The Modern Institute

The Modern Institute

Hidden within the streets of Glasgow lies one of Scotland’s most prestigious art galleries, the Modern Institute. The gallery has worked with over 50 internationally established and emerging artists since 1997, including four Turner Prize Winners. Enjoy major art fairs in two distinct locations in Glasgow, from statues and architecture to incredible paintings.

Important Details to Know

Keep in mind these important details to know before exploring the Modern Institute Art Gallery.

Opening Times

There are two spaces that the Modern Institute has founded in Glasgow, Osbourne Street and Lairds Lane.

The Osbourne Street location is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00. It is open on Saturdays from midday to 17:00, and closed on Sundays.

The Lairds Lane location is open between Monday and Friday from 11:00 until 18:00. On Saturday, it’s open from midday to 17:00, and is also closed on Sundays.

Ticket Prices

Public shows for the Modern Institute are free to enter! Certain private shows or courses may have a cost for admission or by invitation only.

How to Get There

The Modern Institute has two locations: Osbourne Street and Airds Lane. Luckily, there’s only a five-minute walk from one location to the other. If you’re travelling to Glasgow via Scotrail, you’ll be arriving at Glasgow Central.

From the train station, walk down Argyle Street and take a right onto Osbourne Street. Take one more right onto Stockwell Street, left on Goosedubbs, and finally a right on Airds Lan. The Modern Institute will be on your right.

The Modern Institute Glasgow Attractions

Packed and ready to indulge in modern art? Make sure not to miss these Modern Institute attractions.

Explore the Gallery’s Current Exhibitions

Explore Current Exhibitions

The Modern Institute has two spaces within Glasgow City, each offering a unique exhibition for you to see. The Lairds Lane gallery generally offers large-scale sculptures and installations, while the Osbourne Street tends to favour smaller, more intimate collections. Artists worldwide are represented with the gallery works on show, and the current exhibitions frequently rotate throughout the year.

Exhibitions held at the Modern Institute have included works by Adam McEwen and Alex Dordoy.

Attend the Modern Institute’s Yearly Programme

Attend Modern Institute's Yearly Programme

The Modern Institute Gallery hosts amazing events and talks throughout the calendar year, with plenty of private shows to look forward to. From events at Glasgow’s premier galleries like Art Basel to Frieze New York in America, you can see projects from the Modern Institute all over the world.

Learn about the Modern Institute’s Turner Prize Winners

Learn about Turner Prize Winners

With over 50 internationally established artists represented, the Modern Institute has an immense reputation on the global stage. Four of their represented artists are acclaimed Turner Prize winners, including Richard Wright, Martin Boyce, and Simon Starling.

Other major artists represented at the Modern Institute are Anne Collier, Sue Tompkins, Urs Fischer, Cathy Wilkes, Luke Fowler, Nicolas Party and Jim Lambie. Come and learn the brilliant minds behind these artists at the Modern Institute.

Pick Up One Of the Institute’s Books and Monographs

See a piece of art that you like? You may be able to buy it! You can support local and international artists by purchasing artwork from the Modern Institute store. They have excellent prints and t-shirts like One Beautiful Day by Thomas Houseago.

The Modern Institute also annually publishes artist books and monographs, so be sure to pick one up if you’re interested. All proceeds go to supporting the talented artists.

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