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The Scottish Borders are a cultural hub of Scotland and a stone’s throw away from England for visitors. There’s a lot to do and see throughout this region of Scotland, and it’s famous for its annual common ridings and celebrations in the year. In addition to the stunning sights you can see, the Scottish Borders also has great food and coffee to indulge in while perusing its attractions.

Scottish Borders has a bustling community of coffee roasters who’ve been cultivating a wide selection of coffees to try – all made by local producers in the area. Complement your choice of fragrant and rich coffee with a fabulous cake or pastry, and we bet you’ll look forward to each morning you wake up on the Borders.

To help you on your quest to discover the best coffee shops and roasteries in the Scottish Borders, we’ve outlined the must-see places that any holiday would be complete to visit. Here’s our list of the top spots for when you need a freshly brewed roast:

Coltman’s Kitchen, Deli, and Bar

Coltman's Kitchen

In the Scottish Borders town of Peebles, you can find Coltman’s Kitchen, Deli, and Bar – a historic building that dates back to 1711 and is filled with culture. Coltman’s is a top attraction for peckish visitors passing through Peebles, even more so if you crave a caffeinated beverage before continuing your voyage through Scotland.

In addition to a rich coffee shop, Coltman’s menu includes many menu items that cater to all tastes, from sandwiches to soups and salads. Pair your morning latte brew with a Coltman’s Club, and we guarantee you’ll start your day right. We have yet to mention that you can indulge your coffee blend with an incredible view over the River Tweed, which teems with salmon each year.

If you’re looking for a place along the Scottish Borders for coffee and artisanal food, this lovely place should be on your list.

Waterfront Cafe

Waterfront Cafe

Navigate up along the coast from Berwick-upon-Tweed, and you’ll eventually reach the quaint and cosy town of Eyemouth. This fishing port town is known for their Herring Queen festival, a treat to see in person. And if you need your morning coffee while in this cosy town, then stopping by the Waterfront Cafe is essential.

One of the best features of this cafe is its harbourfront views, which allow guests uninterrupted views out to the bustling seascape – the very lifeblood of this humble town. The restaurant offers a good selection of food and drinks, including coffee! Their home-cooked food is affordable and delicious, which always sweetens the deal.

Their speciality coffees and tea room are to die for, and make this quality cafe one you can’t miss when visiting Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders.

Flat Cat Gallery

Flat Cat Gallery

For those not in the know, a flat cat is a Tibetan rug woven to resemble a tiger’s striped skin. Unfortunately, this gallery doesn’t have those types of rugs anymore, but the name has stuck! Instead, guests to the Flat Cat Gallery can look forward to a wide range of ceramics, art pieces, and more while sipping on their favourite blend of local coffee.

Each coffee offered by the Flat Cat Gallery is supplied by superb local roasters who are deadset on producing delicious blends of coffee for you to try. The Flat Cat Gallery is a popular hub in the town of Lauder in the Scottish Borders, with an artistic atmosphere which pairs exquisitely well with their tasty coffee.

The Flat Cat Gallery is an attraction highly recommended by locals and online reviews, so why not try this acclaimed hot spot for yourself?

Cream Chimneys

Cream Chimneys

Kelso is a splendid town in the heart of the Scottish Borders, with attractions like Roxburgh Castle, Kelso Bridge, and Mellerstain House & Gardens bringing thousands of visitors annually. And to complete your visit to this iconic town, we recommend you stop by Cream Chimneys, one of the most vibrant Scottish Borders cafes.

Cream Chimneys won the best new business award in 2018 and the best coffee shop in the Scottish Borders for that same year! This dog-friendly cafe offers a sublime experience you will remember when visiting Kelso.

Their coffee is not only freshly ground but also locally roasted, so you can taste the best artisan-roasted coffee that the Borders offer without travelling far. They also serve light lunches, teas, desserts, and plenty more options in addition to their excellent coffee.

Simply Scottish

Simply Scottish

Combine the very best of British cuisine and the coffees of the Scottish Borders, and you’ll likely have yourself a visit to Simply Scottish – an excellent food and drinks spot in Jedburgh. Jedburgh is a lovely city for travellers to pass through before they delve into the Scottish Highlands.

Simply Scottish is an excellent introduction to Scottish speciality food, as they have staples like haggis, Cullen skink, a proper breakfast and fantastic coffee! Simply Scottish offers some of the best coffee in Jedburgh and is a great place to stop before navigating further into the Scottish Borders or Highlands.

If you’re craving coffee, homemade cakes, or a cosy environment filled with locals, Simply Scottish is the place for you.

Cocoa Black Chocolate Shop & Cafe

Cocoa Black Chocolate Shop

Everybody loves chocolate, right? Peebles is sometimes known as the chocolate capital of Scotland, and that means you can sample excellent cocoa and coffee too!

This hot spot in Peebles is loved by families who visit the town because no matter what age you are, everyone loves chocolate. In addition to cocoa, you can also indulge in a delicious cup of coffee while sampling chocolates in the Scottish Borders.

Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of chocolate, though, because there are scones, sandwiches, and even more options to choose from, but the chocolate pastries and samplings are the show’s real stars.

Three Hills Coffee

Three Hills Coffee

If you don’t want any tertiary scones, desserts, or light lunches with your coffee and instead want to focus on the pure art of speciality coffee roasters, then Three Hills Coffee is the place to be.

Enjoy the finest coffee, locally roasted by a small, dedicated team of coffee professionals who will stop at nothing to ensure that your brew is the best you’ve ever had. You can indulge in some of the best coffee that the Scottish Borders offers in-store and try it through the Three Hills Coffee online store!

Populated by the best and the brightest baristas in the Scottish Borders, there’s no reason not to try this unforgettable coffee drink experience. If you want artisanal coffee made by people who are just as passionate about its intricacies as you, Three Hills is the place to visit.

The Cove Coffee

The Cove Coffee

Continuing the trend of artisan coffee with an excellent ambience, The Cove takes its coffee very seriously – which is great if you want to learn more about this exciting and intricate speciality. The Cove Coffee is a sheltered and cosy environment where you can focus on trying the very best that local producers of Scotland have to offer, all with an excellent view out to the Firth of Clyde.

In addition to its speciality coffee, The Cove also offers a wide variety of delicious artisanal and freshly made loaves of bread and pastries. You’ll be eating and drinking well whenever you stop by The Cove Coffee, and no trip to the Scottish Borders is complete without a trip to the Cove Coffee.

Luckie Beans Coffee Roasters

Luckie Beans Coffee Roasters

The award-winning Luckie Bean Coffee Roasters are passionate about providing guests with the ultimate coffee experience in the Scottish Borders. Luckie Beans always source their coffee beans ethically and create their coffee in small bulk quantities, to ensure that each cup is second to none!

Try Luckie Beans’ home blends of coffee, which you can take home with you if you love their delicious coffee. There are home blends from Peru, Kenya, Tanzania, and other countries known for their coffee, and all blends you can try when you visit this coffee roaster in Galashiels or order them online instead.

If you cannot visit Galashiels while traversing through Scotland, you’ll be happy to know that Luckie Bean Coffees has coffee stands set up in Edinburgh during market days. Check out their website for more information on how to same their exquisite coffee.

The Abbey View Cafe & Bookshop

The Abbey View Cafe

The Abbey View Cafe & Bookshop in Jedburgh is a hidden gem for enjoying a lunch break between attractions in the Scottish Borders. The distinctive greens of the cafe are hard to miss and offer a brilliant atmosphere that looks over the bustling town and its Abbey.

The quaint and cosy cafe offers a great coffee brew and a variety of compliments like scones, cakes, and other dessert items that will make your mouth water uncontrollably. They also offer afternoon tea if you want a less caffeinated option and a relaxing way to wind down your day.

Sip your coffee blend with a good book and a clear view of Jedburgh’s Abbey; what more could you ask for from a cafe spot?

The Cedar Cafe

The Cedar Cafe

One unique way to discover the Scottish Borders is on a motorbike, with the wind whipping past as you ride through the green pastures of the Scottish Lowlands. But even bikers need a place to stop and grab a pick-me-up, and the Cedar Cafe in Grantshouse is an excellent choice.

This biker-friendly cafe offers all you could ever want from a pitstop – hearty meals like Angus steak, light lunches and desserts, and their home blend of fantastic coffee that will energise you for the rest of your journey through Scotland. The Cedar Cafe is one of the best cafes in Grantshouse and can become exceptionally busy during the peak season.

Remember to visit this excellent coffee site should you be passing through this coffee Scottish Borders hotspot!

No.1 Peebles Road

No.1 Peebles Road

Peebles is a fantastic town in the Scottish Borders with plenty of attractions to look forward to, and No.1 Peebles Road holds a hidden gem of a cafe made for coffee lovers. You expect to enjoy top-quality coffee at this cafe and a wide range of homely foods and light meals to accompany them.

No.1 Peebles Road will sate any artisanal coffee lover who has tasted their home blend of coffee, all sourced from local producers. But you better come quick, as No.1 Peebles Road regularly sells out of their delicious stock of goodies. Don’t miss this café when visiting nearby attractions like Abbotsford House, the Home of Sir Walter Scott.

Apples for Jam

Apples for Jam

Tucked away in the town of Melrose, Apples for Jam is a sublime experience that anyone visiting this stunning town has to try at least once! Apples for Jam offers an excellent selection of artisanal food and drink, and all served with a smile by the cafe’s helpful staff.

Apples for Jam has tasty food that will energise you for the rest of your day, from bagels, toasties, cake, and more. But remember to pair it with one of Apple for Jam’s espressos, cappuccinos, mocha, or whatever way you enjoy your coffee.

Damascus Drum

Damascus Drum

Want a coffee shop with a bit of flair? Damascus Drum has more than excellent coffee to offer and spice up your luncheon. Damascus Drum is based in Hawick, famous for its knitwear and cashmere textile industry.

While sipping your refreshing coffee, take a moment to peruse through the store’s second-hand books, and you may find your new favourite to take home with you. Otherwise, you can browse through various authentic hand-made rugs from Anatoli – the perfect souvenir to take and remember your trip to Hawick by.

Damascus has a Mediterranean menu with plenty of amazing options, which come in vegan and gluten-free options too.

The Spotty Dog

The Spotty Dog

If you need evidence of the Scottish Borders being a great coffee spot, look no further than the Spotty Dog in Lauder, Scotland. This adorable and homely spot is the perfect spot to buy and enjoy a spot of lunch when heading north to cities like Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

The Spotty Dog is famous for its deli box options, which include all the best parts of a trip to the deli market in one easy-to-access box! Everything from cheeses, deli meats, crackers, and grapes are stocked to serve you a magnificent meal. The Spotty Dog’s deli boxes are the ultimate companion to a picnic day underneath the Scottish Borders sun.

Remember the delicious coffee you can try at the Spotty Dog too! This welcoming cafe serves high-quality coffee that you would expect to have in the Borders, so remember to top up your deli box with a latte too.

Other Coffee Shops & Roasteries in Scotland

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