Iverurie from the Sky - things to do in Inverurie

If you are visiting Aberdeenshire, check out its hidden gem. There are plenty of fun and exciting things to do in Inverurie.

This town is hidden away in the valley of River Don and makes an excellent base for castle hunting in the North East of Scotland.

Inverurie sits at the gateway to the Scottish Highlands and there are countless distilleries on its doorstep.

The area attracts many tourists due to its fantastic selection of hotels, restaurants, shops alongside the abundance of things to do in Inverurie.


Things to do in Inverurie

River Don - things to do in Inverurie
The River Don flows through Inverurie.

Make your trip to Scotland a memorable one by throwing yourself into the Inverurie way of life.

Enjoy a long walk around the grounds of some of Scotland’s most famous castes and learn about this part of Aberdeenshire’s rich history, while you travel around the top things to do in Inverurie.

Go to a distillery or better yet – finish your trip by picking up a bottle of rare malt whisky at one of the town’s independent shops

Start planning your trip to Inverurie with our guide of things to do here.

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Castles - things to do in Inverurie
Castle Fraser, to the south of Inverurie.

One of the top things to do in Inverurie is castle hunting.

Did you know that Aberdeenshire has the highest concentration of castles in the world?

Wardhill Castle and Cluny Castle are stunning, however, if you are visiting the town then Castle Fraser, Garden & Estate should be at the top of your list. It is one of Scotland’s largest tower houses and gets a four-star rating from the Scottish Tourist Board. The venue also hosts an impressive portrait collection.

The castle operates guided tours throughout the year which prove to be very popular with visitors.

Sites which can be seen within the grounds is Castle Fraser’s medieval Great Hall, its enchanting library and picturesque Victorian bedrooms. During the tour, you will learn more about this famous Scottish’s spot’s history and will hear stories about the Lairds that once lived there.

The castles surrounding areas are also stunning, panoramic views can be seen from the top of the round tower. Visitors can look out to the courtyard, gardens and estate beyond from here and on a clear day you can see Bennachie in the distance.

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Easter Aquhorthies

Easter Aquhorthies - things to do in Inverurie

If you are travelling around this area Easter Aquhorthies is around two miles west of Inverurie. This is a popular choice as tourists often visit here to admire its recumbent stone circle, and a remarkable Pictish symbol stone, the Brandesbutt Stone.

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Kinkell Church

Kinkell Church - things to do in Inverurie

You will also want to visit the ruins of the medieval Kinkell Church which can be found in south Inverurie. This historic site was built in the 1200s and is the mother church to several chapels.

Mons Grampius

Nearby you will also find Mons Grampius which is site of where the Romans defeated the Picts in 84 AD.


Bennachie - things to do in Inverurie
The summit of Bennachie.

Many travel to Inverurie to take on one of the most famous hills in the Aberdeenshire area, Bennachie. This is where Lord Aberdeen once said, “To Hell with your Alps, Rockies and. Himalaya, Bennachie is the hill for me.”

This is most famous for its distinctive shape and its long rich history. Oxen Craig (518 m) is the highest peak of Bennachie and it takes around 90 minutes to reach the top. There are also several trails around this area which vary from gentle routes through Bennachie’s woodland to demanding hill climbs.

If you are interested in learning more about the hill and the wildlife that lives close to it, the Bennachie Centre is the perfect place to start your expedition.

If you are planning on clumbing the hill, check out this Walkhighland’s guide.

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Inverurie Whisky Shop

Inverurie Whiskey Shop - things to do in Inverurie

The perfect pitstop for a whisky lover!

Inverurie Whisky Shop is home to an extensive collection of over 350 kinds of whisky and more than 50 specialist spirits.

Connoisseurs from around the world will visit the shop to see what whiskies are on offer here. In true Scots fashion – the staff at the shop offer a warm welcome to Inverurie’s visitors and are more than happy to chat about the options that are available.

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Distilleries near Inverurie

Glen Garioch Distillery - things to do in Inverurie

After you have stocked up – why not visit one of the four stunning distilleries that are based less than half an hour away from the Inverurie Whisky Shop.

Our top pick is Glen Garioch. This small granite distillery was established in 1797. It is based near Inverurie takes its name from the valley of the Garioch, an area which is traditionally for growing Scottish barley.

Glen Garioch is known for being Scotland’s most easterly distillery. The distillery is also known for the beautiful range of single malt scotch whiskies. Guests can enjoy a distillery tour if they choose to visit this popular tourist attraction. Guests can also sample a dram of this highly acclaimed Scottish whisky while they are at it!

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The Garioch Heritage Centre

Gairoch Church
Garioch Church

Delve deep into the heritage of this part of Scotland. Read about the stories of those who have lived and worked in Garioch.

History buffs will love this tourist attraction as the Centre occupies part of the Carriage & Waggon Shed of the Inverurie Locoworks with the original crane which was built in 1902 still intact.
Inside the centre, you will also find a scale model of the Railway Works as and a collection dedicated Tait’s Paper Mill.

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Loanhead of Daviot Stone Circle

Daviot stone circle - things to do near Inverurie

The North East of Scotland has 99 standing stones.

Daviot has two stone circles, one was a cremation site, the other may have been used as a calendar.

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Maiden Stone

Maiden Stone - things to do near Inverurie

This stone dates from the 9th century AD.

There is a local legend surrounding the stone.

It is said that the daughter of the Laird of Balquhain made a bet with the devil. The devil won and the maiden ran from the devil whilst praying for salvation.

God granted her wish and turned her into the maiden stone.

The notch on the stone is said to be where the devil grabbed her shoulder.

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