Perthshire Chocolate Shops & Chocolatiers

Perthshire Chocolatiers

Perthshire is a stunning part of Scotland that draws thousands of visitors yearly thanks to its wealth of golf courses and historical attractions. The region is also a hot spot for excellent food and drink, and Perthshire is especially famous for its gourmet chocolate tastings, chocolatiers, and award-winning artisanal cocoa.

So, if you’re travelling around Scotland with a bit of a sweet tooth, you’ll be happy to know that Perthshire is the place to be. Here are the gourmet chocolates and shops to look out for sweet and sometimes savoury bites, all within a few miles of the bustling city of Perth.

Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier

Iain Burnett Highland Chocolate

Between Aberfeldy and Pitlochry in the heart of Perthshire, you can find the Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier. This award-winning chocolate shop has been granted the title of Scotland’s most-awarded chocolatier.

At Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier, you can sample a wide selection of delicious, handmade chocolates, including the world’s best White and Dark Truffles! Other outstanding choices you can try are pralines, dark chocolates, and white chocolates; we bet they’re nothing like you’ve ever tasted!

It’s a little overwhelming to choose which chocolates you want, so it’s highly recommended that you book one of the Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier’s chocolate-tasting sessions, which includes the world-famous truffles that this master chocolatier has to offer. Moreover, each tasting provides an audio guide that helps tasters experience the difference in chocolates, the cocoa processing methods, and how Iain chooses its distinctive ingredients. It’s an immersive experience that doesn’t disappoint.

But that’s only part of what this shop has in store – Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier also offers its Chocolate Lounge, Chocolate Exhibition, and the famed Chocolate Shop. If you’re exploring Perthshire, then ending your day off at this chocolate shop is an absolute must!

Charlotte Flowers Chocolates

Charlotte Flowers Chocolates

Overlooking the beautiful Loch Tay, Charlotte Flower Chocolate is a slice of chocolate history in Perthshire and offers handmade chocolates that you can sample or book for your upcoming special occasions.

The best part of the Charlotte Flowers Chocolates is that they use different flavours of Scotland, and each season presents distinct flavours imbued into the shop’s gourmet chocolates. In Spring, you can expect wild mint, Scots pine, and Sloe blossom, while Summer offers Elderflower, strawberry, and lavender flavours. As we move throughout the year, you can enjoy plum, blueberry, honey, and hazelnut in Autumn, and then Seville orange, juniper, and fresh ginger in the cold Winter months.

Charlotte Flowers has plentiful options with filled chocolates that you’ll love – and it’s only the tip of what Perthshire chocolate offers! Remember that Charlotte Flowers Chocolate also provides chocolates for weddings and events, so you can make your special occasion even better with their sweet treats.

McNees Delicatessen

McNees Delicatessen

Located in Crieff, Perthshire, McNees Delicatessen offers an excellent range of delicious foods that visitors to Scotland may have yet to try. McNees Delicatessen offers treats like fudge, handmade shortbreads, jams, chutney, and chocolates!

McNees Delicatessen can be found in the heart of Crieff, but this hidden gem of a chocolate shop is rarely spoken about – making it one of the little-known facts about Crieff itself. So, if you’re delighted by the thought of enjoying gourmet chocolates and other proper Scottish food service products, McNees Delicatessen is the place to visit.

In addition to offering incredible chocolate in Highland Perthshire, they also do cakes, gifts and other artisan goods you can take home as a souvenir – check out and browse their website if you want a better look at all that McNees Delicatessen has to offer customers.

Chocolate and Love

Chocolate and Love

Chocolate that uses natural ingredients tastes better overall, and Chocolate and Love are masters of making award-winning chocolate that is entirely organic. Don’t believe us? Check out their website and see the World Gold Best Foodservice Product award they want for their rich, delicious cocoa products.

You can indulge and taste your favourite chocolate confectionaries, from dark chocolate, vegan chocolate, milk chocolate, and naked bars. But if you need help deciding which of their high-quality chocolates you want to try, you can permanently settle for chocolate gift boxes and hampers offering a wide selection. Find your new favourite from their selection.

You can find this chocolate kitchen in Perth, but their distinct and recognisable branding makes their bars unmissable in stores throughout Scotland. Take advantage of visiting Perthshire’s signature town, and see this cocoa heaven of a location soon!

Taste Talk Limited

Taste Talk Limited

A tasting experience is one of the best ways to enjoy food and drink. Whether it is wine, gin, cheese, or chocolate, going on a confectionary journey where you try the very best cocoa that Scotland has to offer is an offer that few will refuse.

Taste Talk Limited offers visitors to the region the ultimate taste tasting, allowing you to choose precisely what you want to try. However, their truffle-tasting experience is second to none, and Taste Talk Limited will enable you to try chocolate velvet truffles paired with the best malt whiskies and unique gins. Booking one of their indoor or outdoor seating experiences is one of the best ways to try chocolate in a refined setting.

Book a fling with fancy when you check out Tast Talk Limited’s site or peruse their selections for places around Scotland that offer chocolates that have won international chocolate awards.

Caramel Express Perth

Caramel Express Perth

Based in Perth, Caramel Express is for when you’re too lazy to go out but still want a sweet treat for the night. The chocolate-orientated takeaway is the best way to enjoy a pancake, waffle, or hot chocolate when there’s nothing more you want to do than stay at home.

Going out while you’re on vacation is all good, but there are some nights when you want to try a chocolate tasting at home. Caramel Express Perth is available throughout Scotland, so keep yourself from Perth and Perthshire if you plan on trying this menu.

Gloagburn Farm Shop

Gloagburn Farm Shop

Come and visit a butchery, bakery, and deli, all combined into one, when you stop by the Gloagburn Farm Shop in Perth. The Farm Shop has a restaurant and cafe and even lets guests buy hampers with the best of their artisanal food offerings.

In these packages is chocolate too, and Gloagburn Farm Shop lets people enjoy a market day out for those more inclined to enjoy sweet treats. Talk about chocolate heaven!

Other Chocolate Shops & Chocolatiers in Scotland

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