Banchory in Scotland is sometimes known as the “Gateway to Royal Deeside”, and it’s usually one of the first places people travel through when exploring outside the beautiful city of Aberdeen. You’ll find that it’s an utterly beautiful place and there are many things to do in Banchory.

Banchory is a few miles west of Aberdeen and a great location if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is an excellent variety of accommodation, restaurants, and points of interest, so you’ll be spoilt for choice while in Banchory!

Things to Do in Banchory

Things to do in Banchory

Banchory can be found where the River Feugh meets the River Dee and is home to an extraordinary amount of things to do!

If you’re into the great outdoors of Scotland, such as riding down mountain bike trails, river canoeing, horse riding, or even quad biking, a trip to Banchory is a holiday you can’t miss out on. Famous historical attractions like Crathes Castle and the Royal Railway are also perfect for people who want to delve into the history of Scotland.

That being said, you should not miss out on Bachory’s high street as it contains some great fun activities for families. Dine at a restaurant with fresh local produce, sleep in a luxurious lodge, and wake up refreshed to tackle the day’s attractions. The high street also has excellent town shops and sites to discover too!

Feeling overwhelmed by what you should include in your next holiday? See our list for the top things to do in Banchory.

Crathes Castle

Crathes Castle

This stunning Castle is home to beautifully sculpted yew trees, picturesque nature trails, and intricate hallways of Crathes Castle.

It’s worth taking an entire day to enjoy the sights of this spectacular attraction, just north east of Banchory. You can fully explore the towers, expansive interiors, and ancient oak panels within Crathes Castle and the history behind it.

And for romantic couples, wandering the walled garden and yew hedges will invoke a sense of magic unlike anywhere else!

Scolty Hill

Scolty Hill

Scotly Hill is undoubtedly the best choice for your next adventure into the Scottish wild for the outdoorsy types.

This Hill isn’t for the faint of heart, so if you aren’t an experienced hiker, remember to bring proper gear and water. The hike is stunning, with the best views coming when you reach the summit, where you’ll be treated to an unparalleled panorama of Banchory and Aberdeenshire.

Banchory Museum

If you want more knowledge about the fascinating Banchory and Aberdeenshire, then take some time to visit Banchory Museum.

The Museum is filled with incredible exhibits, artefacts, and collections that commemorate the region’s history. Notable displays include J Scott Skinner, the Strathspey Kings, and royal commemorative china.

Knockburn Loch

Knockburn Loch

If you expect a relaxing loch when visiting Knockburn, think twice!

This loch is the prime location for kids in summer, and you’ll find various fun activities here. You can try stand-up paddle-boarding, mountain biking, kayaking, open water swimming, and even sailing!

With expert guides, there’s a chance that you’ll be picking up a new hobby while you’re in Banchory.

Royal Deeside Railway

Royal Deeside Railway

While exploring the town of Banchory, come and see the Milton Arts & Crafts Village and this Railway.

This Railway Station has brought people to this region for over 100 years. Still, today you can learn about this fascinating history and the engineering behind this prestigious railway. You can hop aboard during the summer season and see the wonderful countryside.

Inchmarlo Golf Course

Inchmarlo Golf Course

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean that you can’t practise your golf game!

At the Inchmarlo Golf Course, you can play the game amongst picturesque woodland hills in the heart of Banchory. The golf course has nine spectacular holes that balance challenging and fun for any level of golfer who’d want to test their mettle here.

After a few games, stop by and make the most of Inchmarlo’s excellent club with fine dining lunch options – food is always better overlooking a sunset!

Glassel Stone Circle

Glassel Stone Circle

Just north and west of Banchory sits the mysterious Glassel Stone Circle.

Visitors can see five stones, looked after by the National Trust, emerging from the forest floor, with some almost a metre tall!

The Stone Circle is the end of a rather pleasant hiking trail, so even on the track, there is an event.

Drum Castle – Garden & Estate

Drum Castle - Garden & Estate

One of the oldest tower houses in Scotland, the Drum Castle Garden & Estate graces the top of many people’s lists, and it’s easy to see why.

Top among the highlights here are the Old Wood of Drum, the Garden of Historic Roses, and Drum’s Chapel. It’s easy to fill up an entire afternoon of events when you come to Drum Castle & Garden, so why not bring the whole family with you?

Keith’s Tower

Keith's Tower

Keith’s Tower is quite the landmark visible as you head east from Banchory along the River Dee.

Keith’s Tower is a stunning octagonal structure which you can climb up! However, there are no windows, so you’ll have to take a torch and watch your step as you ascend. Otherwise, it’s a great place to take a picture as you navigate Banchory.

River Dee

River Dee

Curving along the town of Banchory sits the River Dee, an excellent place to enjoy walks along the riverbank for an early evening.

The trail is perfect for runners, cyclists, and even dog walkers and makes for a great way to wind down an afternoon. See the Old Churchyard that sits alongside the river!

If you’re a keen angler, this grand river provides an excellent spot for salmon fishing surrounded by the great weather of Scotland.

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