Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre

In the heart of Glasgow, science lovers and attraction hunters (potentially even both) will find a lot to do at the beloved Glasgow Science Centre. This expansive and fascinating science centre is over two acres wide and contains all the inspiring ways that science is changing the world. To many, the Glasgow Science Centre is one of the must-see visitor attractions in Scotland.

From a planetarium that allows you to spectate the stars, workshops and interactive exhibits that let you perform experiments at your fingertips and even an IMAX cinema that shows off the latest and greatest science movies, the Glasgow Science Centre has it all. If you’re a big explorer or a lover of science, then the three floors of this visitor centre will be for you.

Discover technology and live science shows that are fun for the whole family, and we’ll let you know all the details and the top attractions to see while you’re there.

Details to Know

The Glasgow Science Centre is a must-see attraction from the ground floor to the top of Glasgow Tower. Here are some of the essential details that you should know before you set out to explore all the fantastic things to do here:

How to Get There

The Glasgow Science Centre is located right in the heart of Glasgow’s city centre and can be easily reached by foot, car, or public transportation. The specific address is 50 Pacific Quay, Glasgow, G51 1EA.

There are brown tourist signs close to the Glasgow Science Centre, which quickly leads you to the site even if you’re travelling by foot or bike. By foot, the museum is only a half-hour walk from the city centre, with plenty of attractions to look forward to during the day.

For those taking public transportation like buses or trains, the closest train station to the Glasgow Science Centre is Cessnock. Those travelling via bus should aim to reach Stagecoach, First Bus, and McGill’s Bus Station.

Opening Times

Glasgow Science Centre’s opening times depend on the time of year, but generally, the Centre is open for visitors year-round (excluding public holidays). The Centre is open from 10:00 – 15:00 during the winter months and 9:00 – 17:00 during summer, with Monday and Tuesday occasionally being closed.

Ticket Prices

Several packages are available when visiting the Glasgow Science Centre, depending on what parts of the centre you’re interested in and the services you want to try! The base daily ticket costs £14.00 for an adult ticket, £11.00 for children aged 3 – 15, and £12.50 for concession tickets. This allows you access to the fantastic interactive exhibits within the Centre, with options for add-ons.

Add-ons cover experiences like the Planetarium, IMAX Cinema, Newton Flight Academy, and access to Glasgow Tower. Make sure to check out the Glasgow Science Centre website for specifics, and be aware that prices may change on a yearly basis.

Top Attractions at Glasgow Science Centre

The Glasgow Science Centre is filled with fascinating attractions that can fill up an entire afternoon, from interactive exhibits to places to play and build and learn about the forefront of scientific ideas. Here are the unmissable attractions at the Glasgow Science Centre you can look forward to:

The Planetarium


Welcome to Glasgow Science Centre’s Planetarium — your connection to the cosmos. Bask underneath a state-of-the-art full-dome digital projection system that takes you on a guided tour of our planet, the dark side of the moon, the solar system, and the galaxy we live in. This digital Planetarium is run by Glasgow Science Centre’s team of dedicated astronomers and science experts and is intended for new and experienced learners. Grab a coffee and come check out this fantastic attraction!

But the wonders of the night sky aren’t the only attractions visitors can look forward to at the Planetarium. Regular movies and shows are available to book, including full-dome movies like “We Are Aliens” and shows by Queen, Pink Floyd, and more!

Idea No. 59

Idea no.59

Idea No. 59 is one of the best ways to explore the forefront of scientific endeavours of the world. From contemporary topics like the environment, healthcare, and industry, you can see the exciting things that will hopefully be on the horizon soon. If you have children of all ages who have a great idea or want to develop a love of innovation, then Idea No. 59 is the best place to do it.

There are several unique exhibits where you can test yourself in fun ways, including playing ‘Snake’ as a team and trying your memory using ‘Simon Says’ games. There are so many things to do that it’s easy to get lost on this floor of the building, and perfect for a great day for the kids.

A Question of Perception

If you’re a fan of the Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, then Glasgow Science Centre’s A Question of Perception exhibit will be your jam! This region of the building is where nothing is quite as it seems, with several incredible illusions and delightful experiences for adults and children alike.

One of the highlights of A Question of Perception is the Ames Room, which lets you mess with the size of people (you haven’t had too many drams, we promise) and is excellent for taking a picture or two with the friends and all the family you’ve brought. Come and see the extraordinary physical challenges, visual illusions, and even puzzles to entertain yourself!

The Glasgow Tower

Glasgow Tower

If you need to breathe fresh air from all the amazing exhibits at this science mall, then make sure to visit Glasgow Science Centre’s Glasgow Tower! This towering behemoth is located in the heart of the city centre and offers a 360° view of the bustling town around you.

What’s more, Glasgow Tower is actually able to rotate fully even at an elevation of 127 metres — and it even holds a Guinness Book of World Records for it! Glasgow Tower boasts the title of the tallest freestanding building in Scotland, making it an unparalleled option for taking pictures of Glasgow.

IMAX Theatre

IMAX Theatre

The Glasgow Science Centre has a pioneering IMAX Cinema, where you can watch the latest and greatest movies in spectacular 3D quality. The Science Centre’s IMAX shows off some classical movies to look forward to, with seasonal movies being a trendy choice.

If you don’t have time for a full-length movie, then check out their mini-block busters revolving around the immense natural beauty of our planet, from the last glaciers and depths of the sea to the lemurs of Madagascar.

Booking your ticket to one of these excellent shows is super simple: choose your time and number of seats on their website and show up!

Science Show Theatre

Science Show Theatre

The best way to learn about science is to follow the classic screenplay advice, “Show, don’t tell”. The Science Show Theatre does just that! With a 30-minute show presented by the Science Centre’s eminent experts working to teach old and young students fascinating science factoids.

Expect to see bangs, flashing lights, flames, and maybe an explosion or two in a show that’s as entertaining as it is informative. There are even opportunities for audience participation, including lying on a bed of nails, setting a hand alight (it’s completely safe), and playing with the properties of liquid nitrogen.

Seats to the Science Show Theatre are first come, first served, so make sure to grab your seat as soon as possible!

Powering the Future

Powering the Future

Energy is one of the most vital aspects of our modern world, and the climate science discussion around using proper energy is as prevalent as it has ever been. The Glasgow Science Centre’s Powering the Future tackles how future solutions can solve our future problems. Let’s run down what attractions and events you can expect.

The Big Picture & You exhibits show off the unique ways our energy consumption can evolve over the years and facts about our current consumption. For example, using the energy footprint exhibit, you can see how many different people in the world consume as much as you do! Neat, isn’t it?

For bright young minds that want to see fun attractions and, more importantly, learn about electricity and energy usage.

Newton Flight Academy

Newton Flight Academy

Welcome to one of the newest experiences at the Glasgow Science Museum, the Newton Flight Academy! Make your dreams of flying a plane come true using this state-of-the-art full-motion flying simulator. This science museum in Glasgow has three of them at their venue, so the lines are better than you think they may be — just don’t try it after a glass of gin!

The Flight Academy’s simulator has a full 180-degree view of a simulated map, full feedback control, and even expert flight instructors to help you fly a plane from A to B. This simulation is great fun, so remember to check it out while at this science museum.



From external links to the world within, Bodyworks takes you through the miracle that is the human body in all its forms. You can find Bodyworks on the third floor of the Glasgow Science Centre, where you can find out how exactly the body works in unique and interactive exhibits. From performing a virtual autopsy, exploring a snot barrier, and even busting some dance moves on the DNA disco.

And you’re at the heart of it all! You can assess your own human health and measure all the important properties of your body.

Gift Shop

Gift Shop

There is a bounty of gifts and memorabilia to purchase from the Glasgow Science Centre, including novels, science kits, stationery, souvenirs, and even novelty items that relate to some of the attractions we’ve spoken about here. You can buy Planetarium items, models of the human body, and even quite a range of ducks!

You’ll be supporting Glasgow charities when you purchase a gift from the Glasgow Science Centre, so you’ll be supporting a good cause in doing so.

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