Perthshire Coffee Shops & Roasteries

Perthshire Coffee Roasteries

If you’re coming to Scotland, there’s a high chance you’ll be travelling in and through Perthshire at one point or another. The region not only divides populous locations like Glasgow and Edinburgh from the Highlands of the North but is also home to some of Scotland’s most famous golf courses. And as Scotland’s fourth largest county, you’ll be able to find plenty of things to do here.

Of course, another of Perthshire’s big draws is its coffee culture, with an abundance of roasteries and coffee shops that allow guests to try hand-crafted coffee. If you want a better look at the coffee shops Perth, Scotland, and the surrounding county offer, you’ll be happy to know we’ve arranged a list of the best Perthshire Coffee Roasteries and cafes to check out while you’re here.

Let’s not waste any time and get right into it!

Cafe Kisa

Cafe Kisa

On the road to Perth from Glasgow, you may pass through the town of Auchterarder, a quaint town that holds one of the best cafes in the county – Cafe Kisa. Established in 2004, Cafe Kisa offers high-end food and drinks to visitors who want to spot by for lunch or breakfast.

Cafe Kisa is one of three family-run restaurants in Perthshire and Kinross and is close to many of the attractions that Auchterarder has to offer, including the Gleneagles Hotel and Golf Couse. And in addition to good food, you can sample their great coffee too!

Cafe Kisa has everything a coffee lover can enjoy, including surprises like gingerbread-flavoured lattes, espressos, café mochas, and standard cappuccinos. This wee place is packed with elegant service, delicious coffee, and great food – what more can you ask for?

Cafe Circa


Situated between Perth and Dundee, Cafe Circa is near the Scottish Antique & Arts Centre and a lovely place to enjoy afternoon tea and dessert. If you want something a little hearty, check out their mushroom soup: one of their select vegan options.

And, of course, Cafe Circa has plenty of excellent coffee choices – even better if you want to wind down after exploring the Scottish Antique & Arts Centre. The Cafe is a great spot to stop off while navigating between Scotland’s capital cities, with plenty of excellent options for coffee and light lunch snacks.

The Wee Coffee Shop

Wee Coffee Shop

The stunning town of Blairgowrie and Rattay is home to a few hidden gems, making it an irresistible location for visitors exploring Perthshire. You can look forward to major attractions like the historical Cargill’s Leap, Blairgowrie Golf Course, and even the towering Meikleour Beech Hedge.

But before you begin the trek to the many cultural treasures this town offers, visit The Wee Coffee Shop at its heart. The Wee Coffee Shop is easy to spot thanks to its vibrant green-lettered sign, which provides a welcoming atmosphere for any wayward traveller who wants a pick me up.

In addition to great coffee that uses beans from local roasteries, The Wee Coffee Shop is an exquisite place to grab a bite to eat. Sandwiches, delicious soup, and salads all have a Scottish flair at The Wee Coffee Shop, accompanied by a great staff and service.

The Tickled Trout Cafe

Tickled Trout Cafe

Sitting along the banks of the Almond River, The Tickled Trout Cafe offers visitors a space to enjoy the stunning river and surrounding nature while enjoying a lovely cafe. This cafe has an industrial, minimal aesthetic common in some of the best coffee shops. Tickled Trout certainly lives up to that reputation.

With indoor and outdoor seating available, Tickled Trout is a hidden gem in Almondbank that many who visit Perth should endeavour to stop by and experience.

Matching their incredible coffee is a vibrant and lovely staff that is always happy to provide you with recommendations and local roasteries to visit. If you can stop by this family-run cafe in Perthshire, please do!

Compass Cafe

Compass Cafe

Another fantastic cafe in the heart of Perth town centre is the Compass Cafe, where explorers from all over Perthshire gather to discuss which outdoor challenge they plan to tackle next.

This adventurous blend coffee lounge provides strong coffee and is decorated with backpacks, ice picks, climbing gear, and all the implements you could ever need to climb the Scottish Munros.

They’re also a dog-friendly cafe, so you can bring your prized pooch along with you. Combe all this with tasty food, excellent coffee and helpful staff, and you have yourself an unmissable attraction. Why not stay awhile in Perthshire and consider joining the Compass Cafe coffee club to get a free coffee each month?

Artisan – Espresso & Wine Bar

Artisan Espresso & Wine

We’ve mentioned a few excellent places to drink coffee in Perthshire, but Artisan – Espresso & Wine Bar takes your coffee tasting to another level. This artisanal store roasts its coffee, making each sip hand-crafted to your tastes. Artisan takes their coffee-making seriously, as evidenced by the experienced baristas who are happy to chat about nearby roasteries and coffee producers.

Pairing with their coffee, you can try the yummy cakes that Artisan offers – the perfect way to relax after a long day of exploring Perthshire. But if you want to try something different, Artisan is a fantastic place to try the local wine vintages. Start or end your morning right, and stop by this high-quality artisanal Perth coffee shop.



If you ever wanted a taste of authentic artisanal coffee exploring Perth and its many hidden secrets? Hinterland has you covered. With delicious cakes, fantastic food, and coffee hand roasted by this independent coffee shop, there’s nothing more you could ever want from an establishment.

Their signature Hinterland coffee is the ideal hot beverage to start your fun-filled day. It is hand-crafted using a select blend of two Arabica coffee beans, then roasted using a traditional drum method. What you end up with is a fragrant and delightful espresso that you’ll be returning for time and time again.

The Earn Coffee Shop

Earn Coffee Shop

The Bridge of Earn is a famous spot just south of Perth, but if you want to savour the rising waters and cultured atmosphere surrounding the town, then stop by The Earn Coffee Shop. This friendly coffee shop serves speciality coffee like you’ve never had before.

But coffee isn’t the only speciality you can look forward to while visiting this premier restaurant and cafe; wait until you try their amazing food too!

Their coffee pairs exceedingly well with a sandwich or a slice of cake, best enjoyed overlooking the meandering River Earn as it moves through the Perthshire countryside. The Earn Coffee Shop is one of Perth’s best restaurants, making it all the more reason to add it to your to-do list.

Manifesto Coffee

Manifesto Coffee

Creating fine coffee needs passion, a quality that the folks at Manifesto Coffee have in spades. Another excellent coffee shop located in the heart of Perth, there’s plenty going for Manifesto to make it one of the top cafes Perth offers.

Their coffee is sourced transparently and sustainably, ensuring you’ll receive coffee imbued with local produce and craftsmanship.

And if you want to enjoy a sweet treat with your coffee, then why not try out their handmade gluten-free and vegan cookies – we bet you’ll want some to take away with you as you explore Perthshire’s attractions.

The Bean Shop

Bean Shop

The Bean Shop is a splendid and quaint little gift shop where you can try chocolates, coffee, and tea and buy other souvenirs too. The Bean Shop has been selling coffee in person and online since 2003, using a 5kg Probat at their shop and a 25kg batch Probat at their roastery.

And thanks to two decades of experience roasting coffee, you can enjoy a wide range of coffee blends worldwide! Africa, South America, and Asian coffees are all represented here – all handmade with Scottish craftsmanship.

Bean Shop is located on Blair Atholl Street, a high street in Perth.

Little Birdie Coffee

Little Birdie Coffee

Little Birdie Coffee is an award-winning speciality coffee roaster and one of Perthshire’s best and biggest purveyors of tea, hot chocolate, and coffee. If you want to try a quality Scottish roast coffee, you can’t go wrong with their Strathmore Roast – which has won a Great Taste Award from the Guild of Fine Food.

Their speciality coffees are excellent, and you can purchase several all-in-one go to take home the taste of Perthshire coffee with you truly.

Other Coffee Shops & Roasteries in Scotland

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