Isle of Orkney Whisky Distilleries

Isle of Orkney Whisky

The Orkney Islands is an archipelago off the Northern tip of Scotland and home to some of the best attractions that Scotland has to offer. From World War II historical sites to a rich cultural Neolithic history, there’s plenty to persuade visitors to make their voyage from coastal towns like John o’Groats up to this expansive set of islands. And while paying a visit to a far-flung Orkney whisky distillery may not immediately be on top of your to-do list, this article aims to change that.

The Orkney Islands has distilleries that let you taste award-winning spirits that are perfect to take home as souvenirs, but its definitely recommended that you go on a whisky-tasting tour throughout the Isle and see which ones are to your favour – here are the top Orkney distilleries that need to be on your list the next time you visit.

Highland Park Whisky Distillery

Highland Park

The Orkney Islands are filled with wild and untameable elements, and Highland Park Whisky Distillery brings those Orkney flavours into their delicious whisky. They’re one of the only whisky distilleries that turn malt by hand, which is difficult but rewarding work – with the end result being a fine spirit you can’t get enough of.

The secret to their whisky is the aromatic peak from Hobbister Moor that they use, which instils their smooth whisky with an immense flavour. Don’t leave this Isle without paying a visit to this Orkney distillery.

Scapa Distillery Visitor Centre

Scapa Distillery

Situated on the historic Scapa Flow, where you can find the World War II shipwrecks, you can pay a visit to the Scapa Distillery. Scapa takes the thousands of years of shifting skies and rich people and distils into a truly fine single malt whisky.

The Distillery is open all year round, meaning you can book your distillery tour or whisky tasting no matter when you’re planning to the Orkney Islands. The Orcadian experience lets you explore the warehouse landmarks that house and supply the production of bottling whisky – you can even taste a dram straight from the casks!

Deerness Distillery


The Deerness Distillery was established in 2006 and has been producing the finest spirits that Orkney Isles offer, including gins, vodkas, whiskies, and other liqueurs. Their whisky is absolutely fantastic and distils the natural ingredients of the Isle harmoniously.

Using moderately peated malt, Deerness Distillery has crafted spirits to give our whisky a rich, smoky flavour that’s perfectly balanced with hints of sweetness and spice. This wild harmony matches the Orkney Isle to a tee and goes excellently with a bit of Highland food and a view out to the wild coasts.

Kimbland Whisky Distillery


If you think that the Orkney Islands is a great challenge to reach, then the Kimbland Whisky Distillery is the ultimate place for adventurous whisky lovers. In fact, Kimbland holds the title of the northernmost Scotch distillery that offers tours, tastings, and plenty more! All centred around their award-winning whisky, which also is the world’s first carbon-negative whisky company.

So, from seed to bottling, you can enjoy the intricate and dedicated process that goes into this Orkney distillery whisky. So, if you can manage to book a ship that takes you to this far-flung and remote part located on the Orkney islands, then make sure you do so!

There’s a magic in the air when you visit Kimbland Whisky that is not easy to describe, but you’ll absolutely feel it when you take your first sip of whisky from Orkney.

Other Whisky Distilleries in Scotland

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