Things to do in Lochinver

Lochinver, Scotland is a beautiful harbour town located near the head of the sea loch Inver.

Nestled next to the towering lonely mountain Suilven and the “sugar loaf” peak of Caisteal Liath, Lochinver is an island of trade and culture that everyone should experience when visiting Scotland.

The town is especially famed for its sublime beaches, incredible seafood, hiking trails, and historical landmarks, all relatively close to the harbour village!

It has all the amenities you’d expect, such as a post office, petrol station, and incredible accommodation.

This hidden gem of a fishing village boasts so many activities and things to do that it’s challenging to narrow down what’s a must-see and what you can skip.

We’ve gathered the top attractions and things to do in Lochinver while you’re there in the following guide to make your vacation as seamless and effortless as it deserves.


Achmelvich Bay & Beach

Achmelvich Bay & Beach

Achmelvich Beach is a popular camping spot near Lochinver, and it’s easy to see why!

Its white sands and beautiful waters attract thousands of waterskiers, wind-surfers, fishers, and kayakers during the summer.

Achmelvich Beach is also extremely close to great attractions like Suilven and other hiking and climbing trails, making a trip there well worth your while.

Clachtoll Beach

Cachtoll Beach

Another one of the picturesque beaches that Lochinver is known for, Clachtoll Beach, allows you to bask in the sun while appreciating the incredible views around you.

Its rugged terrain also allows those curious to explore and climb stone features like the Split Rocks while enjoying the refreshing ocean air.

Visit the Historic Clachtoll Broch

Visit the Historic Cachtoll Broch

Just north of Clachtoll Beach lies a curious relic of ancient history from the Iron Age!

This site is estimated to be around 2000 years old and gives those who visit a snapshot of how prehistoric life was for the farmer family that called it home.

Clachtoll Broch is your look into a bygone time that you will not get to experience elsewhere in the world.

Knockan Crag Nature Reserve

Knockan Crag Nature Reserve

This nature reserve provides stellar views of the surrounding rocky environment and scattered lochs, but its main draw is its ability to take you back 500 million years in time.

Knockan Crag Nature Reserve is home to the site where two continental plates came crashing together, exposing layers and layers of rock. Older layers of stone lay on younger ones, which puzzled scientists and set the world alight with theories.

Could you solve this 500-million-year-old mystery next time that you visit Knockan Crag?

Stac Pollaidh

Stac Pollaidh

Stac Pollaidh is a hill found in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland that serves as a popular hiking trail with many stunning scenic walks.

This steep hill has a ridge-like structure that compensates for its lack of height with difficulty, and those aiming to reach the summit peak following the west end route will have quite the challenge on their hands.

This surmountable climb is a great starting point for budding climbers or experienced ones looking warm up before a challenge.

Enjoy a Pie at Lochinver Larder

Enjoy a Pie at Lochinver Ladar

Treat yourself to one of the UK’s most scrumptious pies fresh from Lochinver Larder!

They offer an outstanding variety of fillings, from the traditional steak, chicken, cauliflower and cheese, and even some delectable sweet pies like apple & blackcurrant.

This pie shop bakes the community’s unique characteristics and locations right into its pies so you can taste the love, care, and culture with every bite!

Ardvreck Castle

Ardvreck Castle

At the east end of Loch Assynt are peculiar ruins known as Ardvrek Castle, or at least what remains of the once towering three-storey castle.

Ardvrek Castle was built in 1490 and was home to the Macleods of Assynt. It is a must-see for those that want a deeper dive into the fascinating past of Scottish clans.

Ardcreck Castle is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and visited by many, and another you should take time to enjoy.

Lochinver Harbour

Lochinver Harbour

The Lochinver Harbour area is the lifeblood of Lochinver, with many ships from Scotland and Europe bringing seafood from the waters nearby.

The Lochinver Harbour comes alight at night and is an excellent centrepiece of the village that makes for amazing photos.

During the day, peruse the freshly caught seafood and chat with the local fisherman. Many are your connection to getting on one of the many boat trips Lochinver offers.

Inver Cruises

One of the best ways to experience Lochinver is by boat, with Inver Cruises providing one of the stunning tours in the area.

Starting in Lochinver Harbour, this cruise will take you up the gorgeous West Coast of Scotland and shows off the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding mountains, the hidden wildlife beneath the waves, and the detailed history of Lochinver.

Inchnadamph Bone Caves

The Bones Caves are a perfect attraction if you love the outdoors!

This trail loop takes you up to the site where hundreds of animal bones were found, later realised to be bones from the last glacial period in Scotland!

The hike up here is not for the faint of heart, though, so pack your sturdy hiking boots and a bottle of water if you want to see this fantastic attraction.

Culag Woods

Culag Woods

The Culag Woods are in the heart of Lochinver and are an excellent place for calming walks with beautiful views of the Lochinver.

Walking through the mystical woods in the morning after a hearty breakfast will be one of your favourite things to do here.

The Woods stretch a few miles south of the village. They’re a fantastic journey that takes you through easy-to-follow but expansive trails that show off the natural beauty of Lochinver.

Highland Stoneware

Highland Stoneware

If you want to take home a souvenir from your time in Lochinver, there’s no better place to personalise your own for yourself or your families than at Highland Stoneware.

Discover your passion for craftsmanship as you peruse the massive collection of detailed pottery, stonework, and decorations.

Watch experts hand paint beautiful landscapes and animals on mugs, plates, and vases catered to your tastes so you can never forget your time in Lochinver.

Church of Scotland

Church of Scotland

Located right in the heart of Lochinver, the Church of Scotland stands out as a beautiful building made with traditional stonework and serves as a religious guide to Lochinver.

Whether you’re inclined to attend one of the Sunday masses or admire the brilliant architectural work, it’d be a shame not to visit this community hub of the village.

Inverpolly Nature Reserve

Inverpolly Nature Reserve

Around beautiful Lochinver and the Suilven, the Inverpolly Nature Reserve preserves the magnificent beauty of the Scottish highlands and gives incredible sights as you travel along designated trails.

The reserve is home to a wide variety of wildlife, with beautiful flora and fauna gracing every minute of the journey.

It’s not uncommon to see wild deer galloping across the way, with the younger stags growing out antlers for the first time.

During the summer months, visitors can witness a beautiful array of wildflowers & orchids and gorgeous summer weather.

Falls of Kirkaig

Falls of Kirkaig

Cascading down as part of the River Kirkaig, these falls are a sight to behold on your way to the lonely Suilven and will make you glad you took some time out of your hike.

The sound of rushing waters has a meditative effect on those who decide to take a few minutes to enjoy its tranquillity.

If you plan on hiking and walking trails while staying in Lochinver, do yourself a favour and pay a visit to the Falls of Kirkaig.

Assynt Visitor Centre & Tourist Information Centre

Nobody quite knows Lochinver like the locals who’ve spent their whole lives exploring the ins and outs of what to do nearby.

These building centres in Lochinver proper have excellent services and are an excellent resource for catering your holiday in Lochinver to be the best it can be.

Located on the main road near the post office building, car park, and petrol station, take a moment to visit the Assynt Visitor Centre, and you may be surprised what amazing local secrets could lie in store.

Drumbeg Loop

You may have already marvelled at the jaw-dropping sights the Drumbeg Loop offers and stopped in a car park to admire the island scenery for hours.

The Drumbeg Loop is also known as the ‘Wee Mad Road of Scotland’ because the narrow and sometimes steep road turns as it takes you to Kylseku, north of Lochinver.

This route is possibly the most scenic of Scotland’s North Coast and boasts lovely views with hairpin turns!

Climb the Suilven

Climb the Suilven

Technically within the Interpolly Nature Reserve, the Lonely Mountain Suilven rises up and can be seen for miles.

This mountain serves as the backdrop for Lochinver. It’s a rite of passage to scale a part of the mountain at some point during your stay.

The climb is not too difficult, especially compared to some of the other mountains of the Assynt, so there’s no reason to miss out on one of Scotland’s most memorable landmarks.

Old Man of Stoer

Old Man of Stoer

A few miles Northeast of Lochinver is the towering Old Man of Stoer, a massive rock that juts out from the sea and begs disbelief.

The Old Man of Stoer, one of the unique structures near Lochinver, is a lovely stop if you don’t mind taking a trip north.

You get tantalising views of the Old Man and the beautiful coast from the viewing platform. Old Man Stoer is worth a stop as you’re passing places on your way towards Lochinver.

Little Assynt Estate

Little Assynt Estate

The Little Assynt Estate is unparalleled in its ability to open eyes to the past and look into the lives of historic Parish residents.

The estate includes two old farms cleared out in 1821 and acres of wildlife preservation and heritage sites.

These were the earliest properties listed in Assynt and now offer you a look into the past while appreciating the conservation efforts of Little Assynt Estate.

Loch Inver

Loch Inver

The Loch that Lochinver village is named after is a beautiful landmark of water that expands beyond the horizon.

The loch expands an incredible 2.25 miles and is a lovely way to discover the surrounding mountains and the village when driving around it.

It’s a beautiful part of Scotland to visit and is one of many lochs found nearby.

Hermit’s Castle

Hermit's Castle

A short trek north of Loch Inver is the immaculate Hermit’s Castle, a tiny structure that someone decided to mould into the shape of an adorable homestead.

This strange but charming creation has drawn many photographers who’ve visited the area of Scotland to treasure this pint-sized homestead with poses.

The site offers incredible views of the islands and the coastline up north.

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