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It’s no secret that there’s a lot to do in the bustling city of Edinburgh, including Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile, and Holyrood Castle. In addition to sublime historical attractions, visitors to Old Smoky can also look forward to delicious food and drinks ingrained in Scottish culture – most of all, cheese! Edinburgh cheese tasting is one of the most fun ways to try local delicacies.

And while France and Italy are crowned the cheese capitals of the world, perhaps Edinburgh may soon be coming for that crown! Here are the most prominent cheeses you should try in the city and where you can find them!

Prominent Cheeses in Edinburgh

If you’re a cheese lover exploring Edinburgh, remember the following cheeses in Edinburgh. They’re made all over the country and offer an excellent sampling of Scotland’s many delicious and unusual cheeses. Where else can you sample cheeses from all over the country in one place besides the bustling Edinburgh?

Anstruther Cheese

Anstruther Cheese

Anstruther is a popular hotspot for dairy farms to turn unpasteurised milk into delicious cheese. Anster cheese has been aged for two months and offers mild flavours, with flavours of lemon and mushroom intertwined into it.

Anster cheese is a fantastic cheese that complements any charcuterie board, so complete your cheese-tasting Edinburgh with an Anster.

Lanark Blue

Lanark Blue

Want to try a genuinely unusual cheese? Lanark Blue is a delightful blue cheese made from ewe’s milk that has been aged for 3-4 months, with a delectable taste you’ll love. This is a cheese that changes throughout the seasons – in the winter, you can expect the Lanark Blue to be punchy and boozy, best enjoyed with a cracker. In spring, however, the cheese is more mild and salty.

St Andrews Farmhouse Cheddar

St Andrews Farmhouse

Created from the top-quality milk produced by Friesian cows that have a grand view over the Firth of Clyde, St Andrews Farmhouse Cheddar is essential for an Edinburgh cheese crawl. St Andrews Farmhouse is one of the most famous shops near Dundee and has an excellent palette and range of notes.

You can enjoy notes of fresh grass and tropical fruit, and one you can choose while visiting cheese shops throughout St Andrews.

I.J. Mellis Cheesemongers

i.j. Mellis Cheesemongers

Want to try artisan cheese while in Edinburgh? I.J. Mellis are purveyors of fine farmhouse cheese and have offered superb cheese-tasting choices for over 30 years. You can indulge in a wide variety of sweet and savoury cheeses from all over Scotland, and I.J. Mellis has so many fantastic options at their shop.

Where can you find this shop in town? Well, there are three different I.J. Mellis shops throughout Edinburgh – one near Holy Corner, one near Circus Plaza, and one near the Royal Mile! There’s a location near you wherever you are in Edinburgh, making for the perfect cheese festival in Edinburgh.

George Mewes Cheese

George Mewes

Located on Comley Bank, George Mewes is a widely popular place to enjoy cheese and wine in Edinburgh and offers guests the chance to choose the best cheese the country offers. If you’re not planning to try their cheeses in-store, you can always order online and enjoy their range at home in a more intimate setting with a glass of wine.

We recommend looking not only at their cheeses but also their extensive options for accompaniments – crackers and wine have always been a cheese’s best friend. And for events in particular, you can purchase celebration cakes in advance if you want to mark a lovely occasion.

Valvona & Crolla & Henri

Valvona & Crolla

Valvona & Crolla & Henri was established in 1834 and is famed for its range of delicious food, from sausage, cheese, fish, cookies, and plenty more to choose from – this store has it all. If you are overwhelmed with this shop’s stellar selection, you can always opt to buy one of this delicatessen’s cheese boxes that provide a sampling of their very best cheeses!

And if you want to enjoy cheese tasting with more of an atmosphere, then why not book a table at the Cafe and Restaurant, where their experienced team of chefs create unique culinary creations using the cheeses you love? It’s a fantastic date spot you want to take advantage of if you love the good life.

Edinburgh Farmers Market

Edinburgh Farmers Market

From fine dining and on-demand offerings, set your date for a more rustic cheese experience in Edinburgh at the Edinburgh Farmers Market. Taking place on the Castle Terrace every Saturday, it’s the best place to enjoy a cheese board in Edinburgh.

Of course, there’s more than just cheese that you can savour – there’s sausage, fruits, veg, cheeses, loaves of bread, and artisan jams and chutneys that pair wonderfully with the jams of your choice. Indulge in the amazing drink and food you can’t get in restaurants on Saturday every week. You only have to look at the reviews of the Edinburgh Farmers Market to see that every person visiting the city finds it a highlight of their trip.

Everyone loves a farmers market, so remember to visit this beloved cheese hot spot the next time you visit.

Other Cheese Shops & Tastings in Scotland

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