Lochearnhead is the ideal place to visit if you are a lover of the great outdoors. You’ll see exactly why once you’ve had a look through our list of great things to do in Lochearnhead down below. 

Lochearnhead is a particularly beautiful village surrounded by rolling green hills. It sits pride of place at the foot of Glen Ogle and is located to the West of the lovely Loch Earn.

So let’s jump right into our list of all the excellent things to do in Lochearnhead – there’s plenty to see here!

Top Things to Do in Lochearnhead

things to do in lochearnhead

This stunningly pretty little village offers an abundance of nearby natural beauty to draw your eye. It’s the perfect place to relax and take in the fresh Scottish air, however long you choose to stay.

To make the whole trip simpler for you we’ve put together a list of the top things to do in Lochearnhead down below.

Glen Ogle

Glen Ogle things to do in lochearnhead

The picturesque beauty of Glen Ogle really does capture the spirit of Scotland at its most naturally bewitching.

You can take a walk through this spectacular glen by following the footpath which now takes the place of the former Callander and Oban Railway. This eventually leads you to the summit of the glen and Killin Junction.

The route includes the Glen Ogle railway viaduct, which despite its aged appearance still holds a certain majesty in its very stones.

Whether you fancy a bit of photography, cycling, or just love a scenic walk, this lovely glen is highly recommended. 

Loch Earn

Loch Earn itself is a fine things to do in lochearnhead

Loch Earn is a prominent feature of the land near Lochearnhead, located in the districts of Perth and Kinross and Stirling.

The stunning freshwater Loch benefits from the breath-taking scenery which surrounds it, making it a great place for some recreation or even a picnic on the shore.

Even The Beatles, while staying at The Four Seasons Hotel in Fillans, were drawn to the loch for a bit of boating. We can only assume its enchanting beauty got their creative juices flowing straight away!

To get inspired yourself, make time to visit Loch Earn. 

Ben Vorlich

Ben Vorlich Lochearn
Myself and Heather at the summit of Ben Vorlich in May 2019 with Stuc a’Chroin in the background. What a day!

Looming against the sky in the area of land bound to the North by Loch Earn, is Ben Vorlich. 

One of the best known Scottish mountain, Ben Vorlich is very popular with the outdoorsy types. It is stunning and the views are excellent, so that’s not at all surprising. 

Ben Vorlich and Stuc a'Chroin
Looking towards a snow-capped Ben Ben Vorlich and Stuc a’Chroin.

Find the route which suits you best and give it a go.

View the detailed route to Ben Vorlich and Stuc a’Chroin but simply retrace your steps after completing Ben Vorlich. You do not have to include Stuc a’Chroin.

Loch Earn Watersports Centre

Loch Earn Watersports Centre things to do in lochearnhead

Looking for some adventure and activity to keep you and your family or friends entertained? Then this is the place for you.

The brilliant water sports centre is a hidden gem tucked away on the Southside of the Loch. So what’s there to do here?

So much. They offer a range of inflatables to take you along the water or launch you into the sky. 

There’s also water skiing for the adrenaline junkies among you. How about paddleboarding, wakeboarding, and wake surfing? Or double kayaking, if you prefer a slower, more easy-going vibe.

With this much variety, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love here.

The Falls of Dochart

Falls of Dochart things to do in lochearnhead

The Falls of Dochart are waterfalls located on the River Dochart at Killin in Stirling. 

The torrent of fresh rushing water spill over the edges and flow past the towering trees on either side. The Falls are spectacular all year round, changing with the seasons. 

If you’re walking along the river be sure to keep an eye out for the magnificent war memorial on the rivers south bank, as well as the burial ground for Clan MacNab situated east of the bridge. 

One of the most serene things to do in Lochearnhead.  

Loch Lubnaig

Loch Lubnaig

Loch Lubnaig is an utterly gorgeous spot. Surrounded on all sides by lush green hills. 

This tranquil location is a great place to go for a walk together or settle down for a picnic. With toilet facilities and camping pitches nearby, the loch is convenient as well as beautiful.

My personal favourite out of all of the lovely places on this list. 

St. Fillans Golf Club

St. Fillans Golf Club

This excellent 9 hole course is one of the best in Scotland. 

It is situated in the heart of highland Perthshire and benefits from some absolutely breath-taking views common to one of the most beautiful parts of Scotland.

Perched on the Eastern end of Loch earn and surrounded by rolling hills, you might find yourself intimidated by the terrain. 

But no need to worry, the terrain is surprisingly level and is so enjoyable to play on that it is popular with newcomers to the sport as well as seasoned players.

There are competitions year-round that you are welcome to sign up for – so best of luck!

Bracklinn Falls

Bracklinn Falls

Bracklin Falls is one of the best things to do in Lochearnhead.

You’ll have to drive a little bit further from Lochearnhead than the other locations on this list to reach Bracklinn Falls, but it is well worth the extra effort. 

If you’re visiting this part of Scotland there’s a fair chance you’re a nature lover. For only a half-hour drive out of your way you can visit this perfect slice of nature. 

Bracklinn Falls are steeped falls on the Keltie Water, nestled in a wooded gorge and surrounded by flourishing greenery. 

They are most impressive if you happen to see them after a heavy rainfall – which shouldn’t be too hard in Scotland! But watch your step, it might get slippy. 

To get to these stunning falls just park in the car park and follow the footpath for just under a mile. It’s a pleasant walk and definitely worth it for the great photos alone!

Killin Outdoor Centre and Mountain Shop

Kayaking in Lochearnhead

This is an outdoor shop and centre where the more adventurous among you can get to hire canoes and kayaks in the summertime. All year round you can also hire bikes. 

Also available are a great selection of local maps and books to help you on your way.

For the wintertime, ice axe and snowshoe hire is available for anyone confident enough to take on the Scottish winter chill.

Instructors are on hand to answer any of your questions and offer expert advice. They can also carry out basic bike repairs and services.

Of all the things to do in Lochearnhead that we’ve covered in this list, this one, in particular, will appeal to the adrenaline chasers.

Finlarig Castle

Finlarig Castle

Scotland is the land of Castles!

These magical castle ruins are quiet and calm, so much so you can almost hear echoes of the past as you wander around the crumbling castle. 

It is hauntingly beautiful, and not a very well known tourist spot so you can enjoy that tranquillity.

Feel free to hike around the area but come prepared with good shoes – the terrain is wild.

Mysterious and beautiful. I really recommend taking a day to explore these ruins to soak in their history, before too many people learn about this hidden gem. 

Balquhidder Church Ruins

things to do in lochearnhead Balquhidder Church Ruins

This quaint little church yard will appeal to history lovers, as well as anyone looking to find a bit of peace and calm.

Rob Roy McGregor – the Scottish outlaw and later folk hero – is said to be laid to rest under its soil. Druids, Jacobite rebels, ancient clans, ancient royals and famous authors, also, have tread this ground.

It’s a lovely place with pretty views and a nice walk around the church to the small stream and waterfall. Well worth taking an afternoon to visit!

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