Biggar in Scotland is a quaint market town along the Clyde Valley Tourist Route! Biggar lies on the very edge of South Lanarkshire, amongst the beautiful Southern Uplands and the River Tweed and Clyde. There are many things to do in Biggar when you explore this fascinating town!

Biggar was a former royal burgh of the region and now holds many beautiful attractions and sites for you to see. Its history is tied with the famous Fleming House, which gained power after supporting Robert the Bruce. It eventually grew to be a flourishing market town known for its industry and businesses.

Most notable was Albion Motors, which started in Biggar and became the largest truck company in the British Empire! The present-day town holds its history close to its heart, and touring the town reveals an astounding number of things to do here!

Things to do in Biggar

Things to do in Biggar

The market town of Biggar is stocked full of incredible sights and attractions, from their vintage car rally that takes place every year, the ruins of the Fleming’s Boghall Castle, and even an entertaining puppet theatre!

Biggar’s a great place to spend a few days in, especially during the later portions of the year when their yearly festivals come to life! Biggar people are amiable, and you’ll feel right at home.

Also, check out historic sites like Biggar Burn, Bailey Castle, and Culter Motte! With how full the town is with things to do, it’s often difficult to decide what to do while you’re here. See our list for the top things to do in Biggar!

Biggar & Upper Clydesdale Museum

Biggar & Upper Clydesdale Museum

The Biggar & Upper Clydesdale Museum is home to numerous incredible artefacts that show off 140,000-years of Biggar’s history.

Explore the fascinating timeline of Biggar, from the early Bronze Age, through to the stories of House Fleming, and up until today! The Museum has an expansive collection that will amaze you with its ancient artefacts and archives, fully immersing you in the lives people led during these vastly different periods of life.

The Biggar Museum also contains a shop that is constantly rotating. If you’re missing out on a souvenir to take home, this Museum shop certainly has you covered for history.

Biggar Gasworks Museum

Biggar Gasworks Museum

The Biggar Gasworks Museum is the only preserved gas works in Scotland! Here, you can discover the machinations of how gas was used to fuel the industry in Biggar, South Lanarkshire and the Scottish Borders.

You are treated to seeing the same machines they used to produce and distribute gas in action, a process that very few have been able to see since all the other gasworks shut down.

Visiting the Gasworks Museum is a rare opportunity to see one of the last remnants of the gas work industry and should not be missed if you plan to spend time here!

Biggar Puppet Theatre

Biggar Puppet Theatre

If you’re in Biggar with any children, paying a visit to the Biggar Puppet Theatre is a must!

The famous Scottish puppet theatre company, International Purves Puppets, are renowned for its amazing shows and is a beloved mainstay theatre here in Biggar.

See how these puppets are expertly manoeuvred and put on humorous renditions of classic fairy tales like Pips and Panda meet the Three Bears and Cinderella. Check out their website for more!

The Biggar Puppet Theatre is an incredibly unique attraction that you only have an opportunity to see while in Biggar.

Tinto Hill

Tinto Hill

Trek up the short and well-maintained path of Tinto Hill, and you’ll be rewarded with some of the most spectacular views of South Lanarkshire, including the towns of Biggar, Rigside, and Lanark!

A hike up this Hill is the perfect way to make the most of any sunny days in Scotland, with other fantastic sites along the way like a Bronze Age burial mound that dates back thousands of years! The hike should only take an hour to reach the summit and will fulfil any cravings you have to explore the outdoors of Biggar.

There are many scenic walks through the nearby Biggar Country Path network to discover if you’re still searching for more!

Biggar Public Park

Biggar Public Park

Want to spend some time doing activities while enjoying your time in Biggar? Then definitely consider Biggar Public Park as your first choice!

This Public Park has everything you could ever want for a day in a park from a nearby 18-hole golf course, a tennis court, a bowling rink, and plenty of areas for you and your family to relax and have a picnic. Honestly, you could make a whole afternoon just enjoying the many amenities that the Biggar Public Park offers.

High Street Shopping

High Street Shopping

Biggar’s High Street carves through town and follows the same route as the Roman road that was there previously! It takes you past old monuments like Bailey Castle and is a great way to familiarise yourself with Biggar.

The High Street is the beating heart of Biggar and follows a medieval layout with all the amenities you could ever ask for!

They have an award-winning grocer, award-winning fish & chip shop, famous ice cream and chocolate shop, and a whole host of other independent shops and cafes that create a market place atmosphere filled with things to taste and try.

Walking along this road from Mesolithic times is a real treat when visiting Biggar.

Biggar Little Festival

Biggar Little FestivalBiggar Little Festival 2

This town hosts a fantastic annual arts festival every October and celebrates the local artists and talent of the community!

You can expect top-class entertainment and artistry from all over South Lanarkshire over the many events scattered throughout mid-October. There are many traditions that the folks here celebrate, such as the Biggar Bonfire.

The Biggar Little Festival is the perfect place to take your family and kids, and you’ll love the beautiful atmosphere the Festival holds. Check out their website for more information!

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