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The town of Largs in Scotland is referred to by its locals as Scotland’s Costa del Sol, as it hosts many beach bars, ice cream parlours, and amusement arcades down its coastline. Believe us when we say there are even more things to do in Largs!

This charming town is only 32 miles from central Glasgow, so many people travel to Largs using public transport such as aboard Largs Railway Station. Its proximity to famous islands like the Isle of Arran and Cumbrae makes it a perfect destination to catch one of the many ferries into the Inner Hebrides.

With plenty of options for accommodation and hotels like Brisbane House, wondrous activities and events, let’s cover the…

Things to do in Largs

Largs is no stranger to being a popular holiday destination and is often considered a traditional holiday resort for summer holiday-goers.

Not only does it have delicious cuisine at every restaurant, but there are also cafes and chip shops lining the marina if you feel peckish. The Norse history of Largs also makes it a fascinating place to visit and study Viking culture. There are outstanding monuments, castles, boat trips, and much more you can undertake! Check our guide for the top things to do in Largs.

Kelburn Country Park

The “Kelburn Garden Party” takes over the town once a year in July. Hosted in Kelburn Country Park, the event is an annual festival you can’t miss!

The event’s organizers promise festival-goers a spectrum of musical experiences across seven stages, and attendees travel from all over the UK to enjoy this soundscape.

If you are not visiting during the summer months, Kelburn Country Park is open year-round. Visit the estate’s secret forest or take part in a trail that leads to one of Largs best viewpoints.

Millport Ferry & Isle of Cumbrae

Millport is just a short hop away on the famous Largs ferry.

Many visit Millport to cycle round it (a ten-mile route), but this little island with palm trees has much more to give. The island has its own water sports centre with a swimming pool and golf course, making it the perfect day trip location for the outdoorsy type.

You won’t need to read the Millport Weekly News to know this is a great attraction.


Are you a fan of fish and chips? If so, Largs is the home to some of the best “chippies” in Scotland.

Largs locals are incredibly proud of Nadini’s. The cafe has been running since 1935, and after a multi-million-pound refurbishment, it is the town’s seafront star.

Locals will offer fresh fish and chips here alongside delicious ice cream sundaes and desserts – don’t miss out if you are visiting Largs beach.

Vikingar! Leisure Centre & Visitor Attraction

Vikingar! Leisure Centre & Visitor Attraction

Largs has a detailed Viking history; nowhere is this emphasized more than a trip to the Vikingar! Leisure Centre & Visitor Attraction.

Vikingar! is an informative and engaging way to learn about the victory of King Alexander III over the Norse dominance in 1263. Immerse yourself in exhibits, artefacts, and paintings of Viking Heritage.

You can listen to Norse storytellers speaking about a typical Viking life amidst a replica longhouse, meet Asgardian deities, and even try helmets and armour while wielding Viking swords!

Largs Yacht Haven

If you plan to walk along the stunning Largs seafront, head towards the town’s Marina.

Alongside a range of facilities for boat owners, it welcomes visitors with its choice of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops on site.

Visitors to Largs with motorhomes can also choose to stay by the shore as you can pitch up at Largs Yacht Haven for a reasonable price.

Largs Sea Front

Largs Sea Front

One of the many perks of visiting Largs is the stunning sea views you can have from this small town.

The Largs Sea Front is a Victorian promenade with a wide variety of stores; chip shops, ice cream, and soft sands are a heavenly combination when the weather is on your side.

Largs is famous as a traditional holiday resort, and this seafront is one of the many features that make this title true.

The Pencil Monument

The Pencil Monument

This towering attraction was built to commemorate the Battle of Largs, a monumental clash between the Scots and Vikings.

It’s a brief 20-minute stroll from the town centre and gives exemplary views of the Firth of Clyde. The monument also has informative plaques detailing the legendary battle that finally allowed the Scottish forces to retake the region from the Norse Vikings.

It’s pretty easy to spot this pillar of elegant stonework rising in the South of Largs, so ensure you take some time and visit this unique attraction.

St Columba’s Parish Church

St Columba's Parish Church

Quickly spotted from the Sea Front, St Columba’s Parish Church is a gorgeous church you can visit while in Largs.

Its most prominent feature is its beautiful clock tower, which towers above the surroundings and naturally draws the eye. The building is a fabulous find, and the interior has a small museum, giving even more reasons to find time and check this attraction out – it’s one of the hidden gems of Largs.

Kelburn Castle & Estate

Kelburn Castle & Estate

The stunning Kelburn Castle & Estate are steeped in fascinating history and is considered the oldest castle continuously inhabited by the same family!

You can take an informative tour of the castle and learn about the Lord of Glasgow, 4th Earl of Glasgow, amidst the period-piece furniture and stunning oil paintings.

That’s not the only draw of this picturesque ancestral home. Kelburn Country Centre is located within the estate, which regularly holds viewings at their outdoor cinema and incredible events for youth and adults.

The Estate is a joy to explore – the Foraging at Kelburn is a personal favourite!

Routenburn Golf Course

Routenburn Golf Course

For those who love the game of golf and are enjoying a holiday in Largs, the Routeburn Golf Course offers a short but challenging course for players of all skill levels.

Tee off with a background of spectacular views, including the wondrous Cumbrae Isles, Isle of Arran, and the Firth of Clyde. Stop by at the club afterwards, and you can enjoy a personal experience at Routeburn’s after a solid game.

When you come to Scotland, the home of golf, you need to try at least a few fantastic courses it offers.

Visit Viking Magnus

Visit Viking Magnus

Commemorating 750 years after the Battle of Largs, this intimidating statue of Magnus the Viking is one of the unique attractions on the west coast of Scotland!

Magnus is located at the Largs Sea Front and is unmissable to anyone visiting the Largs Marina, and taking a picture with the metal statue is an absolute necessity. Don’t forget to check out on this nearly five metres tall art piece; it’s another fantastic representation of Largs’ Viking history.

Largs Museum

Largs Museum

A small abode in the heart of Largs, this museum is a must-see attraction if you want a deeper look into the town’s history.

The museum hosts a wide array of excellent exhibits, artefacts, and paintings depicting Largs’ origins and history. The museum is in the oldest town building and next to Skelmorlie Aisle, another notable historic attraction.

When first arriving in a new town, a trip to the local museum is the best way to understand its history.

Summit the Largs Viewpoint

Summit the Largs Viewpoint

This beautiful coastal town is home to some of the best views of the western isles and outdoor activities – combine both by ascending the Largs Viewpoint.

Taking about 30 minutes to climb, the Largs Viewpoint will treat you to some of the best views of Largs, the Isle of Cumbrae, and allow you to feel the breath-taking atmosphere surrounding the west coast of Scotland.

HMS Shearwater Memorial

HMS Shearwater Memorial

Looking out from the Sea Front, you may see a solitary obelisk in the distance on the Isle of Great Cumbrae.

This is the HMS Shearwater Memorial, a monument that commemorates the tragic loss of two midshipmen in 1844. The Memorial sits next to a bench and offers excellent views over the Firth’s waters, with Largs seen in the distance.

Come see Lion Rock

Lion Rock

While in Millport, a town separated by a small strait from Largs, seeing the Lion Rock should undoubtedly be on your list of things to do!

This uniquely shaped rock is over 10 metres high and over 50 metres tall and supposedly has been part of this unique island for over 65 million years!

Black Craigs Waterfall

Black Craigs Waterfall

If you follow Brisbane Glen Road deep into the heart of the woodlands around Largs, you should take some time to stop by the stunning Black Craigs Waterfall.

The waterfall is best viewed right after heavy rain, as the rainwater makes these falls a monumental sight. Otherwise, a trip to this fantastic attraction will make you appreciate Scotland’s bountiful nature.

Glengarnock Castle

Glengarnock Castle

The ruins of Glengarnock Castle are a fascinating way to explore the past of Scotland and North Ayrshire.

The remains of this once great castle are moss-covered and reclaimed by nature, granting the area a deep mysterious atmosphere. The mystery deepens when you discover that Gelngarnock Castle was brought to this ruin by a storm of colossal magnitude.

No one is quite sure who built Glengarnock Castle or why, but perhaps you can uncover this mystery when you next visit.

Douglas Park

Douglas Park

Have an afternoon or evening to spare? Douglas Park is an excellent place to rest and relax!

The park has been restored and has many things to do, with gardens, benches, statues, and even a plough and wheelbarrow you can see and interact with!

There has been a lot of attention paid to this park, so why not plan a picnic here sometime in Largs?

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