Aberdeen Coffee Shops & Roasteries

Aberdeen Coffee Roasteries

The stunning ‘Granite City’ of Aberdeen is a vacation hot spot in Scotland, not only because of the city’s plentiful things to do, which include spectacular attractions like the Tolbooth Museum, Duthie Park Winter Gardens, and Slains Castle but also a vibrant community. As Northeastern Scotland’s commercial capital, Aberdeen also boasts terrific restaurants, pubs, and, most importantly, coffee shops and roasteries.

Aberdeen may not be the first place you think of to come for excellent coffee, but hidden within the granite walls and streets of the city are many cafes, roasters, and local producers who have spent decades painstakingly creating the perfect cup of coffee. If you know where to look, you’ll find a wealth of extremely knowledgeable roasters dedicated to perfecting specialty coffees.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to taste coffee with a Scottish twist, you’ve come to the right place. We will break down the best coffee shops and roasters in and around Aberdeen and other treats you can enjoy while you savour the sip of Scottish coffee beans. Let’s jump right into it!

Morning Dog Coffee

Morning Dog Coffee

Morning Dog Coffee is a small batch, single-origin coffee beans roaster that creates beautifully presented beans for the discerning coffee drinker. Morning Dog (named after the owner’s late dog, Pepe) sits between Aberdeen and Royal Deeside and has been making delicious coffee since 2018.

In addition to great-tasting coffee, their single-origin beans are sustainably sourced by local importers, meaning that each time you buy a coffee from them, you’re helping support a community of local artists to keep the coffee culture thriving in Scotland.

As a small (formerly micro) roaster in Aberdeen, Morning Dog Coffee offers only a few purchase bags of their beans, but the need for more quantity is made up of excellent quality beans. Their Guatemalan Huehuetenango provides a rich and juicy acidity with orange and chocolate notes, while the Kenyan Peaberry has a bold cherry sweetness you can’t forget.

Morning Dog Coffee is the perfect place to stop by as you drive from Aberdeen into the beautiful wild of Royal Deeside, so why not stop by!

Long Walk Coffee

Long Walk Coffee

Having coffee with a friend is a great way to spend your weekend. Starting a coffee business with your friend is a great way to spend your life, and it’s precisely what the folks who began Long Walk Coffee did! The Long Walk in Long Walk Coffee is the long walk that two friends took, which ended with them determined to start the best coffee shop.

This great cafe is ideal for coffee lovers of any experience, so if you’re just now experimenting with what coffees you love or have a grinder at home, you’ll love the great coffee served at this roaster. While Long Walk doesn’t have a physical location in Aberdeen, you can find their specialty coffee in many local stores or online stores.

And with Long Walk Coffee boasting a selection that includes their homemade blend, single origin, particular batch, and even decaf options, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to absolutely delicious coffee. You’ll fall in love with this superb coffee roaster while visiting Aberdeen; that’s much for sure.



Not to be confused with Clan MacBean, MacBeans Coffee Roasters is a bustling roasting business in Aberdeen – one of the city’s oldest. This roaster was founded in 1989 and has been a cornerstone and pioneer of the Aberdeen coffee community since. They boast decades of experience and exceptional coffee to show for it.

The oldest independent coffee roaster in Aberdeen can be found on 2 Little Belmont Street in the heart of Aberdeen. It readily welcomes guests throughout the week with great service and aromatic flavours. In love already? You can ask the friendly staff at MacBeans if you can purchase several beans from all over the world or ask which restaurants or cafes offer their coffees.

And in addition to excellent coffees, Macbeans also offers hot chocolate, teas, and even coffee hardware like filters, Aeropress, and strainers if MacBeans’ coffee compels you to start making your coffee at home.

Caber Coffee

Caber Coffee is a well-recognised coffee wholesale supplier in Aberdeen and has been making first-class coffee since 1988. Caber Coffee has been distributing quality coffee throughout Scotland for over a century and sells the equipment you need to get your barista cafe going home! Whether you plan to purchase their products from one of their buyers or Caber Coffee itself, the quality is unmatched.

The ease of a significant supplier like Caber Coffee comes with the fact that they sell all the coffee products you could ever need, from whole coffee beans, ground sachet coffee, bulk ground coffee, or a retail pack of your favourite blend. Caber Coffee has been delivering the taste for decades, and while they’re less personal than the micro-roasters on this list, they’re a great choice.

Roaring Stage Coffee Roasters

Roaring Stage Coffee Roasters

While not in Aberdeen, the delicious coffee made by the Roaring Stage Coffee Roasters is too good not to leave off this list. Based in Royal Deeside’s Ballater, Roaring Stage Coffee is a family-run passion project that continues to astound and attract coffee lovers from all over Scotland.

If you’ve ever wanted to try coffee that tastes like the beautiful and drastic Scottish scenery, you only have to sample this small roaster’s most popular coffee. They offer a wide range of blends, including Lochnagar Roast, Cairngorm, Ben Macdui Roast, Ballater Roast, and more. Roaring Stage Coffee Roasters uses coffee beans from all over the world and imbues them with vibrant Scottish flavours for a flavour you can’t forget.

For coffee lovers who want their coffee rich, chocolatey, and maybe even with a fruity finish, Roaring Stage Coffee Roasters is an unbelievably popular spot to try. So, although this roaster isn’t one of the cafes in Aberdeen, it’s highly recommended you visit.

Figment Coffee

Figment Coffee

Returning to Aberdeen, Figment Coffee is located in the heart of the city centre and serves specialty coffee. There’s no better way to start your day in Aberdeen than trying one of Figment’s hot drinks. The passionate baristas at Figment Coffee seek out the best specialty coffee in the world and, with a mixture of science and art, cultivate a cup of coffee that you will return to.

Coffee is best enjoyed in a lovely atmosphere, and Figment has created a bright and friendly space where sitting down for a coffee and table service is as natural as pooping by a friend. They use a combination of single-origin and blended coffee to deliver the best coffee every time, with decaf options also available if you’re staying away from caffeine. Out of all the coffee in Aberdeen, Figment guarantees your first visit won’t be your last.

Remember to pair your brew with the cafe’s sandwiches and bowls for an unforgettable experience.

The Coffee Bar

The Coffee Bar

In the northern reaches of Aberdeen sits The Coffee Bar, a stylish and contemporary cafe and bar that serves coffee, great food and delicious cakes too! Their signature traybakes are absolutely to die for and are the perfect pairing to a flat white or an espresso.

The Coffee Bar’s menu changes regularly, so there’s always something new to look forward to after exploring Old Aberdeen and the city’s attractions. The cafe is extremely close to the city’s range of golf courses so that you can start your day with a proper Scottish breakfast and an energising coffee.

This cafe is located along Elon Road on the northern end of Aberdeenshire, across the River Don.

Kilau Coffee

Kilau Coffee

University students who attend the University of Aberdeen will be familiar with Kilau Coffee, as this quaint cafe sits right in the heart of the University. But even if you don’t attend this prestigious institute, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try Kilauea’s excellent coffee!

Kilau Coffee is filled with a youthful personality, as you’d expect from a café surrounded by university students worldwide. This is also shown by the wide variety of art pieces on the cafe walls painted by local artists and music from local musicians – there’s no better place to enjoy a coffee and immerse yourself in up-and-coming talent.

If you’re in Aberdeen and are keen to socialise with friendly staff and a vibrant student community, this coffee house is for you.

Union Cafe & Bistro

Union Cafe & Bistro

Union Cafe & Bistro is found on, you guessed it, 21 Union Street in Aberdeen and offers a rustic atmosphere with a lot to look forward to. Amongst the exposed red brick walls and comfy sofa seats is a wealth of cakes, coffees, and a lovely lunch and brunch menu that will make starting your day a treat.

Out of many Aberdeen coffee shops, Union Cafe & Bistro has a little more to offer thanks to its robust menu that makes a coffee brunch or afternoon tea much more enjoyable. It’s a great place to end a full day of exploring Aberdeen and the surrounding attractions with your friends and family, especially if you’re having one of their sweet treats along with your coffee.

Take a quick trip to the Union Cafe & Bistro on 21 Union Street in Castlegate, Aberdeen, for fantastic food and coffee.

The Cult of Coffee

The Cult of Coffee

Don’t worry; this isn’t a secret society that practises the dark arts for the perfect coffee – although their exquisite coffee may make you think that when you taste it. No, the Cult of Coffee is dedicated and passionate about serving the perfect cup each time and uses only the best coffee beans in its roasts.

With a classy and unique design, the Cult of Coffee is a great spot to see Aberdeen’s alternative culture and a great bakery to boot. Their focus on specialty coffee and excellent cakes is a secret to their success if we’re not counting potential dark arts.

This simple but beloved spot right in the heart of Aberdeen is the perfect place to indulge in something extraordinary at all times, so take it when you pop by Aberdeen for sightseeing.

Cairn Coffee

Cairn Coffee

We’ve spoken about a few locations throughout Aberdeen’s city centre, but Cairn Coffee can be found near Footdee overlooking the North Sea and Aberdeen’s Harbour. How did a coffee place get here? Simple, it’s a mobile coffee cart.

If you’re taking a romantic walk with a partner or a mid-morning jog, Cairn Coffee provides you with splendid coffee on the go! And since it’s a coffee cart, it makes it a dog-friendly café if you plan to take your puppy along the promenade of Footdee with you. Once you’ve grabbed a piping hot coffee, why not check out the Queen Links Leisure Park and sit and sip under the warm sun – even better if you have snacks!

Cairn Coffee is a superb spot for quick coffee; Aberdeen awaits, after all!

The Craftsman Company – Coffee & Ale House

Craftsman Company

Coffee, ale, and teas are the staple drinks in Aberdeen, and the Craftsman Company offers a homely and safe space to enjoy them all. Located across the way from the Aberdeen Maritime Museum, The Craftsman Company takes their coffee very seriously and is one of Aberdeen’s best independent coffee shops.

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy with your friends but can’t decide where you want coffee or ale, the Craftsman Company is the ultimate union of these beloved beverages. The Craftsman Company has a wholesome menu of delicious food, making it the perfect blend for whatever meal you want to spend here.

After visiting Aberdeen’s Maritime Museum, this coffee house is one of the best choices to wind down your day.

Dreamy Goat Coffee Co.

Dreamy Goat Coffee

Born thanks to their love of coffee, the Dreamy Goat Coffee Co. has some of the best coffee beans offered by the UK’s roasteries. Dreamy Goat Coffee Co. is happy to provide these amazing to anyone who pops by and offers coffee that adheres to any specific dietary restrictions or dietary requirements that you may have.

This sublime coffee company isn’t in Aberdeen per se but rather within the nearby town of Inverurie, which sits about 30 minutes away from Aberdeen and is accessible by car or train. Visitors traversing past the west end of Aberdeen to explore attractions like Royal Deeside and the Highlands should take some time to stop by the Dreamy Goat Coffee Co. for a coffee and brunch.

The brunch options at this coffee company rise above a typical sandwich or slice of cake and include staples like bagels, full Scottish breakfasts, and even burritos and poke bowls. Much of their menu has vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Cafe Cognito

Cafe Cognito

The cosy and quaint Cafe Cognito is a cafe for the community. You can expect a supply of fresh bread, cakes, muffins, and more, and a tasty cup of coffee to go along with it! But save time before you grab a coffee or treat from Cafe Cognito, as the food here is made fresh daily, so stocks may not last for long!

You can visit three Cafe Cognitos in Aberdeen, one at the Gordon Highlanders Museum, one on Swithin Street, and one at the Queen’s Cross Church. This ample selection makes it easy to pick the closest one to you once you can breathe after visiting Aberdeen’s attractions. And in terms of coffee, Cafe Cognito has all the delicious cups you’d expect!

For an extra special and unique experience, order ‘A Dennis’ or a ‘Cognito’!

Sweet Mumma’s Kitchen

Sweet Mummas Kitchen

You can easily recognise Sweet Mumma’s Kitchen thanks to the bright pink arch that adorns its entrance, but this beloved cafe and restaurant is still very much a hidden gem in the heart of Aberdeen. Sweet Mumma’s is quite close to attractions like the Aberdeen City Distillery, so this is the place if you require a hearty meal or a refreshing cup of coffee after sinking a few drams.

Their menu includes a great range of food to pair with your cup of coffee, including nachos, charcuterie board, bagels, and even more options. Remember to stop by this hidden gem of a restaurant the next time you’re in Aberdeen – Sweet Mumma’s Kitchen is an absolute treat and will make anyone feel welcome.

And if you still need to sell, you’ll be happy to know that Sweet Mumma’s uses local produce to make their excellent coffee – even Aberdeen-centred suppliers like Caber Coffee.

Maison Dieu Coffee Roasters

From this point, these coffee roasters are strictly around Aberdeenshire for visitors who want options for a refreshing cup of coffee while they explore the surrounding region. Maison Dieu Coffee Roasters is located in Brechin, heading south from the city.

This roaster offers immaculate and excellent coffee grounds, beans, and more for the discerning coffee drinker who wants a cup of specialty coffee on their journey. Sustainability is also at the top of Maison Dieu’s list, seen by their biodegradable coffee bags and ethical sourcing of beans.

Mixing subtle and bold flavours alike, guests to this coffee roaster can enjoy the taste of soft walnut, chocolate, strawberries, and many more fantastic flavour profiles when they pick up a coffee from Maison Dieu.

Sacred Grounds Coffee Company

Sacred Grounds Coffee Company

Another coffee shop south of Aberdeen is Sacred Grounds Coffee Company, nestled overlooking the ocean in the town of Arbroath. Sacred Grounds Coffee ethically sources coffee beans from all over the world and transforms them into delicious coffee with a Scottish twist.

You can purchase the raw beans, the coffee grounds, coffee, and even a wide range of chocolates – which comes in a limited edition range depending on the coffee beans Sacred Grounds Coffee purchased. They take their coffee seriously, and Sacred Grounds is dead set on producing the best coffee they can make.

And if you love their coffee after trying it, you can always purchase one of their subscriptions to receive their coffee beans regularly. There’s nothing better than shopping for coffee at Sacred Grounds Coffee Company.

Coffee Lab

Coffee Lab

If you plan to go north instead of south from Aberdeen, then stop at Coffee Lab, which serves amazing food and coffee as you traverse the stunning northern reaches of Scotland. What is the lab in Coffee Lab? Well, this charming cafe in the town of Elton creates an intricate tasting experience for anyone passing through.

You can sample not only their fantastic coffee but also great food too! From salads, spicy chicken with hot sauce, plenty seeds, and local produce to freshly baked pastries, Coffee Lab grants the ultimate flavour experience. Their specialty coffee is the perfect treat for a trip throughout Aberdeenshire and the Highlands.

And if you’re planning to take your dog with you for your trip through Scotland, you’ll be happy to know that the Coffee Lab is a dog-friendly cafe.

Other Coffee Shops & Roasteries in Scotland

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