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Newtonmore in Scotland is a small town situated snuggly in the middle of the expansive Cairngorms National Park. But don’t underestimate this highland village; there’s excellent fun amidst Scotland’s most naturally beautiful parks and even more things to do in Newtonmore.

A few miles away from what is claimed to be the geographical centre of Scotland, Newtonmore could be considered the closest location to all the other attractions in Scotland! If you’re looking to travel to Loch Ness or visit the Small Isles on the West Coast, Newtonmore is at the heart of it all!

Things to Do in Newtonmore

things to do in newtonmore

The fact that Newtonmore is in the middle of the Cairngorms makes it immediately perfect place for those coming to Scotland looking for adventure.

Opportunities to go mountain biking, rock climbing, and see an untouched wilderness in the Highlands are at your fingertips when visiting Newtonmore. Within the town, you’re treated to a wide selection of attractions that cater to all interests and budgets. You can study Scottish Highlands history, interact with wildlife, golf amidst beautiful scenery, and much more!

Come to this picturesque village prepared to tackle any adventure you may face, and see our guide for the best things to do in Newtonmore!

Highland Folk Museum

Highland Folk Museum

Each step you take as you explore the Highland Folk Museum brings you back in time.

The museum is credited as Britain’s first open-air museum, so you can enjoy the sunny weather with views of the River Spey as you delve into this Highland village. Learn about life in the Highlands from the 1700s to 1950, with 35 historical buildings detailing how people lived here.

Ruthven Barracks

Ruthven Barracks

The mighty Ruthven Barracks can be spotted from miles away.

Sitting atop a hill, the Barracks are easy to reach by following the A86 east and turning off at B970. This historic landmark was built in the 1700s to defend against any Jacobite attacks, facing one successful and one failed attempt at holding back their forces.

This exciting and well-preserved piece of Scottish history is lovely to explore, with much of the Ruthven Barracks still standing stalwart.

Clan MacPherson Museum

Clan MacPherson Museum

On the main street of Newtonmore sits the Clan MacPherson Museum, your look into the past of a mighty clan of the Spey Valley.

The MacPherson Museum doesn’t stop there, as it holds intriguing artefacts like Mac Pherson’s Lament, rallying letters for the Macphersons to support the Jacobite cause, and many more exhibits perfect for a budding historian.

This attraction is situated right in the heart of Newtonmore, making it a short stroll from any hotels, guest houses, or other accommodation you may be staying in.

Pattack Falls

Pattack Falls

Every way you look while in Newtonmore, you’re reminded of the beautiful Cairngorms, and Pattack Falls is no exception!

Follow the A86 southwest from Newtonmore, and you should reach these cascading waters within 20-minutes – with the spectacular scenery of the Cairngorms countryside along the way.

The falls themselves are gorgeous, especially after a wet, rainy day. Don’t miss out on one of the most stunning locations near Newtonmore.

Go on a Quad Bike Tour

Quad Bike Tour

Visitors to Newtonmore will be delighted to know that you can explore the Highlands on a quad bike.

You can hire premier quad biking services that allow you to search through the charming nature of the Cairngorms with speed! Quad biking is great fun and lets you cover quite a bit of ground, more so than walking!

Newtonmore Golf Club

Newtonmore Golf Club

This extraordinary golf course is perfect for anyone who wants to tee off in the Scottish Highlands among the beautiful Cairngorm mountains.

With a reasonable entry fee, the 18 holes at Newtonmore Golf Club are set with views of the Spey River and let you see for miles, right up until the Cairngorms mountain range. The golf course also presents an excellent challenge for golfers and has wind you can use to your advantage.

When you’re in Scotland, the home of golf, there’s no excuse not to try this course in the Highlands.

Visit the Cairngorms National Park

Cairngorms National Park

Home to heathland, lochs, heather moors, and high peaks, the Cairngorms Park is the pride and joy of natural beauty in Scotland.

While in Newtonmore, you’re right in the heart of the adventure and action. Make sure to allocate time to see the stunning walking trails, mountain climbing, and many more activities that make an outdoorsy person fall in love.

Pony Trekking

Pony Trekking


Want a new way to explore the Highlands? Haflinger Trekking Centre lets you experience the hiking trails and woodlands riding traditional Scottish ponies.

Children and adults will love meeting and befriending adorable equine friends at the Haflinger Trekking Centre. Some locations are best seen from atop ponies, so don’t miss out on a unique way of seeing Newtonmore and the Cairngorms.

The Wildcat Experience

The Wildcat Centre

Who would’ve thought that there’s a treasure hunt in Newtonmore? The Wildcat Experience is a great way to see the town; kids will love it!

There are over 131 painted wildcats hidden within the village of Newtonmore, each uniquely coloured. Best of all, if you find 25, you’ll get a certificate; with 50 you can expect a prize! Parents will love this attraction as you can keep the kids occupied for a half day.

Newtonmore Highland Games

Newtonmore Highland Games

Taking place on the first Saturday of August each year, the Newtonmore Highland Games embrace the culture and heritage of Scotland.

The first games took place over 1000 years ago and are one of the best examples of Scottish traditional games. There’s shot put, weight over bar, and the famous hill race, all accompanied by Scottish music, food, and drink!

Other Things To Do in The Highlands

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