Falls of Shin Visitor Centre

Falls of Shin Visitor Centre

Just north of Achany sits an incredible attraction visited by thousands annually, the Falls of Shin Visitor Centre! This spot is famous for being one of the most arduous steps for the Atlantic Salmon that make their way from the ocean to spawn. Where the Falls of Shin Visitor Centre is placed, you can see the salmon jump up the falls as they make their way inland.

If you’re considering stopping by the Shin Visitor Centre attraction as you make your way through Scotland, we recommend you read through our guide for the ins and outs of what you can do at this Shin Visitor attraction.

About the Falls of Shin Visitor Centre

This famous location in Scotland is on many people’s bucket lists as they travel through the country’s beautiful Northern region, and it’s easy to see why! The Falls of Shin is not only a picturesque area of Scotland but is home to the salmon jump during the summer months.

This particular visitor centre has been around since 2017 and was developed by the Sutherland Development Trust. This opening, ‘Celebra-Shin’, has since led to many exciting activities guests can enjoy when they leave the car park (free admission, don’t worry).

Home to several great things to do, the Falls of Shin is a great attraction to stop by as you explore the Northern reaches of Scotland. Let’s hop right into it!

Things to Do at Falls of Shin

This marvellous attraction is filled with activities that visit here well worth it! If you want a quick run-down of the best things to do while you are a site visitor to the Falls of Shin, we recommend reading through our guide!

Salmon Viewing Platform

Salmon Viewing Platform

If you’re lucky enough to visit the Falls of Shin during the Summer, you’ll see the leaping salmon as they tackle the thundering falls to reach their spawning point.

The viewing platform gives guests an excellent view of the leaping salmon as they repeatedly try to scale the falls. And while some make this tremendous leap on their first try, others take multiple jumps to surpass this natural challenge. You can see how tall the falls are in metric and imperial units, which makes many extremely impressed by the daunting task the Atlantic salmon need to complete every year.

We recommend you visit between May and September to maximise your chances of seeing the salmon jumping. It’s a great spot to take photos as you watch these wild and persistent fish leap into the air again and again.

Forest Trails & Walks

Forest Trails & Walks

In addition to the thundering falls, visitors can enjoy beautiful treks through the stunning woodland walks dotted around the visitor centre. Forest trails like Achany Glen are a splendid way to spend time with your family, and navigating the pine forest as it curves around the rushing River Shin is a magnificent undertaking.

Forestry Commission Scotland maintains the woodlands and offers guests several trails to follow. Whether you’re looking for a short walk or a more vigorous hike, you can choose between the four different paths provided – it’s the perfect way to wind down a day after seeing salmon leap upstream!

Children’s Playpark

Children's Playpark

Another major draw to the Falls of Shin Visitor Centre is the nearby playpark. If you’re travelling with children, take advantage of the play facilities at the Falls of Shin Visitor Centre.

Kids can enjoy various activities, from climbing, swinging, and playing, but a favourite for many is the mini golf course available to families. After you’ve experienced the lust nature of the pine forest and seen the salmon jump upstream, give your children an experience they’ll never forget for the whole family before you head back down the winding road to your next attraction.

Restaurant and Gift Shop

Restaurant & Gift Shop

If you want to remember your visit to this attraction, do business with the centre’s gift shop or enjoy some great food at the centre’s restaurant.

The Shin Restaurant, as well as the Gift Shop, have been closed since the pandemic. When reading this, make sure to nearby restaurants and shops if it is still closed.

Attend Events

On occasion, you’ll find that the Falls of Shin Visitor Centre holds various events throughout the year. The Kyle of Sutherland Trust Facebook page is an excellent way of keeping updated with upcoming events like music festivals, community food stops, and many others!

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