Highland Gin Distilleries

Highland Gin Distilleries

Scotland’s Highlands are famed for their whisky and for their award-winning gin distilleries. Gin produced in Scotland is called some of the best in the world, and coupled with centuries of culture put into the production process to distil delicious Highlands gin, you have an unforgettable experience when touring the distilleries that dot the region.

The Highlands of Scotland starts above Stirling and covers North and West of the boundary line, with the infamous Loch Ness at the region’s centre. The Highlands also include the islands that dot the western parts of Scotland, but for this article, we’ll look at the gin distilleries available on the Scottish Mainland.

We’ll be taking you through the top gin distilleries in the Highlands of Scotland, some of which feature in-depth looks into the distillation process and curated gin-tasting sessions where you can sample Scotland’s finest. Read on to discover the gin distilleries you should be adding to your to-do list when you next visit.

North Point Gin Distillery

North Point Gin

Located just north of Forss and along Scotland’s wild Highland coast, the North Point Gin Distillery is a small-batch distillery between Thurso and Reay. North Point combines ingredients from the Carribean and traditional Scottish casks to create a heavenly Scottish gin.

A visit to this distillery is an absolute treat of an experience, and guests can look forward to sampling an excellent selection of gins while overlooking the wild waves of Caithness. Along with their whisky and rum, North Point Gin offers two delectable gins – The Caithness Show 180 and the Caithness Rugby Anniversary, two crisp and delicious botanicals.

If you ever find yourself in the far-flung Northern Highlands of Scotland, a stop by the North Point Gin Distillery is mandatory for gin lovers.

Dunnet Bay Distillery

Dunnet Bay

Also near the Northern point of Scotland’s Highlands sits Dunnet Bay Distillery, a stunning distillery specialising in distilling vodka and gin. The distillery offers guided tours of their distilling process, an opportunity we recommend you take the chance to do so.

Dunnet Bay Distillery has two majestic copper pot stills, Elizabeth and Margaret, which distil the beautiful botanicals the distillery uses to craft its gin. And while the wee distillery is not a big producer, the pot stills create up to 500 litres of high-quality gin.

If you’re in the local area visiting John o’ Groats, the Dunnet Bay Distillery is well worth stopping by, especially if Mr Mackintosh is there – the distillery’s pup!

Great Glen Distillery

Great Glen

If you’ve ever wanted to try gin made with the purest water sourced directly from the infamous Loch Ness, the Great Glen Distillery is a gin lover’s dream if they love the mystique of the Loch Ness Monster. This distillery offers a deliciously aromatic, earthy gin with a lot of history.

The Great Glen Distillery is in Scotland’s most awe-inspiring region, with breathtaking views of the heathland. The local area is teeming with wildlife, immersing each refreshing sip of these Loch Ness Spirits with its landscape.

There’s a lot to look forward to when you visit one of Scotland’s newest and smallest distilleries, and the Great Glen awaits gin lovers visiting Scotland.

Pixel Spirits

Pixel Spirits

If you want to mix up your gin-tasting experiences while visiting the Scottish Highlands, look no further than the Gin School Experience offered by Pixel Spirits. The distillery sits near Fort William and Glencoe and allows guests to create their own gin (or rum). It’s the perfect indoor activity when the weather has ruined your day and you want to do something memorable.

You’ll be taken step by step through the distillery’s process, learning about recipe development and distilling along the way, and then create your spirit to drink and take home with you! Pixel Spirits offers an intimate and informative tour that goes above and beyond.

Whitetail Gin Distillery

Whitetail Gin

The Whitetail Gin Distillery is situated on the Isle of Mull in Scotland and named after the iconic White-tailed Eagle – Europe’s giant bird of prey! Mixing power and subtlety, Whitetail Gin is gentle on the palate and bursting with flavour.

The secret to their gin is the choice of botanicals, and Whitetail includes juniper, lemon peel, coriander and a few Isle of Mull native secret ingredients! The distillery is the first new business to open on the Isle of Mull in over 220 years, bringing a wealth of ingenuity to the surrounding area. The Whitetail Gin is as rare as the real White-Tailed Eagle, so don’t miss the opportunity to taste this delicious gin.

The Botanist Gin

The Botanist Gin

The Botanist Gin Distillery are one of the most dedicated distillers in Scotland and considers crafting the best gin in Scotland a way of life.

You can book their distillery tour and immerse yourself in the intricate and delicate process that goes into every bottle of the Botanist Gin. These gins are made from native botanicals on the Isle of Islay, creating a blended experience you won’t forget.

If you’re visiting the Isle of Islay and want an excellent gin and tonic to enjoy the island views, the Botanist Highland gins are among the best.

Wild Thyme Spirits

Wild Thyme Spirits

Wild Thyme Spirits offers the ultimate gin distillery experience for visitors to Scotland, with a wide variety of delectable gins in a remote and inspired home. Wild Thyme Spirits is located on Colonsay and presents a magical Hebridean beauty and gin.

Their Gin Retreat experience offers a whole weekend of sampling delicious gins, food, and the ferry trip back to the Mainland. Regarding Scottish gin experiences, few are more extravagant in the UK than Wild Thyme Spirits.

Although more challenging to reach this remote Hebridean island, this beautiful experience is one you can take advantage of if you are a gin lover.

Badachro Distillery


Sip a refreshing taste of the Highlands when you visit Badachro Distillery, located on the West Coast of Scotland near the small town of Badachro, Wester Ross.

This distillery does it all and crafts gin, whisky, and vodka using the natural botanicals in the Highlands of Scotland. The ingredients are distilled in a copper pot, and while their bottles may be small, you’ll be smashed by the bold flavours each of Badachro’s gins holds.

Choose from various flavours, including raspberry, orange, sloe, or coastal gin made with herbs and botanicals picked nearby. Sample their selection at Badachro’s tasting sessions.

GlenWyvis Distillery


Those travelling to Scotland will have likely heard of Ben Wyvis, one of the most famous Munros in the Highlands. In the shadow of this behemoth challenge lies GlenWyvis Distillery, a delightful distillery that has long stood as a sustainability pioneer.

GlenWyvis has added hydro, wind, and biomass to its operations and uses them to blend and bring its gins to life. Their gin is lovingly made from nine premium botanicals, with handpicked hawthorn berries from the neighbourhood farm being a prominent ingredient. Sip on a smooth, bold gin overlooking the mighty Ben Wyvis in this distance.

Speyside Distillery


The verdant and diverse Cairngorms National Park has many incredible attractions, from towering Munros to nature trails. Still, the Speyside Distillery is a significant attraction for liqueurs, Scots whisky, and gin lovers.

The site is nestled within the park and combines the rich botanicals of the Cairngorms National Park with a history of distilling that goes back centuries. Speyside’s Byron Gin are multi-layered, infusing local herbs and botanicals from all over the Cairngorms.

If you’re interested in gin tours as you’re exploring the rich history of Scotland, we recommend picking up one of the small batches of gin.

Dornoch Distillery


Taste award-winning gin from Dornoch Distillery, a prominent distillery along the east coast of Scotland. The Dornoch Distillery story is one of compassion and love, starting from internet crowdfunding for their delicious whisky and gin.

From there, a family called the Thompson Brothers cultivated their love of distilled spirits and created several delicious gins to try. If you can’t try one of their gins when visiting Dornoch Distillery in-house, be sure to check online for their wide range of delicious gins.

Ice and Fire Distillery

Ice and Fire Distillery

In the heart of Caithness, the aptly named Ice and Fire Distillery presents a delightful range of crafted gin made from the delicious botanicals that are found all around the Highlands of Scotland.

Ice and Fire Distillery offers an exclusive retreat that allows you to experience the sanctity of the Highlands while indulging in a wide variety of gin that the distillery has to offer, including Caithness Highland Gin and the renowned Crofter’s Tears gin.

Don’t miss out on one of the best Highland distillery experiences in Caithness. Why not book a stay at the Ice and Fire Distillery?

Other Gin Distilleries in Scotland

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