Meaning: Noble Born

Owen is an ancient name from Irish Gaelic, from when the Picts arrived in Scotland. Owen means ‘noble born’ or ‘born to nobility’ and has famous bearers, including actor Owen Wilson.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Noble

Offer your child an air of nobility with the name Payton, which appropriately means ‘noble’. Payton is famous as both a male and female name, with famous Paytons including the famous quarterback, Payton Manning.


Origins: Celtic

Meaning: Wise

Quinn offers a gender-neutral name that means ‘wise’ but also has roots that mean ‘descendants of Conn’. It’s expected as a first name but also a surname worldwide.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Wild Garlic

While Ramsay is more popular as a surname than a first name in Scotland, it is still an excellent choice that means ‘from Ram’s Island’ or ‘wild garlic’. The latter is most appropriate for its famous bearer, Gordon Ramsay, but is an excellent choice for a flavourful first name.


Origins: Germanic

Meaning: Famous Ruler

Rodrick is a prevalent first name and surname in Scotland and means ‘famous ruler’, which has various spellings like Rodrik, Rhodrik, and more but makes for a solid reputation for your baby boy.


Origins: Gaelic

Meaning: Red King

One of the most ancient names from Scotland, Rory, comes from the old Gaelic word for ‘ruadh ri’, which means red king.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Headland

Ross has been seen in Scotland since the 12th century and means ‘headland’. Its Germanic roots, however, point to a meaning like ‘mighty horse’. Famous Ross include Ross Lynch, a singer, and Ross Matthews, a comedian.


Origins: Gaelic

Meaning: Scotsman

One of the most direct names on this list, Scot, means ‘Scotsman’ or ‘a person from Scotland’ but in the natural Scottish Gaelic dialect as ‘Gaelic wanderer’. Scot is a natural accompaniment for any child who wants to embody their Scottish heritage.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Dweller by the Wood

Shaw is a very tough, masculine name of Scottish origin that means ‘dweller by the wood’ or ‘wolf’ and has gained quite a bit of popularity in Scotland and Ireland. It is also a great surname that was established in the 17th century.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Bright

Sinclair means ‘bright’ and ‘clear’ and was initially popularised by the Scottish clan called the Sinclairs that occupied the Lothians portion of Scotland and the Orkney Islands – in fact, much of the North East tip of Scotland.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Guardian

Stewart is a great first name or surname for your new baby boy, and it was recently discovered that almost half of all men with Stewart as their last name have some connection to Scottish royalty. Stewart means ‘guardian’ and can be spelt in numerous ways, including Stuart, Steward, etc.


Origins: Hebrew

Meaning: Twin

Thomas is a classic name that is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘twin’. Not only is Thomas a prominent name in the Christian Bible’s New Testament, but it has had famous people like American inventor Thomas Edison heralding its name.


Origins: Gaelic

Meaning: From the Craggy Hills

Torrence is a unique Scottish boys’ name that means ‘from the craggy hills’ or ‘from the hillocks’ and was frequently used as a name for Scottish people who lived in traditionally hilly locations in Scotland like East Kilbride and Glasgow.


Origins: Norse

Meaning: From Tyrie

From Scottish origin, Tyree means ‘from Tyrie’, which has close ties to the Nordic settlers that lived on the far-flung Isles in Scotland. Tyree is linked to the Old Norse God, Tyr, the God of war and justice. At the same time, it is primarily a boy’s name; Tyree is also an excellent girl’s name.


Origins: Scottish

Meaning: Intelligent

Uisdean is one of the unique Scottish boy names that means ‘intelligent’ or even ‘island stone’ that graces a child with wisdom and intelligence. Clan Uisdean later came into prominence when the anglicized form of Uisdean, Hugh of Sleat.


Origins: Gaelic

Meaning: Stranger

Wallace is a mighty Scottish name, with William Wallace being the most important example and the Wallace clan. Wallace is also a versatile name for Christians and tends to mean ‘foreigner’ or ‘stranger’. Plus, Wally is a great nickname that you can use too.


Origins: Germanic

Meaning: Strong-Willed Warrior

William is a prevalent name, not only in Scotland but in England as well. Its reach has expanded worldwide, though and means ‘strong-willed warrior’ or ‘resolute protector’. It initially has Germanic roots, but William has risen in notoriety due to the several kinds that have held the name, including the famous William the Conqueror.

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