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Glasgow Whisky

The brimming city of Glasgow welcomes thousands of visitors every year, each looking to explore the hidden gems that the World’s Friendliest City has to offer. In addition to stunning attractions like the Glasgow Cathedral and Botanical Gardens, the city is home to historic whisky distilleries with fascinating tales and indulgent spirits in equal amounts.

Touring a whisky distillery Glasgow offers is a necessary addition for any whisky lover coming to the city, but with the amount of Glasgow distilleries, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Fret not, though; we’ve outlined the best distilleries to add to your to-do list!

The Clydeside Distillery

 Clydeside Distillery

For an utterly unforgettable distillery experience in Glasgow, look no further than the Clydeside Distillery, which sits overlooking the winding River Clyde. As Glasgow’s first single malt distillery, Clydeside has optimised itself to be an efficient distillery and a fantastic tourist attraction.

Planning your visit to Clydeside Distillery is challenging with how much there is to do here, but booking a distillery tour is essential to uncover the dockside story of Clydeside. From there, you can muse about trying their delicious whisky and chocolate tasting or get the inside scoop with the more in-depth manager tour. From there, sate your appetite with a trip to the Clydeside Cafe, which offers whisky flights and light meals for you to enjoy.

Finally, once you’ve received a complete look at how the whisky distillery works and tasted their sublime drams, you can always end your day by perusing the whisky shop for a keepsake or a single malt whisky to gift to friends and family. Clydeside is a fantastic experience for whisky connoisseurs and newcomers and should sit at the top of your list.

Glengoyne Distillery

Glengoyne Distillery

North of Glasgow, amongst the stunning Dumgoyne Hill near Loch Lomond, sits Glengoyne, home to whisky that is matured far longer than another distillery in Scotland. What you get from this process is a whisky that spends thrice as long in stills and sits in casks for at least six years, producing unparalleled flavours that are complex and bold.

Glengoyne’s whisky shop is filled with quality whiskies aged at least 10, 15, and even 50 years – unheard of in the whisky industry. Great whisky comes to those who wait, and Glengoyne helps avoid disappointment by taking their time to create exquisite whiskies. Experience the full story by booking one of Glengoyne’s distillery tours, or get the Malt Master Experience and make your single malt in the Sample Room.

Glengoyne is the definition of slow and steady wins the race, and although they’re located outside of central Glasgow, this distillery is well worth the visit.

Auchentoshan Distillery


On the very fringes of Glasgow’s western side sits the famed Auchentoshan Distillery, well known for its triple distillation and long history. Auchentoshan is well worth departing from the city centre for, and you can enjoy several exclusive experiences that allow guests to see the distillery and try Auchentoshan’s delicious whisky.

On Auchentoshan’s regular tours, you can see the process go from beer, which is then taken and distilled three times and left with a single ingredient. Time. The whisky is left in casks that previously held bourbon and sherry to give their spirits a distinctive colour and flavour. If you want a closer look and participate in tastings, Auchentoshan Distillery has several options.

Tours cover the distillery’s team, the production areas, and a tasting of the excellent whisky we’ve spoken about. One or two tastings are a fantastic way to indulge in the rich and deep history – take advantage of stopping by this distillery in Clyde.

Deanston Distillery


Those who want to taste Highland whisky while visiting Glasgow and its surroundings will find the Deanstone Distillery at the top of their list of things to do. Why? Well, Deanston is different from your average distillery. They offer a smooth and sweet dram that you can drink however you like that uses the water of the River Teith to their benefit.

Deanston also offers a great set of experiences for those interested in the finer details behind this whisky, including a distillery tour that takes you through the warehouse where hundreds of casks are silently infusing the single malt with flavour and a whisky-tasting where you try the bold, flavourful spirits. Deanston also offers a range of gins at the distillery shop if you want to try something different.

If you want to try an average dram of whisky, pay Deanston a visit. The distillery sits north of Glasgow near the Cairngorms.

The Glasgow Distillery Co.

Glasgow Distillery Co.

Home to rums, vodka, gin, and especially whisky, The Glasgow Distillery Company is a fine example of a whisky distillery done right. The Glasgow Distillery Co. has an excellent range of whiskies; there’s something for every kind of whisky lover. From the original to triple distilled and peated, as well as a wealth of other whisky accessories, this distillery is a whisky shop Glasgow holds up with pride.

Here’s a fact that may blow your mind: The whiskies made by Glasgow Distillery Co. are made by a team of only 16 experts! The Glasgow Distillery Co., unfortunately, doesn’t offer whisky tastings or distillery tours on-site, but you can savour their whiskies, gins, rums, and vodkas nearby.

Glasgow’s history is rich with exceptional whiskies, and The Glasgow Distillery Co. offers some of the finest.

Littlemill Distillery


From the proverbial ashes, Littlemill Distillery was resurrected in 2007 and is now one of the most prominent single malt whisky distillers outside Glasgow. But Littlemill is more than just a seller of whisky and an advocate of changing the game regarding whisky in terms of flavour, texture, and more!

Many need to learn the ancient history that surrounds Littlemil, going back over 250 years and competing for the title of Glasgow’s oldest whisky distillery. While the former is always difficult to prove, what is certain is the Littlemill offers a fantastic bottle of whisky to try! If you’re interested in indulging in a dram or two, you’re in luck!

You can also visit the remnants of the previous Littlemill, which has been long lost to the fiery annals of history with only the burnt, charred remains left. A visit to Littlemill offers a chance to relive Glasgow’s rich whisky history and try some excellent single malt – what more could you ask for?

Other Whisky Distilleries in Scotland

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