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Burntisland in Scotland sits on the southern coast of Fife and entertains many tourists during the busy summer months. The region is famed for its picturesque sandy beaches and balmy weather, but there are even more things to do in Burntisland.

Originally known as Little Kinghorn, the settlement gained independence and has grown from a fishing hamlet to a sea resort paradise! Its proximity to Edinburgh also makes a trip to Burntisland easily accessible and a natural extension to any holiday in Scotland!


Things to Do in Burntisland

things to do in burntisland

Thankfully, Burntisland is stocked with unique attractions, things to do and historic sites. It’s no wonder that this south coast of Fife is so popular with tourists!

Burntisland is mainly known for its stunning beaches, but that’s not all this seaside town has to offer. You can delve into the fascinating history of Fife at the Museum of Communication and Rossend Castle, fill up a day with activities at Dodhead Golf Course or Kingdom Amusements, and immerse yourself in Scottish culture at the Burntisland Games.

The local high street is also filled with a lively atmosphere; plentiful gift shops open, clubs, monuments, and accommodations are all very welcoming.

But before you start packing for a holiday, read through our guide for the top things to do in Burntisland!

Kingdom Amusements

Kingdom Amusements

If you’re taking the family along during your holiday to Burntisland, a stop at Kingdom Amusements will entertain children and adults alike!

It’s an excellent destination abundant in charms and delights, perfect for big groups who want the opportunity to win some prizes.

Kingdom Amusements’ flashing lights and selection of arcades make it one of the most exciting places to visit and close to the Museum of Communication.

Museum of Communication

Museum of Communication

The Museum of Communication is an underrated gem and should be one of the top attractions you should add to your list!

This attraction is budget-friendly, free entry, and packed with information! You can discover how communication has evolved through time. Retro televisions, cameras, and audio equipment are brought to life as you travel from Gallipoli to today.

Dodhead Golf Course

Dodhead Golf Course

One of the most popular things to do in Burntisland is taking a swing at the Dodhead Golf Course!

With a history spanning back to 1688, according to some historians, Dodhead Gold Course and Burntisland Golf House Club present to you some of the best golf courses open in Scotland. Why not tee off at Burntisland overlooking the expansive Firth of Forth?!

Beacon Leisure Centre

Beacon Leisure Centre

Make the most of any rainy day you may encounter by visiting the lovely Beach Leisure Centre.

This modern leisure centre is filled with fun activities that cater to all ages. Children will love the wave machine and pool, while adults can take a break and relax with a piping hot coffee.

This leisure centre is one of many health clubs open in Burntisland, making a healthy lifestyle attainable even on holiday!

Burntisland Beach

Burntisland Beach

Right next to the Beacon Leisure Centre sits Burntisland beach, an annual summer fairground that makes Burntisland such a peak summer season attraction.

The sandy beaches are enhanced by natural features like rock pools and a natural harbour, which makes it a perfect seaside park! Combine this with a crazy golf course, bouncy castles, picnic tables, and a lifeguards’ patrol, and you’ll have everything you need for a beach holiday.

In the off-season, Burntisland offers scenic walking areas, is a remarkably pleasant beach, and is undoubtedly one of the highest-rated attractions in Burntisland.

Rossend Castle

Rossend Castle

Rossend Castle sits in the heart of Burntisland and provides those who visit with engaging architectural buildings, points of interest, and historic walking areas.

The castle has a complex history and has been home to many of Scotland’s notable families: the Durie family, Melville family, and even Sir William Kirkcaldy for some time! You can enjoy exploring the grounds and seeing spectacular views of the Firth of Forth!

Burntisland Highland Games

Burntisland Highland Games

There is no event grander on the Burntisland calendar than the Burntisland Highland Games!

After a three-year hiatus, these Games are back in action and usually occur during the balmy summer months of June or July. Their history stretches back to 1652 and is considered the second oldest in Scotland.

Expect a full day of dancing, cycling, running, and many more traditional Scottish games! Drinks will flow, delicious foods will be eaten, and visitors looking for Burntisland attractions, things to do, and excitement will be delighted!

King Alexander III Monument

King Alexander III Monument-3

East of Burntisland lies the King Alexander III monument, commemorating the death of a mighty King of Scots.

The history behind King Alexander III is genuinely fascinating, and informative plaques details this rule and succession. The monument also is placed where King Alexander III fell from his steed over the cliffside, ending the reign of such an influential figure.

Don’t take our word for it – this monument is one of many landmarks to the public that are a must-see!

Explore the Fife Coastal Path

Fife Coastal Path

One of the highest-rated attractions in Fife is the Fife Coastal Path – a 183-kilometre series of walking paths that shows off landmarks, churches, and the best of Fife’s coastline.

Burntisland forms a part of the Fife Coastal Path and is a great place to stop as you travel along this monumental coastal path. The Fife Coastal Path is one for the adrenaline seekers who aren’t satisfied with being limited to only one town.

If you’re looking for a lowland adventure in Scotland that doesn’t take you too far from the capital, the Fife Coastal Path is one attraction you can’t miss out on!

Other Things To Do in Kingdom of Fife

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