Riverside Museum

Riverside Museum

Riverside Museum, Glasgow, is a centre of innovation in Scotland. With innovative transport and technology, a Riverside museum visit means a day full of wonder!

If you’re into tech, transport, or history, this is the place for you. Close to the Glasgow city centre, this museum shows off over 3,000 objects on display, from car and motorbike walls to interactive displays, locomotives, paintings to prams.

The history of the Glasgow Riverside Museum traces as far back as 1964 when Queen Elizabeth declared the building would be opened after the old public transport, the tramway system, was closed.

The actual modern Riverside Museum was designed by internationally renowned architect Zaha Hadid, but prior to this, it existed in Kelvin Hall, the west end of Glasgow. After the Kelvin Hall Museum was closed in 2010, its collections moved over to the Riverside Museum, which opened in 2011. Riverside Museum is no longer on the west end; the adventure starts on the north bank side of River Clyde, close to River Kelvin.

So if you’re planning to hit the Glasgow streets this year, take some time to explore vintage cars, hear fascinating stories about the history of transport, and adventure through time – all at the Riverside Museum!

Details to Know About Riverside Museum

Excited to rock a trip to Riverside, Glasgow? Make sure you’ve got the lowdown before you go, from ticket prices, opening hours, accessibility, and transport – it would be a shame to miss out on the Riverside Transport Museum (out of all the Glasgow museums) because you couldn’t find a way there!

Riverside Museum Tickets

The Riverside Museum is completely free to enter. No need to make a booking on the website, just come as you are. Free exhibits for the win!

Riverside Museum Opening Times

The Riverside Museum is open Monday-Thursday and Saturday between 10 am-5 pm. If you’re visiting Friday or Sunday, they’re open between 11 am and 5 pm. That includes the restaurant and shop, too!

How to Get to Riverside Museum

Whether you’re planning to take your own car or you’re relying on public transport, here are all the moving details!


If you’re travelling from the Glasgow city centre, pop “100 Pointhouse Place, Glasgow” in your GPS and expect a ten-minute drive along the A814. There is Riverside Museum parking available, and if you’re using a taxi, there is a drop-off point next to the car park; those with disabilities can be dropped off through the slip-road barrier to the front door.


The Partick Interchange is the place to be for public transportation to the museum! It holds the closest train, subway, and bus station, only a 1km walk away (follow the signs!). If you’re travelling from a city farther away like Edinburgh, expect a 3-hour journey from the stop on Princes Street.


The train runs through the low-level platforms at GLC and GLQ, with the closest station to Glasgow city centre being St Enoch’s, and the nearest station to Glasgow Queen Street is Buchanan Street. From Edinburgh, the journey is definitely faster by train than bus, with an hour and a half long trip from the Edinburgh rail station.


The Riverside Museum has a ramp at the entrance, accessible toilets, changing places and hearing loops. There is also wheelchair and pram access to spaces with lifts, accessible parking with a drop-off point for disabled visitors, and guide/assistance dogs are always welcome!

Attractions at Riverside Museum

The Riverside Museum, Glasgow, United Kingdom, has tons of incredible vehicles and technology on display for you to enjoy. Once you hit the cobbled street and see the incredible building designed by internationally renowned architect Zaha Hadid, you’ll realise that the Scotland Riverside Museum photos don’t do it justice!

Pro tip: there are more than 28 Glasgow museums, so consider finding accommodation in the area to hit them all! Here are some attractions to check out at the Riverside Museum.

Looking at Locomotives


This display is actually one of the newer additions from 2018, showing off over 200 years of Glasgow’s industrial heritage.

It might seem like centuries ago, but it’s only been 50 years since Scotland stopped using steam locomotives. Back then, Glasgow built the most locomotives in Europe, and this exhibition is a proud reflection of the city’s accomplishments and innovative progress. You’ll discover the history and development of steam engines and locomotives and see eleven locomotive models in the flesh! The energy at the exhibition draws you in and catapults you into the past with enthusiasm and excitement – so much so that you’ll want to climb aboard yourself!

Stay Grounded: The Road Vehicles Collection Will Blow You Away!

Road Vehicles Collection

We’re not just talking about a handful of cars, either. The road vehicle collection features motorbikes, skateboards, the oldest surviving pedal cycle, vintage trucks, fire engines, horse-drawn transportation, caravans, prams, toy cars – you name it, they’ve got it! If you don’t believe it, they’ve even got a Stormtrooper. That’s right, a Stormtrooper.

Immerse yourself in the history of transport and see how people used to get around back in the day; maybe one day our cars will be in this museum, too!

The Interactive Fire Engine

Interactive Fire Engine

This exhibition truly makes the trip fun for the whole family!

The interactive displays are a joy for you and the kids. With the fire engine, the little ones (under five years old) can press buttons, steer the vehicle, set off the multi-coloured alarm light and pretend to put out fires!

Sail into the Sunset of your Mind with the Ship Collection

Ship Collection

This Glasgow museum has a crazy ship collection! From the Queen Mary to the Queen Elizabeth (1 & 2), they’ll have you picturing beautiful sails into the sunset and adventurous journeys into the unknown. They’re massive and a little fragile, but they hold their own.

Nearby, you can also find the Tall Ship Glenlee!

See the Art of History

Art of History

Interestingly enough, the museum has a collection of paintings showcasing ships at sea, city life in Glasgow, the cathedral, and more!


There is always lots happening at the Riverside Museum, Glasgow, so keep an eye on their events page. From energy efficiency to UCI history exhibits; it can get pretty busy! If you need some energy yourself after a long day of exploring the museum, check out some coffee shops and roasteries in Glasgow.

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