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Arran Cheese Shop

The humble Isle of Arran sits in the Firth of Clyde and is often called “Scotland in Miniature”. It has all of Scotland’s expansive natural landscapes distilled into one beautiful Isle! In fact, not only can you see the best of the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland, but you can also enjoy cultural food and drinks in one place.

Arran Cheese Tasting is quite famous for turophiles coming to the Isle, and Arran Cheeses offers an excellent selection of Scottish cheeses that family cheesemongers have created for generations. Here are the prominent cheeses you can try on the Isle of Arran and where you can enjoy them!

Prominent Cheeses on the Isle of Arran

From cheddars that have been smoked slowly to cheese imbued with crushed herbs and chives, the Isle of Arran is home to some of the finest cheeses you can look forward to during your holiday visit to Scotland. Here are some Isle of Arran cheeses that you should take advantage of.

Arran Camembert


This local twist on the famed Camemberet is not only delicious but an affordable semi-soft cheese that’s been allowed to ripen for at least 3 weeks. The characteristic firm yet soft camembert cheese offers a sweet yet vicious creamy cheese that will complement your picnic lunch or sandwich wherever you go!

Arran Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese isn’t for everybody, but a well-made Arran Blue Cheese is enough to get even the newest cheese lovers on board. Arran Blue Cheese is a young blue cheese, giving it an approachable taste while also maintaining the flavours that make Blue Cheese so famous.

This particular blue cheese won Best Scottish Cheese for 2018 and 2019 thanks to its creamy texture made from vegetarian rennet and pasteurised cow’s milk.

Arran Cheddar Cheese


Arran Cheddar Cheese is a very versatile cheese that comes in various excellent flavours that will appeal to cheese lovers coming to the Isle. Everything from oak-smoked cheddar cheese, Arran whisky cheese, and even cheddar mixed with the finest herbs is available from local vendors.

Arran Cheese Shop

 Arran Cheese Shop

Just North of Brodick is the most popular cheese shop on the Isle, the Isle of Arran Cheese Shop. Many of the flavoured cheddars we’ve mentioned are made by this artisan shop, which has over 20 years of crafting delicious cheeses using local ingredients.

Oak-smoked cheddar, claret cheddar cheese, and even garlic chilli cheddars are yours to enjoy, along with all the local staples that make the Isle of Arran a haven for cheese lovers. Take advantage of this local cheese shop packed with flavour – a home farm that’s been on the Isle of Arran since 1991.

The Old Pier Tearoom

Old Pier Tearoom

Another major attraction in the Isle of Arran is the town of Lamlash, which offers a splendid place to look out to the Firth of Clyde and a perfect place to pick up an Arran gift box of cheese or other artisanal goods. The Old Pier Tearoom offers great service, food, and a stunning view over Lamlash’s pretty harbour.

Why is this on a list of cheeses? Well, from pies, pizzas, and other delicious treats, The Old Pier Tearoom is the perfect spot to see these local cheeses. Come and enjoy local delicacies handmade with local love in addition to The Old Pier Tearoom’s range of teas.

The Old Byre Visitor Centre

Old Byre Visitor Centre

On the Isle of Arran’s western side, The Old Byre Visitor Centre hosts a range of incredible souvenirs like oak whisky barrel shavings, local clothing, and several food options to choose from! The Cafe Thyme offers the ultimate mix of Turkish and Scottish cuisine, many of which use the local cheeses we’ve mentioned to complement the dishes – including calzones, pies, and flatbreads.

Indulge your afternoon with a lunch of Arran mustard cheddar with caramelised onion and Tzatziki, and we bet you’ll be coming back again and again. And while you’re enjoying your fresh and local lunch, treat yourself to a view of the Druid standing stone in the nearby field.

Arran Fine Foods

Arran Fine Foods

Another Lamlash hot spot, Arran Fine Foods, covers all the best local artisanal foods you’d ever want to buy on the Isle of Arran. We’re talking chutneys, chess, jam spreads, chilli, and other incredible artisanal eats that are the perfect addition to a picnic overlooking the beautiful landscapes of Arran.

Of course, as you’d expect, Arran Fine Foods also offers a great selection of cheeses. The Arran gift box you can purchase grants you a great selection of local foods, with a little bit of everything to try. These hampers are affordable, and the perfect way to taste the cheeses the Isle of Aran is known for.

If you’re more inclined to buy a single cheese, we recommend Arran Mustard Cheddar, Chunky Pickle Cheddar, and even Crushed Ginger Cheddar.

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