St Andrews Cheese Tasting

St Andrews Cheese Tasting

On the eastern edge of Scotland, northeast of Edinburgh and just south of Dundee, you can find the quaint town of St Andrews. In addition to fantastic views out to the Scottish coastline, guests to St Andrew’s can try delicious cheeses with crackers, fresh deli meat, or even a hot brew from a coffee shop.

Here are the most prominent cheeses you can try in St Andrews and the top places to enjoy a cheese-tasting in St Andrews.

Prominent Cheeses in St Andrews

Turophiles will find St Andrews a cheese hotspot with several fantastic options from around the region. Here are the most prominent cheeses in St Andrews that you should try out while visiting:

St Andrews Farmhouse Cheddar

Farmhouse Cheddar

If you’re craving a tangy, complex cheddar, try St Andrews Farmhouse Cheddar. St Andrews Cheddar is made with rich, unpasteurised milk from cattle that spend their time in lush pastures. This farmhouse cheddar is exclusive to the St Andrews Farmhouse.

This sublime cheddar is made by Jane Stewart, who uses her husband Robert’s herd of cattle to create a traditional rennet beloved by all who visit St Andrew’s Farmhouse.

Anster Cheese

Anster Cheese

Another delicious farmhouse cheese is Anster, which is regularly made throughout the Fife region of Scotland. Anster offers a firm, crumbly cheese with a slight tang and lively zing. Anster is made from a specific homebred herd of Friesian cows and is best enjoyed with your favourite cider or a freshly made loaf of bread.

For a full-flavoured finish cheese that pairs well with a picnic or snack as you’re exploring St Andrews, pick Anster.

Mature Anster Cheese

Mature Anster

We recommend trying out the Mature Anster instead for a more mature taste! This delicate cheese has an almost crumbly texture with a rich whisky rind you can’t get enough of. A mature Anster will have a more robust flavour than the standard Anster cheese, but it still pairs excellently well with crackers or one of St Andrews’s fresh baked loaves of bread.

Mature Ansters are a fan favourite when discovering St Andrews and nearby towns, so remember to try this delectable cheese the next time you’re nearby.

St Andrews Farmhouse

St Andrews Farmhouse

Just outside of St Andrews, you can find the St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Company! This family farm is dedicated to providing an excellent selection of delicious cheeses for any turophile who wants to taste the best that St Andrews offers.

The iconic St Andrews Cheddar and Anster cheese are available from the St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Company, many of which have won awards in Scottish competitions. The secret to St Andrew’s Farmhouse is the dedicated farmers that make this cheese so famous.

Jane and Robert, the Stewart family, are the power couple that makes this possible, and their cheese farm is well known in the region. Try this St Andrews farm shop the next time you pass through St Andrews.

I.J. Mellis Cheesemongers

I.J. MellisMitchell & Co

I.J. Mellis is a premier cheese shop in St Andrews that prides itself on a wide selection of delicious cheeses for you to try in the region. Their website includes everything from Anster, Auld Lochnagar, Camembert, Blue Stilton, and delightful cheese pages.

You can also visit their in-store location in the heart of St Andrews and eat to your heart’s content. In addition to a wide selection of cheeses, there’s also the option to try a wedding cheesecake or even subscribe to this Cheesemonger section, which will grant you regular dairy and cheese in consistent intervals.

There’s one place for cheese tasting in St Andrews, and that’s at I.J. Mellis Cheesemongers!

Mitchell & Co

Mitchell & Co

Mitchell & Co, sometimes referred to as Mitchell’s, is formerly a butcher but has been transformed into a deli that offers an excellent range of cheese, deli meats, wines, and all the artisan food you could ever want!

Mitchell’s is proud to work with over a dozen local suppliers around St Andrews and Scotland to bring you the best that the local producers offer. So, you can peruse through a selection of cheeses and pair it with delicious cider, preserves, and tasty artisan pieces of bread.

Mitchell & Co is a superb place to stop by during your visit to St Andrew’s, so if you’re craving some delicious artisan food for your next brunch, then Mitchell & Co is the top local farmers markets attraction to visit.

The Cheesy Toast Shack

The Cheesy Toast

Who doesn’t love cheese toast? And while the cheese toast you make at home is undoubtedly a winner, you have only enjoyed cheese toast once you’ve had one from the Cheesy Toast Shack in St Andrews.

Cheesy Toast Shack has been preparing award-winning cheese toasties for years, using a traditional recipe that combines all the best elements of a cheesy toast sandwich. But you can also try one of their mac and cheese toasties and many of their other innovative cheesy toast offerings.

While not strictly an artisanal cheese spot, who can say no to a delicious piece of cheese toast?

Other Cheese Shops & Cheese Tastings in Scotland


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