Museum on the Mound

Museum on the Mound

The Museum on the Mound can be found right in the Bank of Scotland Head Office on the stunning Royal Mile in Edinburgh. It offers a fresh look at the thing that makes the world go round — money! This fascinating museum takes you on the journey of money across the art design, technology, crime trade and security fields because cash plays a role in everything.

The Bank of Scotland Head Office was designed in the late 19th century as a space for the Lloyds Banking Group and also showcases the Mound, a stunning artificial hill that goes all the way from New Town to Old Town. The Museum on the Mound opened in 2006, and now you can learn about the history of money, what it meant to people and how it impacted several industries.

If you’re excited to check out a million pounds in the flesh, build a model home, see the oldest banknote in Scotland and even try cracking open a safe, then head to the Museum on the Mound. Explore the story of money in Edinburgh and discover a new love for the bank!

Details to Know About Museum on the Mound

There’s lots to keep you busy at Museum on the Mound, Edinburgh. Before you listen to the tales of money at this fascinating museum, take note of all these important details!

Museum on the Mound Opening Times

The Money Museum, Edinburgh, is open from Tuesday to Friday between 10 am and 5 pm. On Saturdays and bank holidays on Mondays, you can visit between 1 pm and 5 pm. Sundays and regular Mondays, they are closed.

Museum on the Mound Ticket Prices

Museum on the Mound admission is free! Visitors don’t need to book in advance.

How to Get to the Museum on the Mound

The Edinburgh location is right in the heart of all the action on the Royal Mile; before you listen to the interesting story of money across the art design, technology, crime trade and security industries, make sure you know how you’re getting there, especially if you’re not already in the city.


Pop Edinburgh EH1 1YZ into your GPS and you’re well on your way. From Glasgow, expect an hour-long trip along the M8 to the city, and if you’re coming from farther out like from Dumfries, it’s two hours on the A702. You can grab parking on Market Street.


You can catch a Lothian Bus to the Museum on the Mound, and they stop right outside for you to gain admission. Other tour buses make a stop on Market Street. The closest bus station is at St Andrew’s Square, under a ten-minute walk away.


The closest station is Edinburgh Waverley Station, a short walk away from the museum. Take the ScotRail for the fastest transportation!


This fascinating museum takes accessibility as seriously as it takes money! There is wheelchair access and accessible toilets, induction loops, ear defenders, sensory bags, print guides, and free disabled parking.

They also offer a Visual Story introduction to the museum so you can be informed of the surroundings before you visit, and a sensory map with lights, sound, and touch.

Attractions to See at Museum on the Mound

The Museum on the Mound in the Bank of Scotland Head Office provides a fresh look at a tale as old as time. This fascinating museum takes you on the journey of money in art design, technology, crime trade and security; here are all the top highlights for your visit!

See a Million Pounds!

Million Pounds

One of the most interesting displays at the Museum on the Mound is a million pounds in the 4th room of the building! It’s all in cash in a special display cabinet, and we bet you’ve never seen that much physical money in one place before.

Hear the Tale of Two Banks

Tale of Two Banks

One of many interesting stories of money history you can hear for free when you visit the Museum on the Mound in the head office; the tale of Lloyds Bank and the Bank of Scotland is incredibly intriguing.

The Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Bank were actually formed in two completely different nations, but today, they are part of the same group. This story and the featured exhibitions and artefacts show the epic banking history of Scotland and the changing face of money, right in the 2nd room of the museum.

Gaze in Awe at the Oldest Banknote in Scotland

This is another stunning display in room 4 of the building — The Museum on the Mound photos don’t do it justice, because it’s really a sight to behold.

We use money bills all the time; it’s a part of life. There’s a good chance you’ve gone to the Bank of Scotland to draw money while on your trip. However, seeing the oldest banknote in Scotland really makes you take a fresh look at the notes we take for granted. This note is over three hundred years old, as it’s from 1716 — you can just imagine the places it’s been and the people who used it back in the day.

Try Cracking Open a Safe

Open a Safe

Fancy yourself a puzzle master? Or maybe, in another life, you cracked codes at the Bank of Scotland.

After you’ve spent hours exploring the story of money on your visit, try taking a page out of a bank robber’s book (but not for real). The Museum on the Mound, Edinburgh, lets you test your ninja skills by allowing you the opportunity to crack open a safe for free. Keep in mind it’s a little difficult, but we know that you’re up to the challenge!

Check out the Museum Gift Shop

Gift Shop

Take a banking souvenir before you go!

The Museum on the Mound, Edinburgh, gift shop is full of fun trinkets to take home and feature on your antique shelf. From uncirculated banknotes and coin sets to banknote pulls, they put you in control of your money in the best way. Plus, all the proceeds from items sold on-site are donated to Lloyds Banking Group’s Charity of the Year!

Explore How Bank Workers Made It Work

Bank Workers

This display is more about the person behind the cash register than the money itself.

At the Museum on the Mound, you can hear thrilling tales of bank workers from the 1800s. Learn all about apprentices and workshops in Edinburgh, how women became an example of the future by stepping forward and making a difference in the world of banking, and more.

Take Part in Interactive Exhibits With the Family

Interactive Exhibits

The Museum on the Mound reviews talk about these exhibitions for a reason! Your family can have all sorts of fun here, like coin striking or creating a building model with small blocks. The children don’t have to dream of waiting for their next allowance on a Friday when they can enjoy an afternoon visiting the history of currency and spend hours exploring everything the museum has to feature.


The Museum on the Mound hosts different events focused on banking, so keep an eye on the front page of their website. Although admission is free to the museum, the displays are so interesting that it might take a few days to properly enjoy them. That’s why it’s best to check out some hotels if you’re searching for accommodation in Edinburgh.

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