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Glasgow is one of Scotland’s largest cities for travellers to visit, with incredible attractions, things to do, and fantastic food to eat along the way. One thing, however, that keeps the city moving (sometimes literally) is the robust coffee-roasting community that has sprouted over the years. A Glasgow coffee roaster is an expert at turning coffee beans into a magical potion in a cup, all with a Scottish twist.

Here’s a thorough guide on the top Glasgow coffee roasteries and cafes to try while visiting this fair city during your vacation.

Naked Roaster Coffee

Naked Roaster

Coffee shops are often responsible for ensuring that their beans are ethically sourced, and Naked Roaster Coffee takes this responsibility very seriously. In addition to offering excellent coffee from their shop to your door, Nake Roaster only sources green beans from ethical farms and even has compostable bags for coffee.

Their organic approach to coffee offers fresh and delicious coffee without worrying about the impact of your order, and you can enjoy its taste knowing Naked Roaster Coffee has it covered. Out of Glasgow’s many coffee shops, Naked Roaster Coffee is for the responsible coffee drinker.

Dear Green Coffee Roasters

Dear Green

Starting off the list with a great choice, Dear Green Coffee Roasters are the one-stop shop for all your coffee bean needs. This expansive store has almost everything you’d ever need, including fantastic single-origin blends, coffee kits and equipment for your home, and even coffee experiences you can enjoy.

Booking a roaster tour will let you enjoy the intricate process of creating the delicious Dear Green Coffee, while their Latte Art Class enables you to master making vibrant shapes in the form of coffee to impress your friends back home.

Gordon Street Coffee

Gordon Street

Gordon Street Coffee started as a humble coffee roastery on Glasgow’s Gordon Street (who would’ve guessed) that wanted to do things differently. Today, their excellent coffee is award-winning, shipped all over the UK, and open for visitors to come and sample!

This premium roastery offers a great selection of lightly roasted, medium roasted, and heavily roasted coffee beans depending on your preference for roast profiles. The main tasting notes of their freshly roasted coffee are written on the packaging, making it easy to pick and choose the type of coffee you want on any morning.

Gordon Street Coffee are experts in the coffee game, and their store in Glasgow could not be a more attractive experience.

Matthew Algie Coffee Roastery

Matthew Algie

While Matthew Algie Coffee Roastery mainly focuses on bolstering local cafes with training, equipment, and expertly roasted beans, they’re still a solid choice if you require a quick coffee fix or want a lesson in making coffee at home or work.

This roastery offers exclusive classes and training courses to learn how to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every time. Transform how you brew coffee by booking a class from Matthew Algie, cute latte art training included!

Thomson’s Coffee Roasters

Thomson's Coffee

Thomson’s holds a special place in the heart of many Glasgow coffee enthusiasts because it was the first coffee roaster to appear on the scene. Founded in 1841, Thomson’s traditions go back to when there weren’t cars, phones, or lightbulbs!

Over the years, this historic coffee roaster has expanded to offer a highly diverse range of coffee, but if you want to taste Thomson’s true heart and soul, their Legacy range is for you. These coffees are for coffee lovers who don’t mind the acquired taste that a small-batch coffee roaster made centuries ago. Still, if those flavour notes don’t appeal, their New Standard offers coffees made with a modern traditional method.

The Good Coffee Cartel

The Good Coffee Cartel

Sitting on Cornwall Street in Glasgow, The Good Coffee Cartel is a speciality coffee roaster dedicated to creating new strides in the coffee industry and always ensuring that their coffee beans are ethically sourced. Cyclists taking Scotland by pedal will especially love The Good Coffee Cartel due to cycling merchandise and gear availability.

Enjoy the perfect flavour and aromas of Good Coffee while chatting about the best cycling routes to take around Glasgow and the surrounding area.

Papercup Coffee Roasters

Papercup Coffee Roasters

When you visit a coffee roaster that only does small batches, you can rest assured that the lack of quantity is made up for with quality. Papercup Coffee Roasters on Eastvale Place in Glasgow creates great coffee that tastes amazing, is ethically sourced, and is environmentally sound.

You can enjoy high quality at an affordable price, preferably with Papercup’s selection of brunch foods – you have to try their French toast! Don’t settle for coffee that has a bitter aftertaste; get your caffeine fix from a roaster and café that loves coffee as much as you do.

Alfie & Co Coffee Roasters

Alfie & Co

Alfie & Co Coffee Roasters is a quality drum roaster passionate about creating Scottish coffee flavours. This coffee shop takes Arabica beans from all over the world and transforms them with a roasting process to produce proper Scottish coffee.

Their Scottish roast, in particular, is extremely popular, with bold flavours and a full-bodied taste that you can’t get enough of. If you end up loving the taste of Alfie & Co Coffee Roasters (which we’re sure you will), then make sure to pick up a gift set to take my home with you and share the love.

Other Coffee Shops & Roasteries in Scotland

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