Arrochar sits at the head of Loch Long between Loch Lomond and the Coraw Peninsula in Argyll and Bute. This village is the perfect getaway location for adventurers visiting Cowal and West Loch Lomond. Our guide takes a close look at the best things to do in Arrochar.

This popular holiday destination attracts visitors from all around the world. This is due to its enchanting shores and breathtaking mountain ranges.

Whether you plan on visiting Arrochar with a partner, friends or family, you will have a great time exploring it’s beautiful surroundings and admiring its scenic views.

The village also offers comfortable and traditional accommodation and local pubs with great food.

Planning a trip around Scotland? Arrochar also makes an excellent base for those heading to other Scottish destinations, such as Dunoon, Inveraray, Oban Argyll, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs.

Things to do in Arrochar

The Cobbler (Ben Arthur): things to do in Arrochar
Image: Me climbing Bein Arthur (The Cobbler) in ~2016. That’s Loch Long to the Right and Loch Lomond with a bit of Ben Lomond on the left. I am still to this day too scared to ‘thread the needle’.

As the village is within the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park – there are many things to do here.

Arrochar has been a popular destination for mountaineers since the early 1800s and is still a hub for mountain climbers and those who enjoy the gentle forest walks in Argyll Forest Park and the surrounding areas.

As the town can be easily reached by road and rail, it makes it an excellent choice for both long weekends and day trips!

We have listed our top things to do in Arrochar below.

Arrochar Alps

Arrochar Alps: things to do in Arrochar
Image: Looking West towards Bein Arthur (The Cobbler)

Hillwalkers visiting the Arrochar Alps are always impressed by the views from the top of the mountain pinnacles. Many brave climbers will visit these hills in winter, however, we advise that you take on the challenging routes during the Scottish summertime. There are plenty of other things to do in Arrochar in the winter.

The tallest mountain in Arrochar is Ben Ime (3,318 ft), however, the area is famous for being home to Ben Arthur (2891 ft) which is known as ‘The Cobbler’.

The Arrochar Alps offer visitors a great challenge and are recommended to experienced walkers only.

For detailed routes through the Arrochar Alps check out Walkhighlands:

Argyll Forest Park

Argyle Forrest Park: things to do in Arrochar

You will find Arrochar at the head of Loch Long which makes the village one of the main gateways to the Argyll Forest Park, Argyll itself and the Scottish Isles.

Argyll is home to one of Scotland’s most beautiful forest parks.

With woodland, mountains, lochs and glens all in the one place, Argyll Forest Park is a paradise for explorers.

The park was established in 1935 which makes it’s Britain’s oldest Forest Park – Arrochar locals would argue that it’s the best too!

There is so much to see here – Argyll Forest Park stretches from the ‘Holy Loch’ to the Arrochar Alps.

Loch Long

Loch Long

Loch Long should be on the top of your to do list.

It is a hotspot for those that enjoy water sports and diving.

Kayaking is a popular choice with tourists. Here you get the chance to paddle through some of Scotlands most beautiful and untouched wildernesses. absolute bliss!

If you are planning on fishing during your trip to Loch Long you can do so from the shore and by boat.

As it’s a sea loch, it’s not unusual for fishermen to find cod, whiting, plaice, mackerel, skate, wrasse, pollack and spurdog in these waters.

Visitors can fish in Loch Long for free. However, it is illegal to land any migratory fish such as Salmon or Sea Trout. If you do catch either kind of fish you must return them to the water immediately.

Hire a boat from local providers in Arrochar.


Nature Spotting in Arrochar
Image: An Eider Duck Spotted on the banks of Loch Long

If you are an animal lover, you will fit right in with many of the tourists that travel to this part of Scotland to see rare wildlife in natural habitats.

Nature spotting is one of the excellent things to do in Arrochar for outdoor lovers.

Expect scenes from Planet Earth during your visit to Loch Long.

This quiet part of the National Park is home to an array of wildlife and it would not be unusual for you to spot some of its residents.

Within and above the waters you will find gannets, eider ducks, cormorants, oystercatchers, grey seals, and on the rare occasion whales, porpoises, dolphins and golden eagles.

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond

The iconic Loch Lomond is just a short journey away from Arrochar. Do not miss Loch Lomond when driving to Arrochar.

With so much to see around Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, a great way to experience it is by boat.

There are trips around Loch Lomond which suit all budgets. This makes it a great day out for families with kids.

The areas surrounding Loch Lomond are very special. If you are looking for things to do in the Trossachs you will find many outdoor adventures, glens, mountains and beaches around here!

Carrick Spa

While visiting Arrochar, make sure you book in for a spa day at one of Scotland’s award winning resorts, Cameron House’s Carrick Spa. Please note, Cameron House is closed until early 2021, but the Carrick Spa and golf course are still open.

Carrick Spa is one of the more relaxing things to do in the Arrochar area. Perfect for the evening after a day spent traversing the Arrochar Alps.

The Carrick Spa is well known for its relaxing atmosphere and first-class service.

Facilities at this spa include a VIP couple’s room with a mineral bath, a relaxing steam room and private balcony, a Rasul mud chamber with steam room, and a Relaxation Suite.

One of the main highlights of this stunning spa is the Carrick Spa rooftop infinity pool.

Unlike other spas in this area guests cab take a refreshing dip while they take in the views of Loch Lomond’s surrounding areas.

Wild camping

Wild Camping: things to do in Arrochar

Get outdoors and enjoy wild camping in the National park.

Scotland allows visitors to ‘wild camp’ as part of the responsible access through the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

Wild camping should always be lightweight, done in small numbers and only for a short period of time in any one place (only for two or three nights), leaving no trace.

‘Wild camping’ is an excellent way experience the National Park and get to know the local wildlife.

It also makes a perfect base for climbing the Arrochar Alps.

During the summer months, you will experience beautiful sunsets on the Loch and quiet nights under the stars during your wild camping trip.

Spectacular scenery is just one advantage wild camping has over staying in a hotel in Arrochar. But, you can mix it up during your trip to get the best of both worlds.

More Things to do in Argyll & Bute

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