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Edinburgh Gin

You can’t speak about Edinburgh without mentioning the thriving culture of spirits that persists throughout ‘Auld Reekie’. Centuries of Scots have passed down the secrets of distilling delicious spirits, from the particular botanicals used to spice up their gin to the copper stills used in production. Gin distilleries in Edinburgh have genuinely mastered this intricate art and offer gin tastings and bottles that will delight gin experts and amateurs alike.

If you’re looking for the best gin distilleries you can visit while in Scotland’s capital amongst the other top Edinburgh visitor attractions you have on your to-do list, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, here are the must-see gin distilleries and tours in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Gin Distillery

Edinburgh Gin Distillery

Starting with likely the most popular gin distillery in the city, Edinburgh Gin offers visitors an exclusive view into the world of gin making and gin tasting that you don’t often get to see. They offer a wide range of gin-related experiences for you to enjoy, from taking a full tour of the distillery and learning about its history to tasting fabulous gins.

Edinburgh Gin is genuinely the most exclusive gin distillery you can find in the city, and it’s best to get an advance booking when possible or risk having your plans ruined. And if you want to purchase a bottle to try or gift without any of the frills, snag the Classic, Seaside, and 1670 for a well-rounded gin-tasting experience.

This Edinburgh Gin Visitor Centre lets guests indulge both the mind and palate of gin. Edinburgh Gin Distillery is a destination that gin lovers can’t miss, so ensure it’s at the top of your list along with the city’s best.

Summerhall Distillery

Summerhall Distillery

Summerhall is a distillery built from the ground up and was the first exclusive gin distillery to be established in Edinburgh for over 150 years! From a pipe dream to a global brand, you can visit this historic gin distillery in the heart of Edinburgh and experience it’s core gin – Pickering’s Gin.

Pickering’s Gin is a gin etched in Edinburgh history, and you can enjoy the smooth and bold flavours with the Original Pickering’s Gin, the Pickering’s 1947 Gin, and Pickering’s Gin with Scottish Botanicals. This last gin is incredibly delicious and comes highly recommended.

The Summerhall Distillery also offers unique gin experiences, including Pickering’s Gin Jolly, which includes a gin tasting, cocktail on arrival, and a visit to the Royal Dick Pub. The Cocktail and Cheese, Speakeasy, and Peacocktail experiences combine gin tours with Edinburgh gin tasting to create an unforgettable time.

If you’re taking a tour of Edinburgh’s core gins and the distilleries behind them, Summerhall is a requirement.

Lind and Lime Gin Distillery

Lind and Lime Gin

Leith is one of Edinburgh’s most idyllic neighbourhoods, with stunning views of the Firth of Forth and spectacular attractions like the Royal Yacht Brittania. The area is filled with some of the city’s finest restaurants, lovely promenade walks, and a collection of distilleries!

Lind and Lime Gin Distillery have set out to redefine the best that London Dry Gin can be and is solely focused on creating gin in Scotland’s capital. If you want to know more about how gin is produced, you’re in luck; Lind and Lime love showing off their fantastic distillery.

This humble distillery in Leith is for fans of all things gin and is a great way to experience this part of Scotland’s capital. If you’re also interested in sampling Leith’s whisky, check out the Leith Distillery.

Secret Garden Distillery

Secret Garden Distillery

Previously known as the Old Curiosity Distillery, the Secret Garden Distillery continues a 10-year tradition. Starting as a derelict farm plot, this distillery has blossomed into a literal secret garden, with nearly a thousand juniper bushes, botanicals, and herbs the distillery uses in distilling.

This bountiful garden is the secret to their fine Edinburgh gins, as the distillery uses 100% natural ingredients to produce their extensive gin range. Their classic and contemporary gin flavours are both delicious in equal measure, with notable botanicals like lavender, rose, elderflower, and jasmine a must for any gin lover.

And with the Secret Garden Distillery set in the Pentland Hills of Edinburgh, you’ll have stunning views and a fantastic gin tonic and gin garden.

South Loch Distillery

South Loch Distillery

Edinburgh’s Old Town is filled with notable highlights for visitors to the city, like the National Museum of Scotland, Holyrood Park, and the University of Edinburgh. On top of this, gin lovers can also enjoy a guided tasting at the South Loch Distillery (within walking distance of all these attractions).

And while South Loch produces small batches of Edinburgh gin, the quality is undeniable. The distillery now boasts four different medals from the Scottish Gin Awards for its exquisite gin. These distillers are serious; you can see how their gin is made. You can use their booking system to indulge in a self-guided tasting or distillery tour, pair the gin with cheese, and discover a new world of taste.

Regardless of how you enjoy your gin, South Loch is a distillery dedicated to perfecting the distillation process to produce a spirit unlike any other.

Old Poison Distillery

Old Poison

Those visiting Edinburgh’s beating heart in Leith should consider enjoying a dram of gin or two at the Old Poison Distillery. Old Poison Distillery is the smallest speakeasy in the area but stands at the forefront of award-winning gin. Visitors to Old Poison can enjoy gins, rums, and aperitifs when they book one of their gin tastings and tours.

Old Poison’s classic London Dry Gin is their signature gin that gin experts and casual gin lovers love. There’s a lot to look forward to when visiting Old Poison Distillery, one of the most extensive gin hidden gems you can find when visiting Edinburgh.

Sip Antics

Sip Antics

If you’ve ever wanted to make your gin to create the perfect distilled spirit for yourself or as a gift for a friend, then Sip Antics should be on your to-do list when looking for gin distilleries in and around Edinburgh. Booking a gin class from Sip Antics is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon with fellow gin lovers and creates an inspired atmosphere full of experimentation and flavour. Don’t wait too long; Sip Antics regularly gets fully booked, so feel free to pull the trigger.

If you want to avoid committing to a full distillery tour or gin tasting, Sip Antics is the best bang for your buck experience that still excels in providing an Edinburgh gin tour that will surely thrill your senses.

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