Knapdale Scottish Beaver Trail

Knapdale Beavers

Did you know you can see beavers in Scotland? On the Knapdale Scottish Beaver Trail, guests can see the Scottish Government’s excellent work re-introducing European Beavers into the Knapdale Forest!

We’ll be covering everything you need to know about the Knapdale Scottish Beavers, the top things to do at Knapdale Forest, and also discussing accommodation options and events.

About the Knapdale Scottish Beaver

In May 2008, the Royal Zoological Society announced they would be re-introducing European Beavers into Knapdale Forest and monitoring them after they were hunted to extinction 400 years ago! And ever since November 2016, the Scottish Government announced the beavers would stay in Scotland and become one of the most prominent attractions in Knapdale Forest.

Visitors can fit in visiting the Knapdale beavers as part of their journey to the Knapdale Forest, something we highly recommend you do! The beavers live in the Knapdale forest, easily accessible from the Barnluasgan car park, which is open daily.

Things to Do at the Knapdale Scottish Beaver Trail

The beaver population live within the sprawling Knapdale Forest, managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust and presents a lovely day trip out for those travelling through Argyll.

Here are the top things you can do at the Scottish Beaver Trial:

Learn about Beavers at the Argyll Beaver Centre

Argyll Beaver Centre

Before you venture into the forest to find the beavers, we recommend you check out the Argyll Beaver Centre and learn more about these industrious creatures. The area has several unique visitor and information centres, including Barnluasgan Information Centre.

You can learn about beaver activities, as well as the other wildlife that you can expect to see within Knapdale. If you’re looking for family activities that will get your children out and about, stopping by the Argyll Beaver Centre is a fantastic way to do so.

Visit the Knapdale Beavers


Once you’ve spent some time learning the top tips and tricks of where you can find the beavers of Knapdale, it’s time to head off and seek them out! Beavers are extremely difficult to spot, and unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that you’ll see one during your trip.

Being quiet is the key, though, and with a dash of patience, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of adorable beaver activity and watch these creatures felling trees and building lodges and dams. The best place to see beavers is Dubh Loch, close to Loch Collie Bharr, and they are most prevalent during April and August – you may even see beaver babies help their families build a beaver dam.

Walk the Knapdale Nature Trail

Nature Trails

While you look for beavers, pay attention to the other species that populate Knapdale Forest! There are many exciting and unique creatures to see, including otters, dragonflies, birds, and fish!

Walking the Knapdale Nature Trail is the perfect way to wind down the day, but we recommend packing your walking shoes as the entire trail around Dubh Loch and Loch Collie Bharr takes about two hours to complete.

Enjoy a picnic along the Trail


Everyone loves a picnic, and there’s nothing better than stopping for a moment and enjoying a delicious, prepared picnic while soaking in scenic views of the environment. The best way to see the native species of Knapdale is to stop and survey, so you may as well have a snack along the way.

And since the guided walks follow a 3-mile route, ensuring you have a moment to stop and eat is essential. So don’t bring a picnic basket with you when you set out!


If you’re keen to show your support and continue the positive impact that the Scottish Wildlife Trust is doing, you can adopt a beaver! Adopting will ensure the Trust can foster new growth for their habitats – and you get a certification and a cute toy beaver too!


Scotland’s West Coast is filled with fantastic accommodation options if you know where to look. Self-catering cabins and homes that look over Scotland’s numerous habitats are abundant, and towns like Lochgilphead offer accommodations with more amenities like hotels and bed and breakfasts.

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