Highlands Coffee Shops & Roasteries

Highlands Coffee Roasteries

If you love nothing more than a piping hot cup of coffee in the morning or after a meal, then you’ll be happy to know that the Scottish Highlands are filled with excellent spots to indulge in a perfectly served cup. Highlands Coffee is some of the best in Scotland, and we’re here to outline the top Highlands coffee roasteries.

In the cold months of the year, there’s nothing better than a slowly roasted rich coffee. The Highlands aren’t strangers to the cold, so a thriving coffee roasters and artisans community has gradually blossomed to combat winters with piping hot caffeinated beverages. You need to try coffee with a distinctively Scottish twist; here’s where you can get them while in the Highlands.

Wild Highlands Coffee

Wild Highlands Coffee

Just past the entrance of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, there’s a shop overlooking the stunning Loch Lomond. Wild Highlands Coffee has set up shop on the promenade, offering a lusciously smooth blended coffee with a robust and strong, intensive flavour.

Wild Highlands Coffee is a family-run shop that exclusively uses coffee beans roasted in Scotland, offering an undeniable Scottish taste with views you can’t believe. And if you’re as in love with Wild Highland Coffee as we are, we recommend you take a bag to bring back with you too!

Puffin Coffee

Puffin Coffee

Located in Kilchoan on the Ardnamurchan peninsula, Puffin Coffee is a charming and family-run coffee shop that serves a bespoke fair trade, organic blend of fresh coffee. When you’re travelling to the literal wild west of Scotland, you’ll love some of the best Highland roast coffee you can purchase at the most Western point of Scotland.

And when you can sip the utterly delicious strength coffee with a view of the Ardnamurchan peninsula, you’ll be glad you went out of your way to reach Puffin Coffee.

Knoydart Pottery and Tearoom

Knoydart Pottery & Tearoom

The quaint and cosy Knoydart Pottery and Teamroom is one of a few excellent restaurants in Inverie where you can enjoy anytime-strength coffee! This family-run company offers superb brews; you can also indulge in tea in their team rooms and various unique snacks to pair with your morning coffee.

Wonderful coffee is difficult to come by, and Knoydart Pottery has it down to the tea – which can be paired with a strong intense chocolatey flavour cake or croissant served fresh each day. There are also locally made ceramics that you purchase to take home with you if you want a souvenir to take along with you.

The Birch Cafe

The Birch Cafe

The Birch is a cafe in the Isle of Skye that offers a truly delicious blend of coffees and has been inspired by the Melbourne coffee scene – often labelled as one of the Meccas of artisan coffee.

The store’s minimal design offers a light and atmospheric place to enjoy a true modern classic strength coffee before heading out to see the attractions of Isle of Skye. Choose from Birch’s Arvelo Heredia Nelber, Gitwe 502, or Chaparral Decaf – each with a unique and incredible flavour for those who like their coffee strong or a bit milder.

The Ceilidh Place

Ceilidh Place

Ullapool is a familiar and beloved stop in the Highlands, and if you need a place to stay and a hot brew, then Ceilidh Place is the ultimate location. Surrounded by Scotland’s stunning Wester Ross region, Ceilidh Place is a hotel, bunkhouse, coffee cafe, bookstore, and even a music venue!

After a good night’s rest, try their Arabica coffee – a dark chocolate colour coffee with medium acidity and a highly fragrant scent. Ceilidh Place is a stunning place that offers it all and so tops many lists for fantastic accommodation in Ullapool.

Slaughterhouse Coffee

Slaughterhouse Coffee

While the name may be intimidating, we can assure you that Slaughterhouse Coffee will only slaughter your craving for coffee! This independent coffee business serves locally produced VanDyke Brothers Specialty Coffee, a credible roaster with quality to match.

There’s outdoor seating where you can drink and enjoy the beauty of Cromarty. Coffee isn’t the only thing they offer – distinctive lemony tea and other delicious cakes and pastries with a butterscotch finish. Slaughterhouse Coffee is a favourite for many, and the rustic atmosphere elevates the experience.

The Old Post Office Cafe Gallery

Old Post Office Cafe Gallery

This old, adorable cafe in Kincraig serves a wide variety of excellent food and drinks when you stop by. You can enjoy the usual suspects for coffee, including various Highlands coffee brands you’ll love to try.

Enjoy iced coffee, cakes, teas, and their famous Inshriach potting shed. If you want quality food and drink while passing through Kincraig, why not stop by and indulge in a latte from the Old Post Office Cafe Gallery?

The Wildcat

The Wildcat

The Wildcat is located in Fort William and is a stunning modern single-origin coffee atmosphere, in addition to quite a few other unique extras like cakes, British and Scottish cuisine, and teas. The style of The Wildcat is more than enough reason to visit it, but their coffee comes with a lot of character too.

Why not sample an extensive range of blends before you head out and explore the stunning attractions near Fort William?

Other Coffee Shops & Roasteries in Scotland

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