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Isle of Skye Cheese

If you’re coming to the Isle of Skye with cheese on the brain, you’ll be glad to know that the island is an excellent place to indulge in Highland cheeses. The highlands are an ideal place for cheese, with islands like the Isle of Mull, Isle of Arran, and more Hebridean cheeses all staking claim to serve you the very best they have to offer.

The Isle of Skye, in particular, is a famous island where you can find many of the best cheeses of the Hebridean Islands, ones you can’t enjoy if you visit Edinburgh or Glasgow. So, if you’re a turophile coming to try the abundant options of artisan cheeses in the Isle of Skye, consider our top spots to visit.

Prominent Cheeses in the Isle of Skye

The Hebridean Islands are home to several prominent cheeses, which you can taste while touring the plentiful attractions that call the Isle of Skye their home. If you want options for good food, then cheese is a list that tops many lists. Here are the ones to look out for:

Hebridean Blue Cheese

Hebridean Blue

Scotland’s challenge to the classic English Stilton, the Hebridean Blue Cheese, is a delicious creamy fermented cheese with a lot of bite. While not a beginner’s cheese, those with a taste will find the cheese incredibly moreish.

Hebridean Blue Cheese is made from milk from cows with a fermented grain diet from Tobermory Distillery, bolstering its flavour.

Scottish Cheddar

Scottish Cheddar

Sometimes called Seriously Strong Cheddar, this famous Stranaer cheese packs a severe punch to cheddar lovers. This strong Scottish cheddar has a few varieties, with options for grated, spreadable, chilli, and more!

The rich and powerful aroma offers a complete, savoury flavour that works well with crackers and tasty sandwiches.

Strathdon Blue

Strathdon Blue cheese

Another rich and creamy blue cheese, the Strathdon Blue, is an excellent contender for one of the best blue cheeses made by the Highland Cheese Company. This blue cheese is made from a single herd of Ayrshire cows and has developed a creamy texture over the years from a soft, crumbly texture.

The lovely flavours are delicious with crackers, so pack this delightful cheese for a picnic.

Where to Get Cheeses in the Isle of Skye

The Highlands have established themselves as an excellent place to visit for turophiles, and we agree. If you want to complement your day on Scotland’s Isle of Skye, stop by these cheese shops when you next visit!

Isle of Skye Baking Company

Isle of Skye Baking

One of the most popular attractions within the Isle of Skye is Portree, and within the bustling city, you can find the Isle of Skye Baking Co. – home to delicious Isle of Skye cheese.

The best part of this shop is that you can stay close if you’ve booked accommodation in Portree, and you can pick up other delicious baked goods like bread, cakes and pastries. The Isle of Skye Baking Company offers a wide selection of Scottish cheeses with their charcuterie board selection.

You can also pick up groceries like free-range eggs from hens and meats in nearby stores.

Dunvegan Bakery & Coffee Shop

Dunvegan Bakery

Boasting the title of Skye’s oldest bakery, Dunvegan Bakery is stocked full of excellent loaves of bread and pastries, but the real treat is the coffee shop that sits right next door.

This business offers delicious cheeses to enjoy no matter the weather, and you can stop by when it’s sunny or raining and indulge in the top cheeses in Scotland in all their forms. We recommend looking at their website to see if any meals or coffees on the menu make it worth stopping by!

The Misty

The Misty

If you’re craving cheese while on your day near Dunvegan Loch, stop by The Misty – it’s a restaurant with delightful views out over the loch.

This prime date location has a range of delicious meals like fish and chips, but their range of cheese meals, like their pizza, combines the best of traditional Highland cheese and Haggis – a must-try if you want something different.

The Misty is a great spot, although with fewer options for cheeses than the other shops and restaurants we’ve mentioned.

Bog Myrtle Skye

Bog Myrtle Skye

Should you explore the southern parts of the Isle of Skye, indulge in some cheesy goodness at the Bog Myrtle Skye. With excellent cheese products and meals, Bog Myrtle has a wide variety of local produce, many sourced from a nearby Skye farm shop.

Indulge in coffee with fresh milk and a cheese tart before you check out your next attraction on the Isle of Skye.

Other Cheese Shops & Cheese Tastings in Scotland


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