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The stunning city of Inverness sits where the winding River Tay meets the Moray Firth. It is the largest city in Scotland – making it extremely attractive for visitors exploring the country for the first time. On top of this, Inverness is also considered the cultural capital of Scotland, with a thriving festival scene and artisanal food and drink. The Inverness coffee scene is of especially of note, with many premium roasters that supply coffee varieties throughout Scotland.

If you’re planning to visit Inverness during your holiday and want a thorough understanding of the exceptional roasteries and cafes, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top Inverness coffee roasteries that you need to add to your to-do list while you’re here.

Grain and Grind Inverness

Grain and Grind Inverness

Grain and Grind Inverness Coffee is an excellent cafe for all things coffee. Their roasters are based locally (just down the road) and provide this wonderful cafe with high-quality coffee beans. You can enjoy brownies or ready-made sandwiches as well as coffee from the Highlands of Scotland. Grain and Grind Inverness is an excellent spot to pick up a delicious brew and other treats for a picnic in Inverness.

And if you’re a fan of drinking freshly roasted coffee and Grain and Grind Inverness, you can always pick up one of their coffee bundles, coffee equipment, or even a subscription to receive fresh coffee regularly.

Inverness Coffee Roasting Co

Inverness Coffee Roasting Co

If you’re stopping by a cafe, relaxing at your hotel, or shopping at local boutiques, the coffee you drink is likely from the Inverness Coffee Roasting Company. This roastery is one of Inverness’ most prominent, and they roast excellent coffee daily, all thanks to their team’s dedication and passion for making the best coffee they can.

So, if coffee at a cafe, bar, or hotel has left you wondering, “Wow, I’d love to have this at home, ” it may be worth checking out the Inverness Coffee Roasting Co. website. The Team Bean at this roasting company is always happy to help customers find the coffee they want to purchase, so don’t hesitate to chat with them!

The Original Milk Bar

The Original Milk Bar

There are two Milk Bars in Inverness, “The Milk Bar” and “The Original Milk Bar”, which is confusing for visitors. Truthfully, both are excellent options for a coffee brunch with your friends before you set out to see the sights of Inverness.

The Original Milk Bar sits on Ness Walk and offers beautiful and delicious coffee at an affordable price. Pair that with a breakfast bagel or a slice of their yummy cakes, and there’s no doubt that you’ll be coming back to this cafe again and again.

Once you’ve completed your sightseeing throughout Inverness and the surrounding area, there’s no better location to sit down and drink local coffee and eat cake than the Original Milk Bar – or The Milk Bar by Inverness Victorian Market if it’s closer!

Vandyke Brothers Coffee Limited

Vandyke Brothers Coffee Limitied

Winning the Great Taste Award for 2022 and 2023, Vandyke Brothers Coffee is an absolute treat for coffee connoisseurs who want to try something fresh and exciting. Although not located in Inverness, you can easily reach this esteemed roaster by travelling North to the Cromarty Firth – next to Slaughterhouse Coffee.

Vandyke Brothers Coffee is a wholesaler of coffee for the local region and allows you to shop its select coffee blends on-site for personal service and online for convenience. If you love coffee, then it’s highly recommended you try their Tin Roof Coffee blend (tasting notes of almond, chocolate, and caramel), which you can even purchase by subscription!

Green Bridge Organics

Green Bridge Organics

Green Bridge Organics offers ethically sourced, high-quality roasted coffee blends and supports local producers in any way. This roastery is always looking for new ways to improve its impact on the environment, which can be seen in its community engagement and sustainable practices.

In addition to being an excellent promoter of sustainability, Green Bridge Organics is a family-run company that produces amazing coffee. Carefully ground beans are blended with practised precision and made into several delicious blends, with Peru, Colombia, and Honduras being their featured products.

Green Bridge Organics sits outside Inverness in the small town of Findhorn, about an hour’s drive from the capital.

Keltic Coffee Ltd

Keltic Coffee

This coffee roastery was started as a project to improve the coffee culture of the High Lands in Scotland, and today boasts a vast selection of homemade artisan craft coffee created by master roasters for over 20 years.

Not only is the coffee served by Keltic Coffee authentically Scottish, using ingredients from the Highlands to bolster the naturally bold taste, but they also offer a full service for their customers and provide coffee machines, grinders, and other coffee implements.

When navigating north from Inverness, remember to pop by Keltic Coffee to see what 20 years of artisanal coffee tastes like.

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